Ford Motors

In the factories General Motors, Ford Motors, Fiat and others have been successfully operated semi-automatic and automatic lines. In the early history of this method of casting in this country is copyright certificate USSR 136 014 for the invention of one of the variants of this method, which in 1961 was our compatriot, from Odessa, AR Chudnovsky. Since then, more than fifty domestic inventions "protect the novelty of" technology. In our time in the world on polystyrene models produce 1.4% of the total cast – more than 1.5 million tons / year, forecasts for the near future this technology gives 10 … 20% of world casting. Significant reserve is the CIS market, where production casting in this way does not exceed 100 tonnes, as well as the Russian market, where in 2005, produced by this method is only 0.1% of the castings. LGM-groups (Kiev), improving the technology as "proprietary" specialization and one of the areas science and technology, and supplies for the foundry model kits of 500 … 20 000 tons of castings per year. Calculations show that by casting equipment systems for casting on gasified models only in the factories of the Ministry of Ukraine Prompolitiki allow for mounting them on a foundries reconstructed to create production facilities with a total production of castings of over 150 thousand tons / year, in particular, castings for cars – tractors, machinery for agriculture, oil and gas industry, valves, pump engineering and military equipment. The equipment showed stable performance during operation in the shops and near abroad.

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