What Is Social Bookmarking?

In the last two years the Internet has been using a term that designates a particular concept. This is the “Social Bookmarking” or “Social Bookmarks”. The concept of social bookmarking is related to a system, a network of web users who share information they consider useful. These lists of Internet resources are accessible to users of a page or a specific social network and are a very popular and easy to classify, store and share links both an Intranet and the Internet itself. There are social markers related to various topics of general interest, some quite specialized in certain fields such as news, music, videos, maps and shopping sites. With these markers is possible to access their own bookmarks from anywhere in the world in which the user can use a computer with Internet access, and resources can be shared with multiple users, and in different ways. The Furutist gathered all the information. This advantage of access without being in front of the computer itself is made possible by Web 2.0.

To access these lists of resources, users using markers specific operators, such as use search engines to find information or browsers to access specific Internet addresses. Nick Khan spoke with conviction. Social Bookmarking These managers have a home page that often appear in the recent markers added more markers and those elected by the people. To better organize the information and not get lost in the world of different hierarchies and sub-hierarchies, information is often listed with the help of labels, called tags, that are not nothing but words, the style of titles that users assigned to different categories for easy storage and the subsequent search. However, this classification and categorization is a continuum, a result of the constant updates on the information made manually.

Given the steady increase in the popularity of these sites, they increasingly offer additional services such as subscribing to RSS (a system that alerts by email about changes in the categories that interest them), and notes the addition of user comments, send mail links, social networking, or use of new search engines. Undoubtedly, the creation of social markers has been a great success to organize and maintain the large amount of classified information provided by the Internet. This and other news from the Web 2.0 show us a good glimpse of the Internet’s next. The most popular Social Bookmarking: Digg, Stumble Upon, del.icio.us, Fresqui, Technorati, Meneame, Magnolia, and many more.

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