f) Playful aspects: * to verify if it offers realistic situations related to the content to be developed, of natural and playful form; * if it allows that the pupil perceives that the specific content is working. g) Psicopedaggicos aspects: * if the game, of some form, motivates the questioning, stimulates the fancy and the curiosity. h) Feedback: * when the pupil erra, to verify if feedback is pleasant and not constrangedor; * if the answers are verified correctly, making possible a positive reinforcement at adequate moments; * if feedback emitted allows that the pupil reflects on its error and tries corrigiz it without ostensive intervention of the professor. i) Performance of the Pupil: * to verify if the game it offers feedback of the progress of the pupil during its use and if it offers a summary of its global performance, in the end of its use. j) Exercises: In case that the game offers exercises during its use, the following aspects can be verified * if the statements allow that the pupil understands what he is being asked for; * if it has a relation enters the activities/plays carried through during the considered game and exercises.

Mathematical Wikipedia

Points positive the understanding of you formulate simple demonstrating clarity of the content for the users, the interface well is seemed the programs of Microsoft assisting the user in the hour of the use, Microsoft Mathematics shows formulas pass-the-I pass ties to arrive the certain reply. As the metric ones of quality of software related the process, using empirical methods with repetitions you continue ties to arrive the point of being evaluated, it was possible to evidence that in some metric it got good results, and no longer use of the remains did not get significant exploitation, but generalizing the program really it buys with its commitments with learning and professors, and its base of implantation, that is assistant in practical of education and the learning. REFERENCES Microsoft launches Microsoft Math 3,0, New software helps the pupils of efficient form to complete tasks at the same time gaining the knowledge necessary to have success in most difficult of them disciplines pertaining to school, had access in 24 of November of 2011 available one in. Microsot Corporation, Academic Community Microsoft Students Busyness, had access in 25 of November of 2011, available one in the electronic address. Mathematical Wikipedia, Microsoft, had access day 27 of November of 2011, available one in the electronic address. Wikipedia, Metric of quality of software, had access day 29 of November of 2011, available one in the electronic address..


After that, the pupils will go to make the reading of the text of Vani Kenski (the technologies invade our daily one), with sights to base theoretically what he was argued and analyzed in this first lesson. 2, 3 and 4 LESSONS: In these lessons, we will go to attend the two films: ' ' The war of fogo' ' , aiming at to the magnifying of the agreement of that the technologies do not mention only to the resources and eletroeletrnicos devices of the present time, but that, in contrast, they had always existed since the primrdios of the prehistoric age when the man started to discover techniques and to create instruments to facilitate the proper survival. Film ' ' Much beyond the Jardim' ' ; the objective is that the learning perceive how much the media can influence of positive and negative form the life of the people. Obs: The pupils must register (of written form) the points that consider more interesting, later to elaborate a summary, which will be integrant part the evaluation and note 4,0 will be valid. 5 LESSON: During this lesson, we will go to argue and to plan the elaboration and implementation of the TECHNOLOGICAL SAMPLE in the school. This event is integrant part of the quantitative evaluation and qualitative, note 6,0 will be valid and will be the end item of the work carried through on the subject in question.

The pupils will have to search in the Internet and didactic and paradidticos books, in magazines, periodicals and other material images, texts, news articles that speak on the different technologies already invented by the man. All this coletnea of material will have to be searched and brought for the classroom with sights the creation of panels, you wall that groups and other didactic materials will be produced in. The pupils also will be able to bring interesting objects that had been part of the daily one of the people and that today dactilographic machines, records in vinyl, LP are obsolete (? s, videocassetes, floppies, etc).

Many Classroom

With this information we observe that an order was generated of the interaction between customer and attendant, where a customer can request some order for an attendant and an attendant takes care of to some customers. Its cardinalidade will be N for N, where N wants to say many, being: Many for Many, when this type of cardinalidade occurs is born a new table or classroom, between these two were the classroom asked for, that already we had identified before. The important one on the N for N is that the classroom that was born receives the codes from the classroom that made it relation, being the classroom ' ' Pedido' ' with the code of the customer and the code of the attendant. We also know that this order will be repassed for one technician will take care of who it, being thus one technician can take care of to some order and an order can be taken care of by one technician, being represented by 1-N, remembering that the classroom that receives the N inherits the field key of the other classroom as foreign key, being thus will be the table of 11.DIAGRAMA OF COMPLETE CLASSROOM Figure 5 – complete Diagram of classroom 12.CENRIO TO EXERCISE You works for a coorporativa company, its position is Analyst of Systems. Responsible for the sector Active the development of a software sent it an email requesting to decide a problem that the sector has constantly faced with the internal auditorships, this measure is of utmost importance and the development must be carried through more soon possible before external auditorship makes the next visit. Its task was to develop a classroom diagram so that it is> initiated the development of this new software. Below it follows the scene informed for the responsible one of the project: The company who contracted in them, desires to acquire certificate ISO 9001 in quality, however one of the verification item is the register of movement of the assets. . .


We know what it moves a human being is the motivation by what it is considered to it and demanded, therefore the RH of this company analyzed through studies the organizacional climate of its collaborators, in which they had been seen that its collaborator did not feel itself well in working in a company who does not motivate it, consumes only it, does not promote action proceeding from incentives so that? good employee? he remains, and he grows in set. The R.H of a company is responsible for taking action effective in the work environment, characterizing itself as main function to search ideas of as to motivate its collaborators during day-by-day of work. In the study we saw that the R.H of this company searched action effective and preventive so that the harmful indices diminished, being necessary to show the reason to them to continue dressing the shirt of this company, motivating them through prizes, for reached goals, gratuities for time marry, interactive sessions of quarrels between the collaborators, promotions of hunting-talentos inside of the proper company and the transparencies between used employer x. Focando in these actions the company obtained to reach, or to arrive next to the desired indices, to motivate the people, are not simple task and easy, ahead of the studies we consider that the motivation is an intrinsic process; soul for each person. However the organization can and must create a motivador environment, where the people must search to satisfy its necessities proper.

Picnic Google

Google has bought another company of services online, has touched to him is Picnik, an application Web of photographic adjustment that allows us to alter images of a very pleasant form and without unloading no type of software, totally online. This way, Google little by little tries to conquer the users, it is obtaining and it, because every time it offers more and more varied services. Google has been decided to buy due to the enormous popularity that this service of photographic adjustment has in the network, affirming its leaders who in the future will be used along with Picasa. Picasa in a photographic service also of Google, which when joining it with Picnik is anticipated that it gives a great jump in the network, because the images and photographies of the users more and more by Internet, and if in addition is allowed the users to alter them, it can get to be quite important in which to popularity for the internauts it talks about. Picnik is integrated in other services like SmugMug or Flickr, but this will not be problem for Google, because it assumes that it will clear to Picnic of these so that the users also do not distribute themselves among them, but only Google will have the east service.

The users of Picnik are hoping with impatience to that he leaves this new service for Google, because with this improvement of their service, the users will have an ample fan of possibilities with Google. As you already see, Google does not stop. Some think that what is making Google is wonderful, because gives an ample handling us of all the information available in the network, however, others do not agree, because they say that they are making a great monopoly that in the end will burst by some side. I do not know what you will think, but the truth is that Google is unstoppable. More information to consult the Web, where there is a connection to another related article. Original author and source of the article.

Federal Prescription

Electronic forma bills of sale nothing more are of what a digital archive that is validated and receives during its emission validations (stamps) in digital format that they are the digital certificates. When emitting Electronic a Forma bill of sale we forget the risk that this procedure brings for the future fiscal controls. All Electronic Forma bill of sale when it is emitted receives an addend to its archive XML with data from the digital certificate of the sender and later it receives plus an addend to this archive with the data from the digital certificate from the Federal Prescription from Brazil validating the information and validating the commercial transaction. So that this type of procedure in them does not bring migraine, we must create a correct procedure of guard of these information that could be requested for the Treasury department up to 6 years after its emission. You are welcome it serves to keep the known archive as DANFE, that I eat the proper name says, ' ' Document of Assisting of Forma bill of sale Eletrnica' ' , it only serves to give support to the transport of the merchandise and must be used for the transporter of the moment that leaves supplier of the merchandise and loses its purpose when the merchandise of the entrance in the deposit of the purchaser. You are welcome it serves in them also to print Electronic the Forma bill of sale, therefore in the paper the certificates validadores do not exist and the archive loses its legal value. The sent archive must be kept digitally and total complete, with the data of the operation, more the two (stamps) registers of the two demanded digital certificates in the operation, of the sender who validate of the data of archive XML and of the Treasury department that authorizes and validates to the operation. If it does not forget that this risk also exists for who is Electronic Forma bill of sale receiver, normally Electronic Forma bill of sale that our suppliers send in them and must be validated through the Federal Prescription of Brazil. The archive has that to be checked by the code of existing validation in Electronic the Forma bill of sale and later they will have to be kept digitally per 6 years in the same way that the emitted Electronic Forma bills of sale. Certain of that this article does not finish the subject and in the hope to have helped the people who still are in doubt, a great one I hug and until the next article where I will speak on as to proceed to validate Electronic a Forma bill of sale in the Federal Prescription and with this procedure to identify if Electronic a Forma bill of sale is false or true, until briefing.

Resistant Glass

The glasses are very used in the material present time, houses and store colocameste as a barrier between the interior and exterior of private and commercial seusespaos, but after all what it becomes the glass temperadonum so special glass, which are its characteristics and what odiferencia of remaining glasses. When if a product says of glass if falade that has some characteristics but where some dasprincipais are the fact to allow to visibility for the attached space aomesmo time that creates a barrier that hinders the ticket for this mesmolocal. Maseste glass obtains prominence in some points, to start to podemosfalar of the factor resistance, the tempering glass is a bastantergido glass and this makes with that its resistance the impacts is bastantegrande, mainly when compared with the traditional glass. Outradas its characteristics is on to the form as it reacts the impacts queobriguem the tempering glass to break, whenever this succeeds vidrotemperado if estilhaa in small fragmentos, this fact allows that emcasos of accidents with tempering glasses the possibility of to algumsofrer serious wounds is sufficiently lesser. For its production the glass temperado conceived through machines that have the capacity to control atemperatura of the production of this glass, the glass tempered in the reality effect from the common glass and so that this transformation to possaacontecer the glass is displayed until a superior temperature 500, depoisdurante its esfriamento the tempering glass is immerged into depotssio nitrate, the final result is a glass with a superior rigidity aovidro qu has in our houses. But this super glass has seusproblemas, situations that compel to have some cares, to start ovidro tempering does not allow to interventions for any cut later deestar produced, that is everything has that to be made before its production, places for the screws, fixing, etc. The resistant but fragile bastante glass tempering when displayed the pressure, this is the weakker seulado one, lesser flexibility when it is compared with outrostipos of glasses. Still thus it does not leave of being a glass that muito used for example in places I publish as the stoppings detransportes I publish or same in the telephone cabins, spaces quebeneficiam of the resistance of the tempering glass at the same time that vmdiminudo the danger with the fragmentos in the case them glasses to break.

Applied Explicit

The idea is to monitor elements as regulating customers, competitors, suppliers, agencies, new products, new competitors etc. 3. The USE OF TECHNOLOGY OF the INFORMATION IN the MANAGEMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE Of a general form, for the knowledge and organizacional memory, is necessary that if it understands as the knowledge is organized, as much in business process as technician and who is the consuming products and of this knowledge. The disponibilizao of mechanisms of rescue of the knowledge, integrated in the business processes, and that they make possible to become it explicit are factor-key for the success, where this aims at to identify and to remove possible structural and psychological barriers that can hinder the exteriorizao of knowledge and the contribution between the people. To know more about this subject visit Atmos Energy. For It hisses (2004), the information technology (YOU) does not contribute significantly for the tacit format of the knowledge, but it is basic for the combination of the explicit knowledge and a facilitador factor for the externalizao and the internalizao when the tacit format is in balance with the explicit format of the knowledge. Teixeira (2000) affirms that the paper of YOU for Management of the knowledge is related to the support to the construction of communication forms, to the conversation, the learning, the formation of work communities, to the estruturao of the individual experiences and the teams, to the facilitation of the access the ideas and solutions. Thus, the technological tools for the Management of the knowledge are classified in accordance with its vision of application: Applied to the storage of the knowledge – Knowledge Repository: tools directed toward the storage and management of the knowledge, being able to be detached as examples Data bases (SGBDs), Warehouses Date, tools OLAP and systems of Document Management. These technologies, for being closely related with the explicit knowledge, allow the organization to know that type of knowledge possesss and where if locates, remaining to manage it, to integrate it and to organize it of form it to be able to take off the biggest advantage of its extration.


Denomination Is little considered complicated to trace a dividing line between the telephones and smartphones, since many manufacturers call many times, simpler devices of ' ' smartphones' '. While some consider that device that offers more advanced resources of what a simple agenda of contact can be considered one smartphone, others defend that the denomination if applies only the devices with great screens and keyboards QWERT. Between the two extremities, the assignment has more popularly accepted is that one smartphone is capable of: To allow a complete operative system and to guarantee the installation of applications (and widgets or not only applicatory java); To allow linkings with the PC saw USB and bluetooth; To connect web saw GPRS to it, EDGE or of preference 3G; To allow a quality navigator; Capacity to support applications as MP3, Videos and Games. Having in account this assignment all the based devices of Nokia in the S60, together with the devices based on Windows Mobile and the Android, Blackberry, many devices of Motorola, Samsung and of Sony Ericson (based in the UIQ, Windows Mobile or in the S60) and iPhone 3G, among others, is smartphones. Intermediate devices, as the models of Nokia based in the S40 and the devices of based Sony Ericsson in a2, that support the installation of applicatory in Java and include navigators web, do not arrive to be considered smartphones. The choice of smartphone ideal if has become each more difficult time, since only one is not chosen gadget, but yes several simultaneously.

Operative systems In a PC, which operative system is chosen to use. In smartphones the choices are more restricted, since, with few exceptions, it is difficult or exactly impossible to substitute the daily pay-installed system. (Source: ) It is common that smartphones is called ' ' plataformas' ' , indicating exactly this intrinsic combination between the hardware, the operational system and the set of applications that they hold.

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