University Education

The universities need to be more selective in choosing their faculty. This includes hiring educators, also, to have the experience, knowledge, skills, teaching skills, can communicate, motivate, creative, innovative, and meet the needs the environment in which they develop, in order to promote solutions to problems that arise., promote the changes required to encourage everyone. The national stage and even indicates that international is born, a new teacher, able to find opportunities that the current scenarios require teachers who should not be anchored in the traditional teaching of the past, on the contrary, they must use the new tools of communication who have had a significant impact on new learning, integrated into everything that provides information technology, social networks, scientific, educational, giving way to a new style of teaching, do more proactive dialogue, research help of virtual classrooms, video conferencing , its benefits, scope.

Specifically, universities should pay more attention to the teaching staff, teachers have identified fully with the requirements of the current scenarios, support their programs, approaches, activities, leading to a new paradigm of learning, to share creativity and innovations. It requires that their teachers are fully integrated with the demands that the new techniques of communication the computer involved, in their classes and research. Be more proactive in for solutions to national problems, participatory training, professional development required within their specialty.

Universities have a commitment to break with the traditional selection without warranty teachers, academic excellence required, and not to use the political commitment, friendship, family. This requires another kind of teacher, fully identified, not only with the needs that each stage presents, but with the knowledge and tools that allow students who are providing, along with tools that foster skills, abilities, whether appropriate, necessary, to generate change and face challenges safely., otherwise universities do not justify their reason for being..

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