LCD Camera

Replaced by a digital camera Canon PowerShot S3 IS, which has become one of the most popular cameras from the date of its release, Canon has announced a new compact model Canon PowerShot S5 IS. Previous model meets the requirements of even the most experienced photographers, it is expected that the novelty will surpass it if possible. 8.0-megapixel digital compact camera with 12 x optical zoom uses the image processor Canon DIGIC III advanced Noise Reduction technology. The chamber presented a number of definitions of new features that improve image quality, there are 22 shooting modes, the management can range from automatic to full manual. PowerShot S5 IS equipped with professional optics, optical image stabilizer, and especially will enjoy the advanced features video recording with stereo sound.

It is impossible not to note the presence of facial recognition features, the essence of which lies in the fact that when the mode identification can be made up to ten faces in a frame and automatically focus on them, which allows to receive the group portraits of high quality. Addition to this feature is the presence of features eliminate red-eye. " Justified expectations of users, LCD display has increased from 2,0 to 2,5 inches, and the screen resolution has increased to 207,000 pixels. Ease of shooting raises due to the variable angle of inclination (the screen can be rotated in any direction), it allows for shooting even in the uncomfortable position: holding the camera high above your head or close to the ground. Will not go unnoticed and the fact that the camera is Canon PowerShot S5 IS is compatible with a wide angle converter (also tele-or media converter) for macro and flash Canon Speedlite series EX.

Training Work

SOURCE: TV presenter, profession, camera, software, television with photos when you see is always neat, smiling anchors, there is a feeling that the work on TV – the eternal feast. In fact, this profession requires hard work and tough self-discipline. So get ready for sleepless nights and constant time pressure. You have to present themselves in the role of leading a well-known talk show or news program? While not jump to conclusions and Get ready to experiment. Sometimes the broadcaster has to try his hand at several genres before it will become clear in what they look like the most organically. Whatever it was, the first step towards the development of the profession Training courses will be presenters.

Before you enroll in an educational institution, you will have to go through two qualifying rounds: First – interview, which is determined by the general cultural level of the applicant, estimated to external data (if you love the camera, then your crooked nose or a large chin on the screen will not be noticeable). Second round – work in front of the camera. You propose to read the text or to say a few words, presenting himself as a leading one of the prominent programs. When you enroll, you will be within 1 month or 1 year (depending on the courses) to study the technique of speech, acting skills, cultural history Russian and foreign television, a large number of special items. Learning to be fun and interesting. During the practice, which is often carried out by well-known TV channels, you manage to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their talent.

There were times when people become famous TV host, not having behind them in special education. You too can try to penetrate one of the channels and to offer assistance. In this If a few months you'll have to do the work bears little resemblance to the one on which you dreamed of (for example, hold the pen or rewind the tape). But if your hard work and diligence will also appreciate the leadership, then you may enroll in a state administrator, then a reporter, and there to the live nearby. On any channel, there are courses leading, after finishing that, you get all the missing knowledge. SOURCE: Girl with a screen with photos

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