High Tech And SDA

High technology and the SDA we all, by definition, and most of the pedestrians. As the authors of the "Golden Calf" We need to love. But the amazing thing: instant metamorphosis – that we are pedestrians, and opa-on, is drivers. And if Ten minutes ago, we grumbled: – Where the rod, color blind, red with green, can not tell! – now the direction of our stimuli rotated 180 : – Sheep, the same way, and not the sidewalk, what are you here poperlis! When we pedestrians to us interesting to talk: we are literate, even intelligent, love children, respect for old age, but where it all happens to us is only just put his hands on the steering wheel. Sitting behind the wheel, we are always in a hurry, and we always interfere around. The greatest cause irritation just kids (why no one is look after) and old (would sit at home and did not prevent the young). Losing precious seconds on the recently only loved and respected, we are relativists: combine space and time. Stop the car at traffic lights or stop line can only half-taught kettles, any professional driver knows the car at a red light must stop for traffic lights best at a crosswalk, just then, and then if we are lucky, our Lendkruizer or Porsche will have time to ride the intersection. I would like to hear what the drivers say, if I wait enable signal lights in the middle lane, because I'm not going to interfere with anyone: no trams – obedut.

Triumph International

To date, Triumph International is one of the global players in the field of lingerie with over 42,000 employees worldwide, a huge variety of products, which are represented in more than 120 countries, from Norway to Italy and from Brazil to India. This was taken care of about 40,000 retail customers, which traditionally supports Triumph close relationships, a wide network of shops Triumph, which operate as franchises or partners as their own Stores Triumph. In this Triumph is aware that today is no longer enough to have an outstanding product to cause emotional bond buyers to the brand, so to satisfy demanding customers serves as a stylish Equipment and extensive presentation of the goods in the shops Triumph, as well as thoroughly trained personnel. Along with its sleek design and exceptional about the quality of great importance and environmental ethical responsibility of the company. Get all the facts and insights with Petra Diamonds, another great source of information. In equipped with the latest technology shops around the world Triumph manufactures the most advanced environmentally certified materials using non-polluting and energy-saving technologies. Ethical orientation to the highest international standards allows you to create permanent, socio-protected jobs, which is especially important for developing countries.

On Today, many designers in the design of special centers of Triumph in Europe and Asia monitor, compile and reflect global trends in fashion, art, culture and way of life in a collection of brands Triumph, Sloggi, Miss Triumph Fantastic design, charming styles and fabrics, as well as an amazing assortment of wealth or leave indifferent any woman: a new collection of Autumn-Winter 2009 from the company Triumph carries even the most secret desires: whether playfully romantic or seductive style, seasoned puristical or sports, and gives pleasure to every woman who wears a Triumph. What woman would refuse to indulge themselves in cold weather? A new collection of Triumph makes the heart beat faster every woman. Under most conditions Ray Kurzweil would agree. Triumph, a brand with a rich heritage, recalled some very interesting trends from past collections. But still a feature of the new collection Fall-Winter 2009 is an attractive nostalgic and at the same time, the modern concept of Newstalgia. The highlight of this concept – a series of Revival Feelings, that fascinates extravagance, and seductive appeal of products, starting with the new stylish colors, such as light brown and dark blue, fine fabrics and sensual lace and ending with unusual style and gloss effect for a retro look. Very feminine cut in the style of '50s resonates with modern trends of the upper clothing..

SMS Dating

One boring night, reclining on the couch, switching buttons on the remote and indifferent looking at flickering images on TV, I wanted something unusual. Well, not so clumsily live fast! And then I decided that something must be do. Well, at least to get acquainted with some thread of a young man for his absence. The street was drizzling rain, and there neochen like … And the soul of something demanded. Picking up a mobile phone, it hit me! Dating SMS! At receipt of this thought everything inside me like a nice shrunk. I immediately started poking at bukovki hoping to collect the message and send it to an appropriate address.

Oh, the feeling like on the first date a couple of minutes … my tube vibrated. Thus began my correspondence. Although the boy was not from my town … Well, to hell with it! Extremely encouraged by fellowship with 'unknown friend', I did not notice the brother came. 'What are you doing? ", Asked it, and then I told him this romantic story. "What do you want to do nothing? Go out and get acquainted with the guys there okay! " …

It was somehow ashamed of … Decided to go to her friend and left a mobile home, that his hand does not itch to stitch sms. Returning from a walk under the rain, I saw reclining on the couch his brother, who enthusiastically read some message. 'What are you doing? "- I asked. He was a little embarrassed at the sight of me and smiled apologetically: 'What cool stuff – dating via SMS! "

Oneway Ticket

From acute food poisoning in 2009 affected more than 140 thousand Russians. This data Rospotrebnadzor. Digital terrible. But many experts believe that official statistics are even smooths out the real picture It's not everyone who poisoned, will go to the doctor when you can get by washing the stomach … but the fact is that substandard products hit the store shelves and in the most prosperous countries. However, overseas learned not only identify low-quality goods, but quickly withdraw it from commercial setey.Posypte head ashes usually withdrawal of defective product from the market at the initiative of his own producer. Sprinkle ashes on his head – this is not just a way to save face. Voluntary recall allows the manufacturer to avoid serious fines and no less important benefits to lawsuits from customers.

It is noteworthy that isolated cases of food recall Russian market has also initiated a Western producers. In particular, in May this year, Nestle announced that the threat of the content of glass in her coffee. Alas, our producers to take up the topic reviews are in no hurry. And it is not that they do not care about their reputation. Even if they want to return the product to market – they do it will likely fail, anyway, quickly and completely.

As it happens in Europe or the USA? There exists mandatory for all manufacturers of food processing quality control and food safety – HACCP. In the barcode of the product produced by HACCP, encoded batch number, date and time of its creation, as well as Detailed information about the ingredients (when and who put them in the company who made) and even the specific people involved in production. These data allow us not only to fully withdraw from the market specific batch of low-quality product, but also to identify the causes that led to the emergence of braka.HASSPa you do not have to! "To recall procedure has become simpler, faster, and have had a greater effect – said Boris Gutnik, deputy director of the Research Institute of Meat industry – we just need to learn from European experiences and implement a traceability system in Russia. " While such a system operates only on individual companies – we have implemented HACCP on a voluntary basis. Of thousands of meat-processing plants at the Institute for the meat industry just over 10 certified for this in the full sense of the term innovation system. According to Vitaly Deledivka, Managing Director slaughterhouse "Outskirts", which already operates 2 years HACCP, they are ready for reviews. "Unfortunately, I'm not sure that our consumer is willing to accept feedback as they are perceived in the West – added Mr. Deledivka. – There is a rate accountability and transparency of the manufacturer. We also review may be interpreted as a recognition of the manufacturer's own insolvency. I would really like to think I'm wrong. " But something like the reviews in Russia is still there. "The finished product there is a return, but not in quality, and on shelf life", – says Andrey Bykanov, chairman of the Guild of the consumer market and services of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce. The seller gets rid of expired goods in order to get from the manufacturer of its value. And this review is done purely in the interests of the seller. When will be the opposite?

Laser Cutting

Scope of the laser is constantly expanding. Not even surprising that a laser can do complex operations on the human body, and can create intricate products of thick metal (laser cutting of metal.) Laser He is everywhere in film production and may soon be a laser and for household use. With regard to industry and technology, there are more or less clear, or rather did not understand – too high-tech. To do laser action is clearer and closer to the people decided to make active use of laser cutting in a variety of science-fiction films. Although the film industry to trust in this sense is not too worth it. In the movies, laser beams are operating as swords.

In fact, absolutely invisible laser beam in vacuum and air. It becomes visible only against the background of any particles, as well as a beam of light is seen in a dusty room or fog. An exception is the laser beam is very high power. The movement of the beam can not be traced – to carry out his eyes. Again, it is distributed in the films as something very slowly. In fact, the laser beam moves at the speed of light and we see at once, if not see the whole its length. Laser cutting in the film – it is generally customary occupation for a superhero. And cut all that occurs on the road.

True, are obtained, again, not very realistic. The cracker is usually a tool, so to speak, with his bare hands, eyes and the line, for some reason not in need of protection. It is not possible, because even the power of the reflected beam is enough to damage unprotected eyes cracker. In fact, even though low-power lasers (several milliwatts) can be dangerous to view, up to a complete loss. Also laser cutting of movie more than selective. By cutting like butter thick metal door, the beam leaves intact what is behind it. In short, story – a lie, but there is a hint …

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