LogiMAT Mobile SAP Solution

OSC presents a mobile SAP solution for the reorganization of the block warehouse at the LogiMAT 2013. Hamburg, 28.01.2013 competition and complex requirements placing manufacturer and supplier in the area of the Lagerlogisitk new challenges. Ensuring a smooth supply chain necklace is one of them. An efficient and intelligent storage management can significantly support this and thus reduce costs and secure competitive advantages. The SAP Warehouse Management provides ways to depict the different storage strategies in the system, one of them is that the block storage. They are characterised by high flexibility and efficient use of warehouse space. Read more from Michael Steinhardt to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

However, it has weaknesses in single access to a specific asset and the compliance of the FIFO principle not optimal to ensure. At this point, OSC optimized block storage logistics of the SAP standard with a mobile solution that performs a reorganization according to desired criteria such as expiration date, goods receipt date or other customer-specific requirements. By faster access to the right material be so the operational material movements from the bulk storage simplifies and accelerates. “OSC at the LogiMAT 2013: let your logistics run.

Ground Floor Media Art Shows

From May 31 exhibition Vinzenz Fengler – a kind of escape late April obtained the Agency parterremedia its new site in the main street of 42 at Berlin-Wilhelmsruh. The new shop Office with fixed opening hours is a welcome addition to the existing online shops for Berlin customers. Here can be purchased CD packaging on the spot or CD and DVD productions. From the end of may, art exhibitions held in the new premises. Painters, photographers, and other artists present their works in a monthly cycle. “The photographer Vinzenz Fengler makes the opening exhibition: A kind of escape”.

The vernissage will take place on May 31, 2013 at 19:00. Until July 12 you can look at works during the opening hours from 10:00 until 16:00 at parterremedia. “” The work exhibited is analog black and white-Photographien from the series a kind of escape”, any room, undefined”and Licht.Spiegel.Schatten”. Vita: Vinzenz Fengler was born in Hoyerswerda in 1969 and lives in Berlin since 2001. Since the early of 1990s, he engaged in photography, writes poetry and prose pieces. He is the initiator and co-editor of the literary magazine “Segeblatt” (www.segeblatt.de).

The main focus of his work is the analog black and white photography. Often he uses it the multiple exposure and blur effects, but only works with natural light. Work in the fields of installation, performance and artist’s books, as well as artistic interventions in public space have been added since the turn of the Millennium. This play always an intense interweaving of language/word and Visual Arts require an important role, and complement each other. Vinzenz Fengler of his photographic work: “I, the indescribable, the Atopic trying with my photographic work that refuses the language to make visible. That is, I work on subjects that interest me (often emotion charged, which I’m trying to deconstruct) first often literary and go to the photograph when I get on a border bump. I’m going over this limit then I portray a reality which was so absent or would have occurred (directorial photography, A.D. Coleman) without my staging. I’m so visible a trail of parts of existing reality, or put them in a different context. At the same time, I’m trying to lay a trail to my own existence by I leave my manuscript by my intervention into existing reality. Because the main intention, artistic work, is for me a kind of Urkrankung: the certainty that I can leave no real traces. So, my work is a paradoxical reaction. A response but, against which I can’t bear and don’t want to fight.”

ESNC 2013: From The Invention Of The Product

Idea competition Baden-Wurttemberg started this year’s kick-off event of the European satellite navigation competition (ESNC) for Baden-Wurttemberg on June 4, 2013 in the Reutlingen Town Hall took place. There reported former laureates of the practical implementation of their ideas. New entries can be submitted until June 30, 2013. Measuring emotions in real time with his EmoCityMap Dr. Georgios Papastefanou makes measurable emotions. What pleases the audience, which switches it off? At the opening event of the ESNC in Reutlingen, he presented results of a Marc Cain fashion show, in which he had recorded the unconscious reactions of viewers in may 2013. Augmented reality on the building with the M3 GeoPointer can efficiently capture to construction sites and document, the data satisfy the accountability and help save costs,”explains Gerhard Bernot, Managing Director of Bernot IT in Konstanz. A construction machine manufacturer sells the innovation already with success.

Tarpaulin with anti-theft device the smart plan”proposes Alarm not only immediately if their diaphragm is injured; It deters thieves from the outset. Erich Franke developed its award-winning, satellite-based monitoring system attempts Kommunikationstechnik GmbH from Remchingen for it. European satellite navigation competition (ESNC) competition European satellite navigation competition selects each year the best ideas for satellite applications. 2013 Attractive cash and non-cash prizes are the top finishers from Baden-Wurttemberg. Such a high-quality satellite navigation system, sponsored by the company of Kramer automotive Reutlingen,. Dr. Stefan Engelhard, head of innovation and environment at the IHK Reutlingen, by phone at 07121 answered questions about 201-119 or e-mail:. There is more information about the competition at. Peggy Wandel

Leininger Energy Days

organized by the 28.04.201 to 13.05.2012 in green town also in this year the ILE project group innovative energy region LeininGerland the Leininger energy days. From April 28 until May 13 the local options of the energy transition in the Region with the green city and municipalities are discussed in events, actions and presentations Grunstadt-land and HettenleidelHeim. Individuals, companies and local authorities benefit from the potential of supplying energy with renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures. In 2012, the lawyerly of actions in the Green Town, is located after previously the VG green city country and the VG Hettenleidelheim in the center of energy days were in the last year. Highlight is how the two times before the two-day air fair, with companies from the region present their offers to transfrontier broad audience. Central program points the Leininger energy days are: April 28, 2012, 10 am-2 pm: artisans LIVE renovation in the Grunstadt pedestrian show.

Moderation and guests. Artisan live show how insulation and renovation measures are specifically executed. The Rhineland-Palatinate EOR Energy Agency informs with ihrem Beratungsmobil to umweltfreundlichem building, renewable energies and energy conservation measures. April 30th, 20: 00: opening event in the wine road Center Green City in Kooperation with the Sparkasse Rhein-Haardt titled “Development of weather and climate – a journey through time from the climate of the past into the future” with the MeteoroloGen of Stefan Bender from Kallstadt. In global and European weather and climate phenomena are kioto, but the focus is also on the development in the region of Leiningen”. May 5, 2012, 14: 00: intensive seminar of the consumers Central Rhineland-Palatinate to the theMa “Renovation in the Leiningerland” with the energy consultant Nicole Siepe.

Good insulation, modern Windows and new equipment ensures comfort and low heating costs. That this building substance also protects will contribute to maintaining the value of your home. Location: Verbandsgemeinde of Grunstadt-land, Industriestrasse 11, green city. Please login seveRAL Tel. 06359 8 25 77 or E-mail: may 12, 11: 00: opening the 3rd Leininger climate exhibition in the Hall of the StadtWerke Grunstadt and climate award Leiningerland through the ILE project group. May 12-13, 2012, 11 am 6 pm: extensive lecture program in the event Hall of the Stadtwerke Grunstadt and air show in the rooms and halls of the Stadtwerke Grunstadt. Their products for renewable energy, thermal insulation, energy efficiency, solar energy, climate projects, LED Licht, heating present there about 30 companies with wood, E-bikes, ElektroAutos, energy consulting, u.v.m. The admission is free.

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