Electronic Invoice Processing

Important deadline for solution provider! With the free reference work, companies can find suitable solutions to electronic invoice processing 30 billion paper bills will be sent per year in Europe currently. The costs are substantial, because in addition to the expenditure on postage and paper on the side of the biller unnecessary media breaks occur when the paper invoice processing. The results are time – and cost-consuming, and error-prone manual processes, for example, for the transmission of the accounting data in the accounting system of the invoice recipient. ibi research at the University of Regensburg provides guidance for electronic invoice processing company with a free market overview. To optimize their business processes, many companies deal intensively with exchanging electronic invoices with their business partners, for example, processing times and cost savings, as well as to reduce error. With the conversion to electronic billing processes are particularly at shops between companies, to note some of the legal requirements.

Especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often cringe before the introduction of the electronic invoice, because they fear a high conversion costs. “ibi research at the University of Regensburg, carrier of the eBusiness pilot East Bavaria, it has therefore with the range of information electronic invoice processing” made to the task to develop neutral and practical assistance that will help the introduction of electronic billing processes especially the middle class. Only in this scope specifically for German SMEs which will market overview contain basic information about the system requirements to use the electronic invoice processing, as well as a comprehensive overview of important solutions available on the market market overview. This includes an individual representation of the respective services, as well as a structured comparison of features offered. The selection refers to solutions providers, the German companies will help the exchange of legally compliant electronic invoices. In addition to General information about the solution are the target group of the solution, the invoicing and reception, the forms of data exchange, which considered system integration as well as the services offered and the cost detail.

“” Information series electronic billing easy, efficient, safe “due to the high response ibi research at the University of Regensburg is easy, efficient, secure this year again in a series of information electronic invoice processing” create a market overview. It will, as already known, solutions to electronic invoice processing is described in detail and compared on the basis of a single criterion catalog. The information will be brought directly from the providers by means of a questionnaire. This market overview, which will now be published in the 3rd Edition makes it easier for mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, thanks to sound data, focused on electronic Invoice processing”differentiated to deal. He is part of a series of publications. Other parts include case studies and survey results and resulting guidance for the introduction of electronic billing processes. If you want to be included in the next edition as a solution provider, you can contact us until 31 March 2013 under. Additional information materials on the subject of electronic invoice processing”, as well as other news are available free at available.

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