The Homonatropia

BASES OF THE HOMONATROPiA .- The Homonatropia is based on four main bases, despite considering all created by humans as a principle or origin of his reason to express their approaches within these bases is in the first place: LA PLANNING human intention (PIH) is the science or art directed toward the design of a New Order BUSINESS PARTNER FROM HUMAN BEING DONE AS SUBJECT TO LABOR AND INTEGRATING ENVIRONMENT AND TO ESTABLISH A NEW CONCEPT OF WORK AND ITS LINKS WITH NATURE Above all it should be noted that this characteristic is in contrast Homonatropica, in some respects with Human Resources Administration (WRA), although some of his ideas part of it covered roots. The development of the ARH, as everything created by humans, arises from the fact that work and its relationship to the environment and their peers, however, and despite the changes it has undergone in the passage of time has come to a point at which development came to a stationary point, as many of the ideas and concepts from other fields of knowledge, this position requires companies to maintain high standards whose effectiveness is in question, many deviations experienced by the work product of the fatigue process, the routine, monotony induced by the prospect of earning money and supporting structures ideological – manage for the maintenance of companies and hence the industrial system in general. The conditioning and subjection of human beings is subject to psychological research, mainly in order to achieve sustainable over time. Achievement motivation, a topic studied by industrial psychology, and sociology, as well as other issues, has its origin in the fact that despite what you may earn, salary or wages of an individual and the benefits that are granted there are many diversions to be faced to achieve the stability required by commercial and competitive system in which they are immersed, is part of the study of human beings and their capacity to implement and carry out actions to develop or produce a product or service that is, it all depends on the company, the Planning Human Intention (PIH), rejects nothing of what has been studied so far, however, raises the integration of the individual to his world or the world of all whom we encounter in the search for stability emotional and psychological and reach the subsistence necessary in order adapted to our status as rational human beings or animals and for this, the (PIH) presents the integration of all through the planning of its intention regardless of their studies only consider " the desire to "rest is a matter of training, or training, in order of studies.

Natural Science

ETYMOLOGY .- HOMONATROPiA LINKED TO ECO Schedule ECOERGONOMIA CIENTROPIA ERGOTROPIA TOURISM PLAN THE INTENTION OF THE HUMAN MAJOR ISSUES HOMONATROPiA. Among the considerations necessary Homonatropia highlight one of its main characteristics such as the fact of being a science and, without wishing to be flippant, it is science!. The consideration is that the so-called special sciences are but a knowledge gained in our actions with the environment and our neighbors we call science, as an emanation of nature is a phenomenon that appeared from the linkage of life: Man – Nature – WORK; is generally regarded science as something created by humans, but Who invented it? Probably Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein or any other person who has experimented with nature, but really has not been more than the face nature and revise their laws so that empirical or observer, curious, but not more than that interacting of the three vital elements of our existence; nobody owns anything we are part of a whole. Everything created by humans has a single origin, nature, no property of nature or so-called natural resource owned by nobody, is a "product" when the good is processed for commercial purposes, is this a valid consideration for justify the proposal to revise our process of living and thus resize or redefine the steps to take in the full context, highlighting the three vital elements of our basic thesis (HNT) natural science is therefore to be treated or considered as a phenomenon in which man intervenes with the basic idea of obtaining their livelihood, the rest is trade.

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