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A drastic action against the real estate crisis is now a 43jahriger Hesse: he sold his 3 condos for only 1,-euro. Oliver Lucas from Babenhausen near Frankfurt expects several thousand buyers from all over Germany, Austria and the Switzerland for this offer. The real estate are finally at least 285.000 euro value and achieve good rental income. An independent jury who ultimately receives the coveted notary, decides. To convince the the bargain hunters have to answer only one question by telephone or in writing. Right or wrong there is no here. That’s why everyone in Germany can participate really 1 real estate-casting.

The chances to get one of the apartments are. Only 9,000 to about 18,000 participants are necessary, depending on the apartment to the buyer down. With a low entry fee starting from 2,99 Euro resourceful Hesse wants to cover all costs, to debt-free pass of the apartments to the winners. He pays all taxes and acquisition charges new Real estate-owners. “Before its upcoming emigration Oliver Lucas tried already for more than a year his 3 homes on normal” to sell off.

Despite the crisis succeeded several times to find prospective buyers who wanted to pay a reasonable price. Even though buyers neither poor, yet the properties were overpriced, the banks always made a thick line through the Bill. Our banks are interested in the current low interest rates don’t even remember mortgages to forgive. “, explains the Babenhauser. This impression was confirmed him in the conversation of many brokers. Funding was cancelled before the scheduled date of the notary even 2 days his last buyers. Oliver Lucas thought to himself: “If it’s not more with the banks, then it must go without banks!” The resourceful Hesse began looking to still sell his homes for other ways to rather than to capitulate before the crisis. Soon, he came across the first obstacles. Real estate in this country can not on eBay be auctioned. This is allowed only abroad, as well as a House raffle. “Also, a real estate quiz of ala Volker Stiny for Oliver Lucas did not come into question: that to organize is secured far too expensive and cumbersome legally also still not 100%” the saving idea came the emigration complying then look in the TV Guide. Germany looks but by casting ever superstars, top models and talent why so not even new real estate owner? “After consulting with lawyers, accountants and notaries for Oliver Lucas was clear: I have Germany’s 1st real estate-casting!” Now he has his website published and his 9-member jury team is waiting for the first candidates. In addition to the 3 condos for 1 euro there 300 book gifts and lots of information waiting for the bargain Hunter. The casting operator relies not only on the success of his own project. He offers help and tips for anyone who currently also can’t sell their real estate. I offer “real estate casting solution model”, explains Oliver Lucas and added: If the Government only impedes us and the banks let us down, we landowners must go just yourself new ways to tackle the crisis. ” Oliver Lucas

The Real Estate Market In Turkey – An Overview

It depends on the purchase of real estate in Turkey to have success as a buyer of real estate in Turkey, you have to find suitable real estate and sell them at a profit. This article gives some tips. These tips can not replace the experience of an Immoblienhandlers. It is helpful to use when it comes to real estate in Turkey directly. Because it is not done, craftsman for repairs to the property can arrange a lawyer to know or someone who. Our main advice is therefore right at the beginning: you hire professionals! And then: you will learn how to evaluate real estate, find their true value. This helps you make the right investment decisions.

Real estate agents and banks determine the value of a house or an apartment on the Turkish Riviera, by looking at the figures from three to five of similar objects. You must be able to do this yourself. For this you need price lists. What have similar objects in the neighborhood brought? This is your code. There is not the ideal time to invest. It’s almost harder to invest in rising markets.

The profit increases are greater then. But there are also fewer objects, and you need to sell this quickly. Vice versa you can cheaper to acquire objects in falling real estate markets, they last longer. And it offered more in free trade. The latter situation makes it almost easier for you as an aspiring real estate investor in Turkey. Your purchase must be completed at a good discount to allow a profitable sale at a later date. Can you negotiate well? Leverage is also very important for investors. The less cash you get stuck in an object, the more homes you can buy. If prices rise, your profitability is increasing disproportionately. Therefore in the context also called leverage. On the other hand, if prices fall and you have taken on too much debt, this may to a negative cash flow lead. Because real estate is generally cyclic, negative cash flow is only a short-term problem, and can be treated, if you have other income or cash reserves. To limit your risk, you will need to keep the real estate market you have selected very carefully in view. Extend the sensor in the neighborhood. Watch the stock market. What are the interest rates. A real estate professional is always very well informed. Your purchase must also be at a good discount to allow a profitable sale at a later date. Can you negotiate well? It is crucial to assess the future of a local real estate market. And you should have a backup plan if the first approach does not work. Harald Sagar

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