Irobot Roomba

For those who doubt that the robotic era us has already reached, I present the manufactured by the company IRobot roomba robotic vacuum. This small device is responsible for the aspiration of floors, furniture, walls and others. Operation is very simple, just push a button and the robot will clean. Irobot roomba can be purchased online at and other similar sites. Among the features more recalcables this robotic vacuum cleaner are: deposit where save dust touch sensors to avoid walls, furniture and objects in general its rotation speed lets you collect various particles, as the remains of meals, hair, etc. brushes that rotate, making possible the cleaning in difficult areas such as the corners of the walls when irobot completing their assignments, or this descargandose, returns alone to your load Center to be able to recharge your battery. There are several models of this robot: Irobot Roomba 531 Irobot Roomba 555 Irobot Roomba 581 etc every one has different characteristics. Large deposits of dust infrared remotes.

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