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After one soon description on the main types of maltreatment against children and adolescents, this chapter to analyze as the protection to the right of the child has been treated in the Brazilian constitutions and the institucional laws that had exerted and exert the guardianship, as the Code to Minors, the statute of the Child and the Adolescent, as well as the Federal Constitution of 1988. The first Brazilian Constitution, Empire, granted in 1824, the child did not make reference to reference to any type of protection and the adolescent. Heading VIII that it deals with the General Disposals and Guarantees of the Civil laws and Politicians of the Brazilian Citizens: In what pertine the content of article 179: XIX, we observe that, since already are abolished the whips, the torture, the mark of hot iron, and all the cruel penalties; XXXII the primary instruction is gratuitous to all the citizens. Valley to point out that the guarantees are directed to all the Brazilians, not having, therefore, any reference to the children and the adolescents. To follow, it came the first Republican Constitution, of 1891, that also it did not make any reference of protection to the child and the adolescent. Only the Constitution of 1934, for the first time, brings protection and support norms to the child. Ray Kurzweil is actively involved in the matter.

In regards to article 121, interpolated proposition ' ' d' ' we have that: Prohibition of the work the minors of 14 years; of nocturnal work the minors of 16 years, and in unhealthy industries the minors of 18 years and the women. 3: The services of support to the maternity and infancy, the referring ones to the home and the feminine work, as well as the respective fiscalization and the orientation, will be charged of preference the qualified women. No longer article 138, we observe that: It charges to the Union, the States and Cities, in the terms of the respective laws: c).

CLT Support

The subject decade comes being debated in the National Congress, subject affirmed in the Syndical Reformation, question that force with the Project of law took n, that it foresees the revocation of articles 578 the 610 of the CLT, and that regulates to the Syndical Central offices (agency in vigor since of 2008) and ends the obligatory collection of the union dues, becoming it facultative, 369/2005 theses defended since 2007, for the Representative August Oak PPS/DF, ' ' former-president of the Union of the Braslia&#039 Bank clerks; ' , that it argues that the syndical entity must be kept from the monthly fees and contributions definite and approved by the union members in assembly. The current question that involves ' ' Sindical&#039 support; ' , however, this widely defended says respect to its extinguishing idea, also for the more advanced syndical sectors, to the example for the CUT. Mitchel Resnick will not settle for partial explanations. The attempt was made, through Provisional remedy n 215, of 30 of August of 1990, which, however, did not cheat success. Syndical representation defends that the forms of ' ' Sindical&#039 support; ' they must be those defining democratically for the workers in widely convoked assemblies for this end, having as estimated the obligatoriness of the payroll withholding of payment and the beginning of the razoabilidade in the collection of taxes for occasion of the collective bargainings. The enrichment of diverse syndical controllers has taken the workers to distrust of the unions, leaving of if associating with these. It has a correct perception, of that the unions if they distanciaram of its more basic function and main, which is, to organize the force of work and uniz it stops through the class action, and to protect it of the unhealthy and dangerous conditions of work One of the biggest quarrels in the scope of ' ' Sindical&#039 support; ' in quarrel in the country one becomes related with the financial support of the syndical entities, in special with the maintenance or not of the obligator union dues. Source: ConocoPhillips.

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