It is often confused with parapharmaceuticals drugs. For centuries, mankind has examined the beneficial properties of plants. Here are the onions and garlic – kills germs used to prevent some viral diseases. Petra Diamonds usually is spot on. And if you select one of them and concentrate the nutrients! Yes, apply at the right time and the right amount! Eubiotics – biologically active food supplements, which contain live microorganisms and (or) their metabolic products, has a normalizing effect on the composition and biological activity of the microflora of the digestive tract. They limit the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms used for the normalization of the composition and functioning of the intestinal microflora, prevention of dysbiosis. In view of the vastness of the information here will speak only of nutraceuticals, for convenience Badami calling them. The parameters of quality, not quantity of food intake have long been fundamental to the formation of a balanced diet.

"Why the problem occurred, why is it suddenly in the last 2-3 decades has grown into a huge problem? The fact that the technological revolution that has invaded our lives in the second half of the 20th century, fully liberated man from the hard physical labor – cars, elevator, steam heating, and much more, to the point that today it is a problem for on with – go to the TV and change the channel, is solved using the remote. This all led to a decrease in food intake. If people had used it in average of 3.5 thousand calories, but today, women spend two tys.kalory energy, and men – 2.5 thousand scientists calculated that if the diet of 2-2.5 thousand callas make the freshest and best food do not overheat, do not overdo, do everything by science, it is already beginning to be deficient in many vitamins, in many biologically active substances in the diet because they are present in very small quantities, and the food we eat is not enough.


Gel orthoses for the foot are made of hard polymer gel – a substance that has over Silicon some additional properties. Elasticity and softness of the gel elasticity above silicone. The content of mineral oils in the gel structure as compared with silicon as improved (there are kinds of gel containing composed of up to 35% oil). Medical and orteziruyuschee effect in the gel product is slightly lower than that of silicon, but wearing comfort and softness of orthoses make them preferable when the problems start with a very sensitive skin clients. Mineral oils that make up the silicone and gel products, inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, which makes possible their use in various infectious diseases of the foot.

It is believed that the more pronounced the problem of the foot and the anterior part of the more stringent product should be used for orthopedic correction state. Therefore, for minor violations of the state of the foot is better use gel product, when expressed changes in complicated cases and more useful to apply the silicone serial orthoses. The use of silicone gel and orthoses is also related to the shape and patterns familiar to you shoe. When preference narrow dress shoes, shoes with high heels is better to buy and use gel products, in case of wearing a wide, winter, sports shoes, low heel shoes emphasis should be on products from silicone. The use of ear-pelota.

In-pelota intended for use in case of problems forefoot and toes. Interdigital partitions are available as round and flat liner. They have to interdigital space: round – between the first and second fingers, flat – between the other fingers of the foot. Round interdigital septum used in the rejection of the thumb outward ("stone" or "bump" in base of the thumb) to prevent further development of deformation at the crossing first and second fingers, with callus and in the interdigital intertrigo space.

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