Burma Ruby

This strategy seems unusual at first glance at least, if not foolhardy, at second glance, however, and with a small change, it certainly has hand and foot. Normally, investors think of fine, large to large single stones. In December 2008, when the full extent of the crisis slowly revealed, were two investors with the request was allowed no stone to us, a larger amount of cheap stones more than 50.00 cost to buy. They finally decided for several areas with small round amethysts, tourmalines, aquamarines, etc. You countered by pointing out that the stones were not intended for an eventual resale my warning that it was impossible, as an individual, to resell a lot (a lot) of 100Stk round Amethyst 5 mm in diameter. The two gentlemen wanted for the worst-case scenario, namely a massive devaluation by hyper-inflation and thus verbundenene return to the barter, be prepared.

And surely it is easier and better to share a small Amethyst against a bag of potato, the exit strategy is caratigen as a 2 Burma Ruby against a whole wagon of the hooks on the thing. What to do if the disaster does not occur? The two wanted to give away the stones then to friends, family, customers and employees. As the ultimate gift of assets but may be the target, we would suggest to buy but certainly also as green or orange grenade, of 1, 5 mm to 3 mm in diameter instead of 6 mm diameter dear rubies, sapphires and emeralds, amethysts. No jeweler or goldsmith in Austria need Amethyst 100stk and he will not buy so also in stock. Small rubies, constantly used as trim stones or so-called Pavee versions, the chances for profitable resale are much larger. 2. color precious stones which quality criteria when purchasing gemstone make sure is actually there is only one note: you buy quality! Over time of the pink gold rings with huge but low-value color stones.

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