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Not in the top-50 ranking placed participants remain anonymous. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The results will be announced on May 3, 2010 at a festive gala evening event. Interested companies can choose for their participation in three packages: one includes participation in the contest and a standard benchmark report depicting the average values and excellence of self assessment and customer satisfaction survey of all participants. In addition, an individual evaluation of self assessment and survey, as well as recommendations for action are included in the package of two. The third package also includes a strategy workshop with the initiators. Further information, including the last competitions, as well as details on the registration are retrievable under. Deadline is 18 December 2009 quick determined companies who register before October 31, 2009, will receive early booking discounts. Contact information: forum! Marktforschung GmbH Dean Laist str.

17a 55129 Mainz Tel.: 06131 32809-0 fax: 06131 32809-111 E-Mail: website: press contact: Dagmar Ernst corporate communications forum! Marktforschung GmbH Tel: 06131/32809-195 fax: 06131/32809-111 E-Mail: short information forum! Group forum! ( was founded in 1996 as the owner-managed market research and consulting firm headquartered in Mainz. Kevin ulrich describes an additional similar source. With the two subsidiaries forum! Market research, as well as forum! Marketing and communications consultancy is forum! specializing in the analysis and optimization of business relationship management. With the excellence Barometer (, which has established itself as the most important benchmark study to the performance of the German economy, has a forum! Market research together with the German society for quality e.V. (DGQ) as one who is a few institutes in Germany own basic research among the success factors of relationship management. Also the close connection to the Institute of journalism of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz stands for the timeliness and innovation in terms of established research models and techniques.

The nationwide competition Germany of customer champions”( is looking for forum! Market research together with the German society for quality e.V. (DGQ) the company with the best customer relationships. With the competition, the initiators aim to establish a benchmarking for quality of customer relationship management and to reward exemplary customer orientation in Germany. Forum! Market research continues to be organizers of the annual Mainz relationship management Congress, the aim of which is to impart knowledge relating to the business relationship management decision-makers from the economy of the theory about the analysis to the implementation. The forum! Group has an own call center for the implementation of tele-marketing projects, as well as an interview Center in Mainz with a specialization on the management of B2B studies and international studies.

Soft Location Factors

Non-financial balance sheet for intangibles sites are subject to a dynamic change and adjustment: in particular the proper handling of the available capital of the site as a resource is increasingly becoming the decisive success factor for the future. It has started a race of (tax cannibalism”) sites to business taxpayers. These sites try to make companies raced each other. More information is housed here: Mitchel Resnick. While the tax competition at the international level is held open, this runs at the municipal level to a lower level of perception. The trade tax but very probably indirectly helps further that intensified the competition to settlement companies between the municipalities.

I.e.: the existing resources need to be optimized on the expansion and development of the site. Compared to the classical factors of production management, management of site factors has (especially the “soft locational factors” such as, for example, image as a business location, image as a residential location, environment) Quality of life and security, business-friendly and flexible management) his future ahead of her. In the fierce competition for the settlement of companies, the reference to the prosperity, excellent infrastructure and geographical location no longer sufficient potential investors. It involves the solution of questions such as: How can the site with the dynamics of the environment surrounding it keep up? from which individual and collective factors is the capital of the site, to he can fall back on in tackling its tasks? are the necessary skills to take advantage of the existing potential for productive? How can you combine the existing success factors of the location and focus? A number of site publications by Jorg Becker, deals with these (and other) questions including in the form of first principle considerations under ISBN 978 3 8370 6240 3. Among other things, a concept was developed for the non-financial accounting with which to describe how the site on the basis of which it removal / distinctive (intangible) factors in the competitive/market, compared with investors/location interested parties as well as compared to other locations (close, but in the context of a globalizing economies also in the distance) position will (further information with creator profile:).

This involves the determination of the location-relevant business processes and success factors. On the basis of the procedures described could be examined how well a site is actually set up and where to hide additional, possibly unused or only partially used profiling and prospects for the future, made transparent. Has one similar structured the site factors to a company financial statement analysis, a basis is created to verifiable evaluate and measure components of economic development of the site also for third parties. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker E-Mail:

Western European

According to a representative study, European real estate company show currently only a slight willingness to take increased investment risks. Additional information is available at Professor of Internet Governance. Magdeburg, 30.08.2013. 150 Decision makers in the field of real estate investment based in Germany, France and the United Kingdom were interviewed. About two-thirds (65 percent) of surveyed real estate investors specify the euro financial crisis had impacted significantly on their investment strategy. The strongest strategic adjustments that have been made and should be made in the next twelve months, focusing on the Western European core markets (57%) among significantly.

More than half of respondents (57 percent) investors advocating more investments in buildings, which are used by multiple tenants. The greater admixture of B locations (38 percent), of smaller sizes (36 percent) or logistics objects (33 percent) also play a role in the strategic planning. With a stronger weighting of In contrast, only a small part of the surveyed investors deals outside investment (22 percent) or a broader diversification by adding Hotel objects (17 percent). Smears of the quality or sustainability are acceptable in contrast, only 33 percent of those polled. Only 13 percent can imagine, to make concessions on the structural quality of the objects of purchase. Another result of the study: The trend of “Sustainability in conjunction with the energy revolution” will shape from point of view of the investors the European real estate sector over the next ten years the most. The trend “Urbanisation” lands on number two, followed by “Digitalization” and “Globalization”.

A who as retail investors”want to invest in the profitable real estate market should look at the offers of the Magdeburger MCM investor Management AG. Professional advisors such as MCM investor Management AG can risks and opportunities thanks to its broad base of knowledge against each other evaluate and assist in the decision. Trends and current developments be considered here as well. The MCM investor Management AG will benefit from this trend their investors, but in an alternative form. This form makes it possible to benefit investors in the form of profit participation certificates of the Immobilienhype. The acquisition of this money is possible also with little start-up capital. Therefore, the access to the real estate market is possible a wider mass. So, the investor relationship is a win-win situation: benefiting the MCM investor Management AG, also their investors benefit. Finally, the MCM investor Management AG investment products make so successful the balance between safety, yield potential and high flexibility. More information see and


Thus the suction effect is emerging from the consumer products over in the investment goods”, confirms Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market at Bizerba. His company put together a very effective rule. Engineers approach during the initial installation with customers, so that they learn there how the operator is dealing with the device – and the difficulties you encounter. That was very healing, says Conzelmann, who for many years worked in the development. In this way, it was also the use of symbols is as important in the food industry.

Also temporary workers and semi-skilled workers should control safely the machines? Words replaced to the control surfaces, where it went, memorable icons, such as pricing systems. A good example is the basic price, the operator when operating the system must change often. Since you can just instead of the text of base price change ‘ simply a symbol such as a dollar bill “or depict a coin, which then represents that it concerns a sum of money, without the word basic price ‘ to use”, explains campus. Well done for the graduate engineer Anett Dylla from the consulting firm man-Marketin technique is an important criterion: Is, if I’m going for example through a menu, where I perform a certain step and then immediately announced, what is the next step, or it is clear on the basis of symbols, what are the next steps, and come as I systematically and stringently to the destination”, not turn again 25 loops.” The infamous 25 loops know plagued callers especially of voice-driven telephone dialog systems. In a pro himself annoys not less than the normal customer waiting in the wings. Often outdated technology, so Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in Berlin was to blame.

He works with his companies, to optimize voice dialogues between man and machine. The key was it not only a better speech recognition, the often lack. It could also help to combine important information about the caller and his situation, which already exist in various places, and merge, so that the customer faster to the target. When the system where I call, provided my need, if I call, because I can’t logon to my Internet so for a telecommunications provider, and knows the system that I have previously unsuccessfully tried to login, has measured the line and can respond, then I have a very different user experience”, says Pape. The personalization of the speech dialog systems through the use of many information about the customer right at the beginning and during the dialogue could resolve many problems and concerns against speech dialog systems according to his and make customers satisfied. Whether voice or keyboard input on the screen – the elementary principles for good interface design are always the same in his view. Brought to a common denominator: rather than to fight, to the machine understand want we feel understood by the machine. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

Use Bar Code PDA Allinone Solution

Bar code PDA all-in-one solution for immediate use for the annual, daily or closing inventory in Commerce, industry, laboratories and health care many operations are similar for most users. This has prompted macro ID to provide standard software modules for the Janam PDAs of the XP series, with which software development companies in industry, individual and wholesale trade, laboratories, etc can be quickly and cost-effectively. Immediately, projects with, for example, only two devices and high development costs would be doomed to failure. That’s why macro has come up with a cheaper way of developing software IDENT. For the rugged bar code PDA XP20 and XP30, where the stable operating system PalmOS 5.4.9. Garnet runs, has developed various, inexpensive software modules macro IDENT. In particular, individual adjustments, despite the developed standard software, can be made.

INVENTORY software module contains an inventory list (article position), in which data are recorded in mobile. Already covered Positions can be changed at any time and can be deleted. The individual items in the list are numbered. In addition to manually entering part numbers of single positions of 1 d in the PDA integrated 2D bar code scanner allows a simpler, faster and above all error-free input of the number (s) by scanning the bar code of that is pasted usually on the articles. The amount is entered via the keyboard. A search for an already covered code is also included, should no longer know the staff, whether an article with was already in the inventory list. The catalog module is optionally available, which provides additional information to the article (in the import file) to the user, such as bar code, article number, article name, price, and comment. This data can also be looked up in this module.

In connection with the inventory solution is feasible then the following procedure: scan the barcode, the accompanying data from E.g. a company’s internal database are displayed by the catalog engine, it is the amount of the existing article is entered and the data be saved completely. After the complete inventory is done and all the PDA data were collected, the data from the barcode PDA to the PC via the USB / RS232 charging / communications station transfer. A CSV file is automatically created on the PC for further processing. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25,, contact sales: Angelika Wilke, press contact: Magdalena Hofer.

Kawasaki Robotics

B + B Engineering & service GmbH & co. KG Neuss, June 2010 – compared to the garish neon lighting the candle lights up a room only partially, but it conveys warmth and often creates a festive and romantic setting. One more reason why candles are commonly used in the catering industry. Here they used to festivals or celebrations, to create a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Because the market requires enormous quantities, candles are now produced in fully automated production lines.

With over 25 employees, plans, designs, and produces Brademann + Barber GmbH & co. KG from Erkelenz since 1995 special – and special machines. The B & B are engineering & service GmbH & co. KG developed fully automated candle machines with a volume of up to 9,500 candles per hour and put into operation. This amounts to efficiently package and assemble, engineering & service GmbH & co. KG has developed B + B a fully automatic packaging line for household and taper candles, in the Kawasaki robots FS010E plays an important role. Upon completion of the Candle making are poured for the gastronomy from 100% stearin, the products leave the facility automatically on a conveyor and transferred to the robot Sortimentierstation. In parallel, a conveyor belt brings the different packaging to the packing station.

This band is clocked according to the speed of packaging required for filling. Arrived at the Sortimentierstation, takes a Kawasaki robot of type FS10E, equipped with a 17 fold gripper, on the amount of the candle and place it in a tray. After that the filled packaging a shrink film plant fed, closed and following delivery of ready pallets. A special quality feature of this system is the gripping tool to accommodate maximum of 17 candles. The formation of different layers, each of the 17 vacuum gripper can be separately controlled and programmed. The standard take control of each suction pad 32 inputs and outputs, which are a standard part of the robot controller. Contrary to usual trends,. is an additional input / output card thus not required. Different packing patterns are quickly and easily programmed. Currently 11 variants are used. “So for example a record every second candle is possible to taper candles packaging a stock pattern head foot” to enable. The robot handles 24 bars in its highest output level at the minute.

European Court

Thus, the manufacturer had to subvert the right politically and economically desirable consequences of the principle of exhaustion to the detriment of potential purchasers by he had pinched the actually existing demand with the technical device of the accounts. It is strongly suggest that after the clear standards of the European Court of Justice ruling a technical approach to the deliberate legislative policy sure fatigue effect should endure will hardly. More lawsuits against manufacturers? Dubious contract clauses of the manufacturers rarely check in the IT and software industry in court. Also the last big dispute by Siemens with SAP for software maintenance was resolved out of court. Individual manufacturers have reached a market power, which can resist the industry entrepreneur as a user hard. The terms and conditions to the terms and conditions reflect the business model of SAP. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Salar Kamangar. The clauses of these general terms and conditions seem part of the same by to be adopted some SAP partners (indirect sales).

The following terms and conditions clauses illustrate the model of SAP at a glance: purchase the user may resell only with the consent of its SAP software SAP (para. 2.4.2). The user may resell total, not only a part of its SAP software (? point 2.4.1). Support of the user may terminate only as a whole and not software maintenance for a part (para. 2.4.1).

The user needs for programs that are not yet on the date, fees for support and additionally SAP may request a reactivation fee, the amount of which shares with SAP on request (para. 10.9). Other replacement rights only via SAP provided (para. 3). Once purchased SAP standard software may be operated by the user’s data processing devices of the user’s staff members and be used in premises of the user (point 2.2.3); Exceptions require the approval. SAP software indirectly used by third-party software of the user, should the user for each Person who has access to the third-party software, buy a more SAP License (para.

Yucam Overseas LLC – Ami Slide For Europe Customers

Of course, you can buy German entrepreneurs in the United States, part I: different American cars in Germany. The company exported to Europe, vehicles, auto parts and accessories from the United States for which it has settled 2010 in Miami, Florida. Within the short period of its existence, has achieved much YUCAM overseas and wants to achieve a lot more. For the company and for a successful launch of the company used the services of ALTON LLC. For Alan of Jackson of YUCAM overseas (, it was not a question whether the newly established companies in the United States or not settle. Who want to export American cars to Europe, must move on the US market to U.S.

cars quickly and well to meet the needs of its customers. So the question of how to most effectively manage a business start in the United States remained for him alone. After a search on the Internet he contacted therefore company ALTON LLC. The Company is specialized to support European customers in the creation of companies with American legal form. In addition to the company, it takes on other services such as the opening of an account in the United States, the search for a suitable office and after a suitable partner bank if necessary. Business in the United States with competent support of Volkhard Jurgens had ALTON LLC ( help establishing an LLC based in Miami, Florida. The limited liability company (LLC) is related to the German company with limited liability (GmbH).

ALTON LLC took over all formalities for setting up in business and taking care of fundamentals such as the American account and the entry in the commercial register. “Know the fast way, judge Volkhard Juergens on the question by the advantages of the cooperation with the experienced service providers. In fact, his company was founded in a short time and YUCAM overseas was ready, its export business. and to expand. Contacts with suppliers were forged and deepened so quickly a network was created to provide customers from Europe virtually every car and any accessories or spare parts, which will be built in the United States. 300 exported vehicles per year should be it updates its 2010 company aims to export of 300 vehicles per year from the United States to Europe. Alan of Jackson is confident that this goal will be achieved. On both sides of the Atlantic”, he says there are now important contacts through which much implement can”. “The market for special American cars in Europe is for him a niche market, but by the technological convergence of US vehicles in the global market” will grow in the future. YUCAM overseas that came handy with security. Alan of Jackson advises other companies from Germany, are planning a business start in the United States, by a reputable service provider pave the way and then consistently to implement his idea. That, he says, is in the United States faster possible as in Germany or elsewhere in Europe. Still quite young, but successful history of YUCAM overseas is at least an indication that it could vote.


The time for the transition to the SEPA scheme will close until February 1, 2014 the processes and IT systems used on the new standards for non-cash payments must be adapted. Companies should act now, otherwise it can be expensive. Duisburg, the 5th March 2013. “Numerous German companies are not or prepared inadequately for the changeover of the cross-border payments on the European SEPA scheme”, says Mr Dr. Christoph Swart, partner of the auditing and consulting company PKF Fasselt lookup in Duisburg. For companies, there is urgent need for action. February 1, 2014, the processes and the IT systems used should be SEPA-compatible. Succeed in time, it can be really expensive for the company”, warns Dr.Swart.

The consequences range from increased work effort in processing and allocation of payments through any interim due to delayed payments and failed direct debits up to fine occupied registration violations in foreign trade transactions. “Action analyze companies should therefore now analyse their action and immediately take the changeover to SEPA in attack”, Dr.Swart is recommended. From an enterprise perspective, it is important to note that the changes affect not only the processes that are ostensibly with the payments in connection, but touching a wide range of other areas. This extends from the simple change of the business letterhead to separate regulations for archiving and digitisation of the present paper direct debit mandates. In particular IT systems used in the company need to be converted. You must support the new data formats and use the changed processes. The SEPA scheme that causes the SEPA scheme as of February 1, 2014 in 32 European countries the existing national procedures for credit transfers and direct debits in the currency euro from. SEPA (single euro payments area) referred to the uniform Euro payments area, which more foresees no distinction for payments in euro between domestic payments and cross-border payments.

Internet Good

And many new trends to continue to revive the business. But (still) not all new trends and developments find the favor of consumers. They have still their Preferences: For products, sales offices and also for the purchase operation. Much is assumed today simply by the consumer. Such a good advice. The color white in the race, the modern element prevailed in the style clearly and a material has prevailed at least for the countertops with stone currently, which was as good as not taking into account two years ago. Part must be cleaned up with old prejudices.

This concerns in particular the generation 50 plus which today appears in a completely new light. The Conveniencegedanke of convenience is pronounced and influenced the selection of a shopping site like also the product choice for kitchen furniture in several respects. It’s the kitchen buyers today on the content. A good presentation of goods on large surfaces, incentives to linger, sample rooms with innovative ideas and also additional ranges are generally desired when buying furniture. However, the convenient shopping via the Internet makes at least the Information retrieval in the network also in front of the front of the kitchen market can’t. So, the history of the digital consumption will be an exciting and also a central theme of in coming years. While the food distribution remains still predictable: the trade with the different facets of dominated with well over 90 percent market share.

Little room for all other sales channels remains. In the focus market and consumer 2013 represented not only the market kitchen by bbw marketing Dr. Vossen and partner Nelson, but especially the preferences of the kitchen buyers analyzed designed like a scenario for the coming years. The footprint of the press release is free of charge. Learn more about the study are available on the Internet at. the study kitchens 2011 can bbw-marketing, Liebig Street of 23, 41464 Neuss, Tel. 02131/2989722, mail: be ordered.

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