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It is very important not to let your dog run loose because it can come in bad company. How to educate my dog 3rd Secret Dogs have always maintained the instinctive need of a leader. This need is most important when you know how to train a dog. Dogs in whom this instinct is stronger are the most trainable. They are the ones who are always there beside you, you listen, who are attentive to your facial expressions and enjoy close contact with its owner.

Seek approval of their leader and will free the other dogs have to be bribed to do. Most owners provide protection, food and shelter for dogs, but should also provide leadership, enforce discipline and maintain their prestige and authority. Psychological superiority is more important than size or physical strength. So the dog to its owner's dependence emotional and physical. Your dog will give you more love and more respect the better the image of its owner Leader passed. Be reliable and consistent so that you can trust you. The landlord must be reasonable and fair in order to avoid offending their sense of justice.

In the wild, dogs instinctively seek and accept the leadership and a strict social code. In fact, discipline and obedience are probably more natural to them that the indulgence, which have experienced only as pets modern. How to educate my dog: 4th Secret territorial instinct: have a profound influence on the behavior of a dog, as it has done in ours. It relates to the survival instinct and therefore very powerful and vital to their existence. Puppies as young as 2 or 3 weeks of age and show a marked territorial sense for a certain corner of the crib, bed, mattress, chair or on personal mastery. They are expanding their territory to include all the house of its owner in adulthood. Dogs respect the man-made boundaries such as fences, walls and doors, but also set their own limits. They mark with urine regularly and refresh as needed. Domesticated dogs are respectful of their neighbors and their territory because they are jealous of their own territories and are rarely involved in war planning. In the animal world, an attacker is always less psychologically to an individual who is present in its territory. Under these conditions, a small terrier can pursue was a Great Dane. In general, dogs are more aggressive in their own territory, most are submissive in the territory of another dog, and more sociable on neutral ground. An old family dog make friends more easily with a new puppy, if both are on neutral ground to the newcomer starts wanting to own your home. The territorial instinct varies in intensity and quality of the breed and a person to another. However, in all dogs, like all humanity, there is a territorial instinct. Interestingly, both are accepted with tolerance, and sometimes even welcomed as educate my dog: 5th Secret Finally, dogs have an instinct for loyalty is much stronger than ours. Once the dog has accepted someone as your teacher, is very difficult for him to change his devotion to another. Best food, comfort, kindness and understanding can not be successful was to renounce his loyalty. On the other hand, if adopting a dog that has been happy in his former home, will take a long time to transfer his allegiance to his new owner. The dog is a friend that never let you down. Jose Ark Veterinary Medical Specialist Small Animal Clinic, Surgery and Behavior Problems Parana Entre Rios Argentina Manager

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