Buenos Aires

I exercised my profession as a pediatrician in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for almost forty years. I think no one has been more concise than me writing a history. When any physician would write for example: a HTSP is a two-year-old who comes to consultation because his mother reported that yesterday afternoon started with vomiting and diarreaa in my hands was transformed into the following: Varon. Two years. Vomiting and diarrhea since yesterday . And I can swear that I am not exaggerating. I hated writing.

Ask a medical history was torture for me because I had to write a lot. And a Dia .. at 65 I can think to say a voy to write a Libroo and not only do they write another soon after. This second novel is still not correct and even when the correction will continue to be riddled with errors as the first, I want to do before uploading. I know that is full of mistakes, and say erroresa a I want to be condescending to myself, because otherwise you should call horroresa syntax. I am fully aware of it.

Is that the only time I studied language in high school was soooo long ago and that I can not get angry if I forget many of its rules. But as one day I said a voy to write a other day I’ll climb o The o Internet and I did even though such errors. And to my complete surprise I found that there were people who started reading the first chapter and continued reading the other to the end and I looked stunned disbelief numbers. To all those people who took the trouble to read them one after another by this interval I thank you. Thanks for the time you have devoted to it. For their patience to continue reading and the wisdom they displayed in forgiving my mistakes. Thank you very much. I got very happy. I only regret that none of them I could comment. Good, bad, fair or terrible. No matter. I was eagerly awaiting a comment. It will be part of my old age a chochera, it prompted me to write, but I really expected it. I have full awareness that they have signs of brain aging me and no one else had to suspect that I was waiting for those comments. But still, waiting or rather the hope. T

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