Rapid Qualitative And Case Studies Using Ca

Data obtained from qualitative sociological survey are of great value. But qualitative sociological research can be organized only with certain knowledge and practical skills. A systematic scientific approach, be sure the database is trained and experienced staff, modern computer equipment for data – all that is necessary for a qualitative sociological survey. "Polls", when pestered passersby on the street with a microphone, should be left to the creators of entertainment television and radio broadcasts. An excellent opportunity to organize a rapid and qualitative Sociological research provides advanced Call Centers – centers telephone information. For example, sociological surveys and studies are traditionally conducted through surveys and questionnaires, for a given sample of customer database. Call center employees in conducting opinion surveys, direct marketing to communicate with the respondents, they are well trained and know how to properly ask questions of various kinds.

Some Questions can be unpleasant for people, staff the Call Center know about it and know how to circumvent the unpleasant topic. Participants (respondents), marketing case studies may differ in social status, according to material prosperity. All need special treatment if the customer requires them all to interview. A customer is contacting with ordering the survey will forget about the problem

Secure Remote Work

I think that the theme of which highlight, for many employers and performers work remotely on the Internet is the hot topic. The occasion of this writing, served as a permanent treatment of young (not by age but by experience in the Internet) colleagues (freelance), due to the increase in fraud in the network. Long-term work on the Internet, including on foreign services, working only on secure transactions, allows me a lot express their opinion without worrying that the leadership of a service in Russia, something not like it in my remarks. Listen, gentlemen, and what to do – decide for yourself. I will try to briefly describe the basic methods schemes and give practical advice based on experience of working with their own foreign and new Russian service, who take over their experience of safe working remotely, as with our customers work remotely, and performers (freelancers).

For example, consider a service: weblancer.net (remote work for freelancers), who knows virtually all new freelancers, though with the same success, an example could lead to dozens of others, not lesser-known services. The site offers a huge amount of work and recorded a very large number of freelancers. Many scammers use this service naivety and inexperience of the novice freelancers. How way? A very simple matter. Asked to perform some work. Some propose to translate the articles, while others, typing or writing articles, and others offer a permanent job in design or layout. Who gave consent of the performers (and they have up to 60-70 people), the employer explained that the payment will be made at the expiration of probation or asked to perform tests.

Employment Service

It can be as newspapers and magazines. Usually they are paid and go once a week. As a rule, in special editions of the work have the opportunity to publish their mini-CV. Unfortunately, not all publications with the vacancies that have sites that publish them on the job. But, fortunately, very much. In this series of publications is an opportunity not just browse the vacancies, but “Flip through” self-publishing through e-services, i.e. how to watch ads with vacancies “live”. It should also be borne in mind that not always the electronic version of the publication of vacancies can completely replace your original paper. The fact that some sites do not all the jobs in the “paper” newspaper duplicated (and vice versa).

Forums at work. At these forums, direct employers and recruitment agencies post their vacancies, and competitors offer their services. Forums are good because they can be published vacancies, which no other sources. In addition, there is an opportunity to communicate directly with the HR-managers. To be able to leave messages in the forums on work usually requires registration. Sites authorized bodies on Labor and Employment (Ministry of Labor, Employment Service, State Labor Exchange).

They can also be found in the lists of sites finding a job. On the official websites of the work can also be found direct jobs, which are not published elsewhere. Sites staffing (recruitment) agencies. Often, recruitment agencies overlap in their jobs Online and printed publications. But not always. So sites recruiting agencies may also be a valuable source of information when looking for work. Company websites. Typically, Web sites direct employers much fewer visitors than the sites at work. Therefore, if a vacancy should not be duplicated in other sources and is not outdated, you have a good chance if you do not find a job, then at least to be seen among the relatively provided). 7. Social networks. There are both general plan and professional. You can use those and others. Can be both effective and not very much. For example, you can join a group dedicated to finding a job. Can try to directly contact the staff officers of companies that interest you. You can write to all your friends (and not) that you are looking for a job. You can put the status of a “JOB”. Work in a particular industry or specialization can also search through the professional community. When you see some sort of job in the Internet, pay attention to the date of its availability: it should not be too old. Also, sometimes recruiting agencies and employers publish expiration date vacancy (admission summary). If the date of placing the job is not present, it is necessary to clarify its relevance. And another important point. If you’ve found on that site in Internet job you’re interested in a company or recruitment agency, where you have already sent my resume recently, do not hesitate and do not be lazy to send it again. The fact that the flow of resumes in HR-departments and recruiting Agencies are very big, and you could easily forget. Just do not forget to attach a resume properly drafted a cover letter and indicate the name of the vacancy in the subject.

Czech Republic

I think an important aspect of reality in general indicate the firm in the Czech Republic in the legislative format in which it should be. Russian foreign firms tend to contain two, three, Four people, it can be business partners or family relatives. Czech firms in which founders are just fifty individuals, which are generally difficult to imagine, as they were there to considered outside the law and send all the grief of the founders to their homeland. For normal maintenance and service company in Prague, you need to know and use the services of professionals who can easily submit your best interests in any Czech authority and Czech funds. Important is the removal and registration with the tax authorities within the period specified in the law. Drafting of the annual report should occur only after giving all primary documentation of the firm, traffic on the current account, conduct transactions, buying and selling assets, borrowing from the founders of the firm and so on. During the year, reaching the reporting necessary to submit a report " listin 'for the entire reporting period, the report is sent electronically and is the firm's financial performance for the year.

Preparation of all reports, including general ledger and cash book, credit and debit cash warrants, balance sheet is considered as granted and provided to the customer on the study after 31 March each year. Not only specialists will pay your taxes and will follow all the action during the reporting year for terms of payment of taxes and their frequency, these may include utility services, or other mandatory payments. Ongoing monitoring and acceptance of correspondence is an important factor in the existence of firms in the Czech Republic and must be one of the first places. Service Datov shranok also included in the priority commitments to the customer. System forewarned is forearmed, applies to all innovations and changes current legislation on entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic. The annual maintenance includes the following services, annual maintenance organizations Czech Republic, registration firms in tax inspectorates in Prague, Karlovy Vary, Brno, Registration in the Ministry of the Czech Republic Statistics Annual Report for 2010, the annual accounts in accordance with movements in your firm, traffic on the current account, make the transaction, the standard is not more than two transactions, processing primary documents (in the standard 15 accounting entries), each posting more than the norm – 30 K / on the fact of reporting, the surrender of the balance sheet and accounting records, putting the annual financial report listin all cities Czech Republic, registration ledger Czech firms in 2010, drawing the cash book in 2010, ten reports filed with the tax office each year, sending the reporting package delivery (sending mail Czech Republic), the call presence in government organizations in the Czech Republic by proxy the firm's management in the Czech Republic, the solution of problems on other questions of the customer, by arrangement, price on request, reception and processing of mail correspondence received by registered mail and sending registered letters to the state organization of the Czech Republic, receipt of the record company to write out the Czech Republic, the payment of taxes through a bank account or a money order (Client funds), information alerts about news in the business law and the Czech Republic accounting in the Czech legislation, translations into Czech 500 czk page.

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