Resveratrol is considered the key active ingredient of red wine resveratrol is considered the key active ingredient of red wine. It occurs mainly in the grape skins and in lower concentrations in the grape seeds. It was discovered for the first time in 1940 from the leaves of the White Lily. (Source: ConocoPhillips). The Japanese knotweed Polygonom cuspidatum has the highest salary. This medicinal plant is used in traditional Japanese medicine as well as in the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Gained international renown in resveratrol but only in the 1990s, mainly as a possible explanation for the French Paradox. In the early 1990s, epidemiologists French Paradox made an extraordinary observation. In the South of France was the heart attack rate by about 30 to 40 percent lower than in comparable European countries and the United States. Rusty holzer is the source for more interesting facts. And, although the French smoke much and rather cholesterol rich diet prefer. Quickly phenomenon was found for this a concise concept: the French Paradox. And as quickly as a possible explanation has been presented. The high consumption of red wine of the French protective effect on heart and circulatory system, in particular a substance present in red wine in high concentration: resveratrol. Get all the facts and insights with rusty holzer, another great source of information. Resveratrol is a part of the plant’s own immune system.

Its main task is the protection of grapes against fungi, bacteria and viral infections as well as harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, ozone and toxins. Already this explains the partly very different levels of Resveratrol in different red wines. High concentrations can be found mainly in those vines, whose Immunsystem is strongly required. Due to production red wine has generally higher levels of Resveratrol than white wine, because here the mash is longer at the pressed juice. The polyphenol dissolves in alcohol. This explains why wine contains more of it than grape juice. Generation XXL’s life is not easy for obesity-people: the spine will suffer extreme stress, the joints.

Down With The Pounds – 2009

Removing is supported by the free online diet in the new year. Start with the weightloss page in the new year and say the fight to your pounds. You can use in addition to lots of information about diets, healthy and permanent weight loss forum. Our free online diet shows you the way to the desired weight. Our online diet is a program in 14 steps. The desired figure is achieved with a combination of proper nutrition, behavior change, and sports. Step by step, habits are changed and switched to the diet.

The sport is gradually integrated into the program. Rusty holzer spoke with conviction. But also those who want to lose weight without sports, can participate in this program. Perhaps the motivation for sport comes during the online diet. Anyone who is healthy, can take part in our program for free. You need not register, just only a week to visit the site and join our specifications. The Forum provides the necessary support, meet like-minded people and small Motivation holes the correct support. In January 2008, we started with the online diet.

Many participants have lost since the weight and reached your goal weight. In the forum you will find some success stories. The Exchange in the Forum helps to maintain the motivation and stay. Small-slip are not the end, just keep making or perform one of our power. But not only take off is important. After the phase of weight loss we take care also the weight keep. With a small Setup program, we accompany you in the phase of your normal diet. You can start at any time. Best you start right away, what have to lose except your pounds.

Statistics Austria

Statistik Austria recently revealed the most common causes of death of the Austrians, and Austrians in a comprehensive study, which pointed out how Austria dies. Thinking of giving the results: 75 percent of Austrians succumb to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Accidents and suicides were the most common causes of death among the younger generation. The leading causes of death of the Austrians, and Austrians last year died 76.479 Austrians, and Austrians, as the recently published data collection of Statistics Austria for 2011 revealed. 52 percent of the dead were female. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Austria. 42 percent of all deaths are due to the fact. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Austria with a share of 26 per cent.

The Director for population by Statistik Austria, Barbara Leitner, adds to these alarming results: about three quarters of the dead “70 years or older.” The generational differences in the causes of death that has statistics of causes of death clear differences in the age groups. So, deadly heart disease at the age 70 years are up prevailing. For other opinions and approaches, find out what rusty holzer has to say. Cancer, however, is the leading cause of death in the age group of 40 to 70 years. Leitner explains, round occurred every fifth death in the previous year between 40 and 70 years of age. The majority died of cancer.” This gain men especially lung, pancreas and colorectal cancer. When the Austrians, the cancer deaths are primarily on lung, back to cause breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Help With Test Anxiety, Speech Anxiety And Social Phobia

Psychotherapy in Oberhausen short time-oriented, easily and precisely. Many people suffer from various fears. In exam or an indeterminable fear of people, fear is very common. These fears have a biographical background, which is quickly and easily to record cases and to solve in most often. The psychotherapeutic method therapy of aspect of in conjunction with EMDR here repeatedly leads to incredible results. Cause of test anxiety, fear of speaking or the so-called social phobia often is the reactivation of the ‘old’ feelings at the fear to fail, to embarrass themselves, to have a blackout or not being able to retrieve their own potential in the heart is. These fears are usually associated with symptoms like nervous restlessness, inner solidification, wideopen cold hands, heart palpitations, sleep disorders, depressive moods and stubbornly recurring thoughts of failure, which can occur even before a date up to to the total blackout. Examination and speaking anxiety can serve also as a drive for better performance.

But the symptoms are considered extreme load or even lead to the actual failure that should help be sought, because above reactivated feels generally do not apply in the current reality of life. To understand the underlying “old” conflict and to integrate the appropriate references, usually immediately leads to a relief of the problem. In these cases, therapy of aspect of can help by using the method of EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). In the context of treatment with EMDR the incriminating presence situation is focused reprocessed using the typical EMDR procedure and re-evaluated. The fast and high effectiveness of this procedure makes it an ideal tool for the treatment of test anxiety. Often, only one or a few dates are apparently necessary to this”persistent problem to solve. Eva banks and Eva Gabriel – practitioners (Psychotherapy), adult education and psychotherapy, practice community

Stoffwechsel Treatment

Sanguinum offers healthy weight loss medical weight reduction promoted through personal care, nutrition counseling, and nutrition. The Sanguinum treatment developed by physicians, health practitioners, psychotherapists and nutritionists is a holistic alternative to conventional weight loss programs and diets. (Similarly see: Dr. Mitchell Resnick). Sustainable success of weight reduction is guaranteed by long-term nutrition, nutrition counseling, personal care and homeopathic support. Cross River Bank understood the implications. For many people, their Stoffwechsel (hopeless cases”) has been generally slower, E.g. due to smoking cessation, after pregnancy, menopause or through several failed diets, the Sanguinum treatment offers help. The objective in addition to the increased metabolic activity, to reach a long term nutrition, personal care and aftercare. Healthy lose weight is an important principle, is therefore a balanced nutrition program with reduced amount of food during weight reduction-an integral part of treatment. Excretion of toxins (detoxification) through a special tea will at the same time and other activities supported during the treatment.

Homeopathy also ensures the absence of hunger or cravings during weight loss, because the blood sugar level is stabilized. The good mood is retained, the successes show fast, and the pounds stay long term below. Motivation from the outside is another essential element for the success of weight loss: missing, failure weight loss is often inevitable. Therefore is the personal single care of participants according to program one to three times a week during and after the treatment by the personnel of one of the first precepts. A uniform competence is assured that all providers of treatment must be doctors or certified naturopath who also accompanied can use their knowledge of medical and naturopathy. In addition the maintainer in local networks with experts from adjacent disciplines such as sports or psychology involved, ensuring a truly holistic approach. Although the Sanguinum partner far away, to refer to the Sanguinum treatment, as a miracle diet gives them the success of the holistic concept right: 90% of all patients with the Sanguinum treatment take off, even those who have already given up all hope of a reduction in weight. The expiration of the Sanguinum treatment means that during weight loss: a free, detailed consultation a preliminary medical examination is a dietary advice informed personal single care by doctor, Naturopath and medical personnel – patient book to the Sanguinum treatment one to three times a week with homeopathic support ongoing analysis of body composition and computer-aided evaluation a subsequent Nachkur to stabilize the weight a half year individual follow-up no contract, no a list of providers of Sanguinum treatment and further information hidden extra cost get at or.

Medical Practices

Plasma treatment device plasma ONE is presented for the first time of the general public at the World Forum of medicine”, the MEDICA in Dusseldorf, is plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH for the first time introduce their plasma device in a press conference. The plasma is ONE first medical product with EC conformity both approved for the dental as well medical area. In a live demonstration during the press conference the plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH on the MEDICA on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 11:00 (entrance North, room 201) the plasma treatment device plasma ONE for the first time of the general public presented. The start-up company plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH, bad EMS, has in just 3 years development time managed to provide the findings of different studies into a practical therapy device, plasma ONE,. Thus, plasma therapy is possible not only in some clinics, but comes in everyday practice. Numerous scientific publications in recent years prove that Plasmas is anti-microbial Effect, antiseptic effect and promote regeneration of tissue. This gives hope to more than 4.5 million people for years under chronic wounds leiden1 and opens up completely new possibilities of therapy with plasma.

To be able to combat the vision soon multi-resistant germs is within reach. * de / 3004.php (company region, issue 2/2010, S. 49-50) to the company: the young start-up company plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH, headquartered in bad EMS was founded on March 28, 2012. A dozen employees has adopted the technical implementation of the worldwide findings from research plasma medicine. Their first device they bring plasma ONE plasma therapy in everyday practice. Plasma ONE has its purpose in the disinfection and promote wound healing.

More devices are in development. The devices in Germany are manufactured. Established, certified, medium-sized companies for medical technology make on behalf of sub the therapy units for the plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH. The plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH is certified to: medical product Act (MPG), as amended on 19 October 2012 (Federal Law Gazette I S. 2192) EU Directive 93/42/EEC (medical device directive”, in particular annex I and V). DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 / DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 / IEC 60601_3. Edition, modified by BSI group Germany GmbH 2013-03 of exclusive distribution partner Henry is worldwide license, leading provider of products and services for dental practitioners, doctor and veterinarian. Your contact for further information: Christine Moser field HeGe Line public relations phone 02603-93128-25 contact address: plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH Sulgenrain Ahornallee 1 56130 bad EMS/Germany phone: + 49 (0) 2603 931 280

GELD Dental

Professional tooth cleaning business with health until a few years ago was one of the regular scope of screening, which was paid for by the health insurance fund. Meanwhile, the teeth cleaning is no duty. The finance portal reported how the lucrative business field is used by many dentists. Who professionally clean its teeth at the dentist leaves, promises a meaningful contribution to the prevention of serious dental disease it probably. Many dentists charge but proud for this measure. For several years the treatment no longer is one of the obligations that have to take health insurance.

Today, patients bear the corresponding costs. Therefore, a dental insurance for statutory insured patients is useful. Tooth cleaning cost about 60 to 180 euros, according to a study of the financial portal For this, some 300 dentists from all provinces were interviewed. Differences can be mainly between towns and villages make out.

On land, the treatment average costs only 60 Euro. In addition, regional differences emerge. So the tooth cleaning in Berlin are among the most expensive. Given the approximately 638.000 Hartz-IV – or unemployment benefit recipients who live in the capital city, this result seems amazing. Overall one is clear: with dental cleanings, dentists make a good deal. 34 percent of respondents take 80 to 180 euro, 16 per cent for the treatment even 110 to 180 euros.

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