Berlin Photo Marathon

1 city. 12 hours. 24 photos. On June 19, 2010, the Berlin photo Marathon takes place for the tenth time and again will attract numerous photo enthusiastic participants to Berlin. A Photomarathon is a photo competition under extreme conditions, in which the participants within photographically must implement by 12 hours a series of 24 subjects. These are under a parent theme, however – as also the themes themselves – first posted in the course of the photo Marathon.

Even in times of digital photography, it is to keep the chronological order of the topics. Professor of Internet Governance is likely to agree. Spontaneity, creativity, perseverance, and have fun on the thing so are basic prerequisites for a successful series of photographs. Individual photo documentation of a unique summer day in Berlin are the result. In the Jubilee year, the organisers expect around 500 photo enthusiastic participants – from the hobbyist to professional. The participation is individually or in a team. A Photomarathon loyal fanbase has formed over the years, but always be added newcomers from near and far, the is the creative challenge want to make. Starting point and stops of the marathon are selected by the organizers with care, because the discovery of hidden places of Berlin is an important part of the concept of photo Marathon.

Registration is online at. The registration fee amounts to EUR 27,-. Condition for participation is a digital camera. A jury selects the ten best series, which will be awarded with attractive prizes. The winners will be announced on July 17, 2010 at the official anniversary party. All photo series are presented in the context of an exhibition on the 17th & July 18, 2010. Another exhibition is planned within the framework of the European month of photography in the autumn. Organizer of the Berlin Marathon of the photo is the Club for events, a voluntary association of passionate photo enthusiasts. The Association for events is recognized as a non-profit organization.

Taschenkonfigurator MA

Shoulder bags, tarpaulin-with an individual front motif itself make Freirachdorf, 03 November 2011 – in wide range of providers to find a Messenger bag these days, is actually not difficult. But a bag to find that fits exactly to a people, which is actually say: ‘This is my personal communication’ is more difficult already. Then ‘ ma: cell you your bag ‘ but yourself, is the motto of the same company by Messenger, shoulder, shopping and mobile bags from robust tarpaulin, as well as matching interchangeable front motifs. The young company provides under its customers the Taschenkonfigurator, with which everyone in five steps his customized shoulder bag including own upload request subject (photo, graphic, logo, etc.) can create. Summer vacation is just over, the memories will remain even further. The favorite photo on the beach is quickly found, hidden lands on the shelf but just in a photo album.

Here she is Ability to wear it daily as eye-catcher on the own shoulder bag with him. Or why not a picture of own children as bags cover constantly with this, instead of the corresponding photo in the wallet to disappear? MA: cell you your bag of Taschenkonfigurator MA: cell makes it “s possible in five steps to make his personal communication. First selects the customer between “Design your Bag” and “design your cover”-because who is already a ma: cell pocket has also only a new front motif can order and quickly replace it via zipper system. Then, the prospective buyer opts for a pocket or cover size. So each shoulder bag in three sizes available: small (18 x 18 x 7 cm), medium (24 x 24 x 8 cm) and large (31 x 31 x 10 cm). In the third and fourth step, he uploads his favourite motif and selects the color of his bag. Finally, he must only order the finished work. All bags are by which ma: cell zipper technology with a interchangeable front motif available.

The cover can be made of different materials, E.g. tarpaulin, art leather, plastic, Kuhl fur etc. All ma self-designed in the Taschenkonfigurator: consist of truck film cell cover. A bag, many faces for everyone, rather inspired by the creative motif of the manufacturer let, is ma: cell on its Web presence also a wide selection of ready-made collections to choose from: Messenger bags, mobile phone bags (mobile bags), shopping bags and belt – or side pockets (hip bags) to different topics or trends – by Pocket monster on the boombox bag up to the New York cover. For more information see. Image material in high resolution at. Company description about ma: ma cell: cell is manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, visually appealing bags “made in Germany”. The current product lines include shoulder bags, belt bags and cell phone pockets, among others. Many products of the modern MA: cell collection are made of highly durable tarpaulin. A tool with which you can create your individual design creative is on the Web page. The special Taschenkonfigurator allows it, desire bag in appropriate size and design to put together and a private front motif upload. Who is already a ma: cell bag has, from a wide range of cover select and order or in the Configurator itself front motifs upload and Exchange via zipper system.

Ron Hubbards Solutions

Helpful methods offer L. Ron of Hubbard’s real answers and solutions that are quick and easy to use each person to get his life back in the handle the Scientology doctrine is clearly in the tradition of faiths, Eastern but originated in the West. Provides precise and working methods, to the side, you can use to improve his own life even. In 1950 the Scientology targets laid down by founder L. Ron Hubbard: “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can be successful and honest beings can have rights, and in the human freedom has to ascend to greater heights.” In their nature, Scientology churches of each, therefore hot apolitical welcome regardless of his faith, his race or nation. The Scientology doctrine has shared many beliefs with other religions and teachings and considers the person as an immortal spiritual being.

Basically concerns the spiritual salvation of the individual in the Scientology religion People. Their goal is to help individuals to understand himself and his life from a spiritual basis (through knowledge) and to put him in the position to improve everything, what he considered to be from independent point of view for all aspects of existence as necessary and in a manner that he considered from this point of view as necessary. Scientology is helpful and working methods at your fingertips every man thus to get his life back together and to be able to solve its problems itself very easy. Scientology is defined as the study of knowledge”. Knowledge about yourself, family, friends, the world, God, life, the universe and the spiritual side of life. Source: Atmos Energy Corporation. It is the study of truth and draws from 50,000 years of wisdom, of mathematics, and nuclear physics.

It is not just something one believes in that, but something that you do. She are answers to the questions in the life and offers practical solutions to concrete problems, relationships, education, creativity, work, self esteem, etc. More than 10,000 churches, Missions and groups in 167 countries welcome in the meantime every year with many new members. Scientology is a worldwide community of 183 languages are spoken. It grows faster than ever before in history over the last six years. For this reason almost every month new, large building opened, must have a minimum area of 4,000 square meters, many members professionally to the helpful services to make and the humanitarian programmes continue to expand. “” “” The Scientology Church supports and promotes numerous international humanitarian programs such as for example the drug education initiative say no to drugs tell-Yes-to the life “, the human rights initiative youth for human rights” and human rights “, the Association the way to happiness” to revive moral values or the citizens Commission on human rights against abuses in Psychiatry, to help those people, protection of human rights the most require and many other promotional public initiatives. The honorary Scientology have grown over the last ten years to one of the largest private disaster relief organization clergy (Volunteer Minister). in 2001, there were just 6,000 volunteer Ministers, which includes clergy today over 200,000 Scientology. The chaplains provide a valuable service in different disaster areas with the helpful methods of L. Ron Hubbard. More information: press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer / public relations be anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL.

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