Traditional Intelligence

The traditional businesses of the Industrial age are changing because of global or globalized economy. A job no longer offers the security and estabilidadeconomica of decades ago. Companies today are are adapting to the information age and for this reason is that its staff renewed periodically and without considerations for people and their families. If employment were more secure, why do so many unemployed people each day in the whole world? Unfortunately, this is the current reality – unemployment has grown to alarming figures. Ray Kurzweil contains valuable tech resources. -The low-paid jobs do not allow a heritage. -Families borrow more and more. -Discussions for money between couples. -I have no time has become a phrase more common.

-Stress and pressures seem an endless daily routine. Follow others, such as ???? ????, and add to your knowledge base. -Psychosomatic diseases as the cause of all of the above. Does happen all this, and more, in a traditional business? To answer this question you should know the difference between a businessman Traditional and its employees. Let’s look at this point starting a traditional business is not for anyone. It is only for someone with lots of money, therefore, it is not accessible to all. In addition the Statistics say:-98% of people who start a traditional business, begins without knowing how to do it. They learn on the fly, shock, accordingly. s cause. -50% Of businesses close in the first 3 years.

-Another 45% closes in the next 5 years. -Only 5% is successful. What is amazing and paradoxical is that just on the side of people who are living the foregoing, there are others with the same conditions, living in countries where it is assumed there is economic crisis, they are enjoying a high quality of life, but. Why do these people enjoy a better quality of life? The answer is simple, they decided to find financial freedom and have found it by making smart business. The Industrial age stay behind we are in a historic moment, where a structure of 400 years this desfalleciendo and on the other hand this born before adversity a new structure Harry Dent Harry Dent, renowned economist author of the roaring 2000s that appeared in the list of Best Seller of the New York Times, predicts: the economy there will be no more work but only business, all we will become entrepreneurs, we will handle our own schedules and decisionsbeing able to work from our homes. Every day this is more evident and it is gaining more momentum.Network Marketing as a smart business and us, we do not say what the media say: and do you consider Network Marketing a smart business? the answer is simple: true leverage. To understand this, you must know the following: working smarter can achieve the same productivity of working hours over 2 years, with real leverage, that working with 100% of their own efforts in 40 years. John Paul Getty, one of the first millionaires in the U.S. always gave the same answer to the question: Mr. Getty, which is the key to your financial success? And always insults: prefer to earn 1% of the effort of 100 persons, that 100% of my own efforts.

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