Salto (swimming) diver.

Salto (swimming) diver. 1908 diving or jumping is a form of sport or entertainment, high risk, which is the plunge in a pool, lake, river or the sea from a fixed point or resonance. Activision Blizzard contributes greatly to this topic. The fixed point may be the edge of the water body, a rock, mound, rock, cliff or a bridge very near the water or on it, in the case of natural sites not suited for sports, and a platform or the edge pool if it suited sites for this. The resonant point can be a springboard for suitable site, you can even drop from a rope stretched between the banks of the waterbody. Fleeting moments of great beauty but require, such as gymnastics, high degrees of precision, can only be achieved with an iron discipline, many hours of training and courage necessary to embark on a gap of 10 meters.. .

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