Picnic Google

Google has bought another company of services online, has touched to him is Picnik, an application Web of photographic adjustment that allows us to alter images of a very pleasant form and without unloading no type of software, totally online. This way, Google little by little tries to conquer the users, it is obtaining and it, because every time it offers more and more varied services. Google has been decided to buy due to the enormous popularity that this service of photographic adjustment has in the network, affirming its leaders who in the future will be used along with Picasa. Picasa in a photographic service also of Google, which when joining it with Picnik is anticipated that it gives a great jump in the network, because the images and photographies of the users more and more by Internet, and if in addition is allowed the users to alter them, it can get to be quite important in which to popularity for the internauts it talks about. Picnik is integrated in other services like SmugMug or Flickr, but this will not be problem for Google, because it assumes that it will clear to Picnic of these so that the users also do not distribute themselves among them, but only Google will have the east service.

The users of Picnik are hoping with impatience to that he leaves this new service for Google, because with this improvement of their service, the users will have an ample fan of possibilities with Google. As you already see, Google does not stop. Some think that what is making Google is wonderful, because gives an ample handling us of all the information available in the network, however, others do not agree, because they say that they are making a great monopoly that in the end will burst by some side. I do not know what you will think, but the truth is that Google is unstoppable. More information to consult the Web, where there is a connection to another related article. Original author and source of the article.

Customized Purses

In these days thanks to Internet and the digital photography you can easily have your own customized purses with your own style and your images. The purses are made by hand from materials of quality with the image that you choose. To all the women they enchant these purses to them and they make with them wonderful combinations of photos, assemblies and graphic design with customized texts. They are totally unique creations. The great combination of sizes and adornments give the possibility of making an individual purse for each woman. To these customized gifts you will be able to give so many uses them as you want and you will be able to use the purse by the rest of your life thanks to its excellent quality. It chooses between the different options from photographies printed in purses, monederos or neceseres.

When selecting the image, asegrate of which the figure is clear and that it has sufficient space around to adapt to the form of the purse. It is important also that the holes of the handles of the purses do not take any part essential of the image. The customized purses are perfect gifts for all the occasions, to give in Christmas or for birthday or like gifts for the day of the mother who already is close. It takes the opportunity and it begins to select that ideal photo to put in the purse of your mother. It will enchant to him.

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