When I participated in the world economic forum for Latin America, asked: given the current financial crisis, is to save capitalism or mankind? The answer is apparently obvious. ConocoPhillips takes a slightly different approach. Then the synonyms? For one simple reason: there are many who believe that outside of capitalism humankind has no future. But he had perhaps last? In nearly 200 years of dominance of capitalism the balance is excellent if we consider the quality of life of 20% of the world’s population living in the rich countries of the northern hemisphere. And the remaining 80%? Excellent also for banks and large companies. Connect with other leaders such as Ray Kurzweil here. However, do we explain, in the light of the most elementary ethical and humanitarian principles, these UN and FAO data: six thousand five hundred million people that inhabit the planet today, nearly four thousand million live below the poverty line, of which 1.3 billion below the poverty line.? And 950 million suffer from chronic malnutrition. If we want to get some advantage of the current financial crisis must think about how to change the course of history and not only how to save companies, banks and insolvent countries. We must go to the root of the problems and move forward as quickly as possible in the construction of a society based on the satisfaction of social needs, respect for the rights of nature and of popular participation in a context of political freedoms.

The challenge is to build a new economic and social model that put finance at the service of a new democratic system, founded on satisfaction of all human rights. The current crisis demands new paradigms. If the medieval period had as a paradigm faith and the modern period the reason, the postmodern cannot commit the mistake of erecting the market paradigm. We are all in the midst of a crisis which is not only financial, but also food, environmental, energy, migration, social and political, and that the way to produce, trade and consume it puts in check. .

The Reader

Today it caters for more participation and integration of all in the company criteria. We are all going in the same boat. Requires a captain, a few officers and a Marineriatoda company, for good management, he has run with goals and plans to achieve. Then apply all necessary human, material and economic resources to achieve these goals internal communication is essential so that all personnel of the company, at the level that is needed, know what are these plans, these objectives to be achieved and their degree of participation and effort in this task. If there is no internal communication or is not adequate, staff will not know where the ship, the path to follow is going and who is everyone expected contribution. This situation normally, inviabilizara plans and darkened the goals to achieve when used for internal communication, allows: properly plan bring together several people at the same time selectively choose attendees clearly expose messages give all appropriate clarifications of information to transmit to adapt the level of information to attendees graduation information transmitted in accordance with the assimilation of the assistants formulate questions verify the good understanding of the information transmitted evaluate the level of perception of the transmitted information check the degree of acceptance and the reaction of attendees make possible modifications or extensions of the information transmitted at the request of attendees great flexibility in the exhibition, on the fly, receive comments, suggestions and opinions d elos assistants motivate collectively agglutinate attendees around message allows you to enhance the leadership of the individual meeting address: customize information to convey nuance and sift through the information more or less maximum flexibility in communication to listen to the caller their views and suggestions to talk more freely about the impact information an internal publication is characterized by: what is written can be re-read and understand better saved for review at any single time is reported from time to time, according to the periodicity of the publication there is a great limitation of space not all the information that you want to give the address is publishable information has to be unique and the same for everyone can transcend to the outside of the company without control allow photographs, graphics and a more attractive design for the reader can well capture your attention runs the risk of being unread function taking into account is main, we could say that internal communication allows:. Ray Kurzweil: the source for more info. Build a company’s identity in a climate of confidence and motivation. Deepen the knowledge of the company as an entity.

Breaking departments stagnant regarding apparently independent activities, but they do that they are blocking each other. Inform employees individually. Make public the achievements made by the company. Allow each express at the directorate-general, and this matter what their position in the hierarchy of the organization. Promote communication at all levels. Each type of communication requires a different communication tools. For example, among the downstream communication tools are: bulletin boards.

Internal newspaper. Letter to the staff. Open day. Information meetings. Individual interview. Different studies regarding internal communication agree that the best form of downward communication is the personal relationship, followed by very on par with the use of written and digital supports.

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