MPa Spray

In addition, when the output of the paint to the nozzle, there is an instantaneous evaporation of some part of solvents included in the ink, which leads to additional dispersion of it. Due to the resulting kinetic energy of the drops move to paint the surface, and overcoming the resistance of air, brake, and gently lay down on the painted surface. Material heated to 60-100 degrees, is supplied to the nozzle under the pressure of 6.10 MPa. At coating, painting machines, without heating the material enters the nozzle at a temperature 18-23 degrees under pressure of 14 25 MPa. Airless paint without heating is used for priming and painting products medium and large size, as well as large surfaces on which to apply coatings to meet grade finishes 3-4. Method paint airless painting machines especially high-pressure effective at coloring your plane or boat-tailed and nepregoden for articles of complex shape as a consequence of sharp losses desc coating material, uneven coverage, the advent of sagging. The number and quality of the material sprayed on the pressure, size and angle of the hole painting nozzle, the viscosity of the material and its physical characteristics. Compared with pneumatic spray airless spray allows you to: dramatically reduce the loss-on paint fogging – reduce the amount of solvent at the possibility of spraying more viscous coatings – to increase productivity (especially when painting large areas). except of the possibility of staining the surface at several positions – in some cases reduce the complexity of the painting works expense of the possibility of coating of greater thickness – considerably reduce the fumes and the room improve the hygienic conditions of work in the shop, especially when there is insufficient ventilation. In contrast to the flare, which appeared in the work of a pneumatic spray gun, airless spray torch at spray paint sharply outlined forms and almost no explosions. Taken from the site

Diameter Pipeline

The calculation is performed by selection of the pipeline. Initially given diameter and then check whether the pipeline will miss with slope equal to slope of the land, estimated expenditure in the regulated filling. If bandwidth is not enough, then increase the diameter, if the filling is too small, the diameter is reduced. In such favorable situations, the velocity in the pipe turns more minimal, and in terms of operation are estimated portions of the network do not require the cost of cleaning the pipes of sediment. In the initial sections of the network at low cost – less than 10-12 l / s in the line of minimum diameter (d = 200 mm) can not be afforded the regulated minimum speed (v = 0,7 m / s) and filling (h / d> 0,5).

In this case, the area considered "bezraschetnym" diameter and for him shall be the minimum – 200 mm, and the slope – equal to the slope of the land, but not less than imin = 0,005. The parameters of the pipeline do not take into account. Fig. 3.12. Longitudinal profiles of the calculated plots for different slopes surface second case – when a more complex topography and slope of the land changes from smaller to larger. In the diagram, this case presented at the second site (Fig. 3.12, b). To reduce the volume of earthworks (for vyglubleniya network) should be within the area with steep terrain out to a minimum depth. The third case – the least favorable when the slope of the land on the current site is less than the allowable minimum slope of the projected pipeline (Figure 3.12 c).

Modern Housing and Communal Services

The development of modern housing and communal services, in particular, urban public utilities inextricably linked to good health utility. Timely current maintenance, routine seasonal preparations and the ability to adequately respond to emergency situations – is a guarantee of reliable and effective functioning of the organization providing compliance with all legal and technical requirements for the maintenance and use of housing and under its control area. The requirements are now requirements for similar organizations, forcing them to store and keep Fund update certain spare parts and consumables for the utility. At the same time, the search and selection of strategic partners to manufacture and supply of these components is becoming more informal. The fundamental criteria for choosing the supplying organizations have traditionally been: a range of necessary components, terms and conditions of supply, price. Of particular interest are the company itself producing the necessary equipment. Unlike most dealers, engaged in the resale of banal product companies, manufacturers are able to respond more flexibly to the demands and wishes of the end customer – to make significant changes in technology and manufacturing processes for production of the well-known equipment and tooling, significantly modify it under the customer's needs, and even develop and produce entirely new designs.

It is to such organizations that have their own production facilities include the company "OOO Lukor." The main activity is production and supplies and utilities selling parts and spare parts for municipal vehicles. In addition to the production of such popular components such as pumps for tank-type vacuum machines KO, KO-503 pump, company provides after-sales service of these products, in addition, for ease of exchange fund partners there are parts of municipal equipment, which drastically reduce the time Utilities downtime during their maintenance and repair. For a long time success in the market for municipal engineering firm "LLC Lukor" had a close partnership relationships with many professional societies, is also producing and supplying a similar product range, which allows the company to offer the most favorable terms a wide range of equipment for municipal vehicles, including a power takeoff for vacuum machines KO, product KOM KO-503 KO tank vacuum machines and parts for them. The company "OOO Lukor" is a continuous process of development, improvement and expanding the list of components and spare parts for these types of equipment.

Hydraulic Dynamic Tool

Hydraulic dynamic tool – a powerful, reliable, economical and compact assistant for emergency and rescue operations, work in mines, under water, and other construction and special works. – Is closed self-lubricating system, insensitive to dust, water and temperature, which ensures long tool life and greatly reduces the need for technical . dynamic tool is mobile and easy to use. It is safe to work and has a front air – electro – and gasoline-powered tools the following advantages: In comparison with a power tool: Electrical – the lack of sources of stress; Ability to work in conditions of high humidity, as well as under water, low need for maintenance, independence from external power sources, ability to work without long breaks ohlazhdenie.V Compared with gasoline-powered tools: Exception danger of ignition and inhalation of toxic emissions by the operator due to lack of engine and fuel tank directly on the instrument, less weight and noise level – due to lack of engine directly into the instrument, less need for technical obsluzhivanii.V compared with pneumatic tools: Effectiveness and efficiency of a hydraulic plant is 2-3 times more efficient air compressor. It's smaller in size, weight and price, carries the same amount of work as an air compressor, with a much lower cost, reliability and durability: less wear and more long service life of hydraulic system main units, as opposed to pneumatic system by working in a more favorable (in the flow of oil) conditions; Safety operator: air mixture used in pneumatic tools, potentially explosive, that provides increased demands Gosgortechnadzor and may lead to the prohibition of exploitation. Simplicity: the ability to work in conditions of high humidity and contamination over a wide temperature range (with reduced efficiency pneumatic temperature decreases sharply), low noise hydraulic pressure source can operate in urban areas, including in night, high mobility, small size and weight: the whole kit with the pump station is easily moved by hand and placed in the luggage compartment of a car. By the hydraulic station, in contrast to the compressor, can be easily connected to many other tools – pumps, drills, saws, drills, etc.

Fitting Studio

Steadily growing Russian market of plastic pipe with each year attracts more and more new players. The greatest interest among market participants enjoyed the production of shaped segment and connecting products (Fittings) for pipes made of polyethylene (PE). This situation is not surprising and is easily explained: the production department require a small (100 m2), equip it to two automated machines and one operator, self equipment for pipes are available and widespread, simple production technology and tested. In such circumstances, very few companies are thinking about any innovation, limited only by extensive increase in capacity. The company "Fitting Studio", in this respect stands out from a long line of manufacturers of plastic molded products. Since 2006, we manufacture exclusive exhaust fittings for pressure PE-water pipes of all existing sizes. We developed the technology allows production of ultra-compact neravnoprohodnye tees and crosses, rack fire hydrants, as in standard sizes, and in customer's design.

In addition, to date, our production capacity allows us to produce any products of plastic pipe in the shortest possible time. One of the main features that differentiate our products from segment welded PE pipe fittings, is a compact product. This factor, in addition to significant savings in raw materials, involves a number of less obvious but no less important benefits. First, the product of LLC "Fitting Studio", which has less mass and volume are cheaper to transport. Second, an exhaust fitting production company "Fitting Studio" can replace several products segment, as it made directly vvarivaniem one tube to another (Fig. 1). Third, the products of our production significantly save storage capacity water supply wells, in which they are located.

Often, only our products can be placed in the well, not only does not extend very well, but not even touching the entrance to it. The next important factor, which fundamentally distinguishes the products of LLC "Fitting Studio" is its high reliability. It is achieved due to the smaller number of compounds in the manufacture of molded products. For example, such a complex product as a stand under the fire hydrant (see Figure 2) is made by us without any transitions with polyethylene metal. This product is less prone to corrosion is obtained, than any similar, represented currently in the market. Note that the seat of fire stands performed in strict compliance standard Russian fire hydrants. Next, note the following feature extractor fitting technology: to make reducing tee, cross or raznoprohodnoy (sm.ris.3) does not use transitions from one diameter to another (which is especially important when a large difference of diameters, for example 710 and 200 mm). This not only helps to reduce the hydrodynamic resistance products, but also at times to increase stability fitting to the vertical and horizontal accelerations, possible in the course of its operation, and each product is released from dependence on rare or nonexistent at all fittings.

Technology Production

In China alone in 2006 were about 200 of these plants producing 300 tonnes / year. Most major automobile manufacturers in Europe, Asia and America each year are used in cars produced several hundred thousand tons of precision castings, obtained as described way. General Motors, Ford Motors, BMW, Fiat, VW, Renualt and several other companies have gone over in 1980-90 years to produce this method of casting engine blocks, heads, block, intake and exhaust manifolds, crankshafts for the most popular types of engines. In Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys (FTIMS) NAS (Department of forming under the leadership of Professor Shinsky OI) equipment designed and launched a number of sites in Russia and Ukraine, introduced a equipment in Poland and Vietnam. At the pilot plant in Kiev FTIMS pour ferrous and nonferrous metals weighing 0,1-1500 kg to 50 tons / month, work out the technology and tooling for new plants, design and equipment lines for the program casting plant and the area of the customer, who then supply foundry enterprises with commissioning the full range of equipment and the introduction of technology into production.

Production potential of the technology is far from LGM exhausted. It also allows low-tech alloy previously coarsely, mesh and frame molding, pouring not only metals and alloys, and composites, and reinforced to receive designs that have improved characteristics. In the model pre-inserted into different parts or materials that form a composite or reinforced construction, and the imposition of the gas pressure in the liquid metal increases the stability impregnation of such products with inserts on the length of 1 m. LGM attributed to high-tech industries, which provide access to the sustainable development of the technological gap, as in the domestic economy is growing raw materials component, which is dominated by products with low added value and reduced the competitiveness of production. If in 80 years in the structure of the domestic industry and export commodity weight machine was About 30 … 40%, and iron and steel was two to three times less, but now the opposite.

It is the development of foundry – a step toward recovery and growth of the domestic machine-building, turning the country of the seller semi-finished products in the exporting technology products with high added value. Reduced dependency on domestic industries from import ideas, technologies and products, implementing its own program innovative development will enable us to become an equal participant in global innovation processes. Download other articles on FF (Fresh articles other authors: 1) Rybakov SA Innovative features cast on gasified models, the state and prospects of this method in Russia / / Russian foundry. 4, 2009, sec. 44-45. 2) Rozhnov SP, Anderson, VA A new concept of small-scale foundry / / Foundry. 9, 2010, sec. 27-30).

Ford Motors

Along with this, small shops and manufacturing areas: modeling, molding, melting, purifying, and also feature simple equipment (the same for non-ferrous alloys), production of which is established in Ukraine (for other types of molding quality equipment often need to import). If the entire molding consists of backfill of dry sand, then there is no need for high-precision machines, pressing, shaking, device assembly forms. The focus of attention shifted to production models – these "lightest toy" with the material density 25-27 kg / cu. (As opposed to Eliot Horowitz). m, which is typically "trust" feminine hands, often placing in the second and higher floors of buildings. For serial production of castings supplied semiautomatic, production cycle models in which foam is about 2 … 3 min. and are "taken" from the packaging industry, where they are used for the production of fancy packaging, light packaging, as well as decorative, sound and thermal insulation panels, facade elements. Recycling cooling is carried out in the sand closed walk-through coolers.

Way to get FF cast iron and steel of all kinds, bronze, brass and aluminum foundry all brands. In the box on the "Christmas tree or a bush" is often just poured tens of castings, as in the jewelry industry, usually with an almost "jewelry" accuracy, 90% of castings can be used without machining. Departments and sections of this flexible technology multiply around the globe – from America to China, in factories General Motors, Ford Motors, Fiat. In today's world of foam models produce castings of over 1.5 million tons / year, forecasts for the near future given the technology of 10-20% of world casting.

Ford Motors

In the factories General Motors, Ford Motors, Fiat and others have been successfully operated semi-automatic and automatic lines. In the early history of this method of casting in this country is copyright certificate USSR 136 014 for the invention of one of the variants of this method, which in 1961 was our compatriot, from Odessa, AR Chudnovsky. Since then, more than fifty domestic inventions "protect the novelty of" technology. In our time in the world on polystyrene models produce 1.4% of the total cast – more than 1.5 million tons / year, forecasts for the near future this technology gives 10 … 20% of world casting. Significant reserve is the CIS market, where production casting in this way does not exceed 100 tonnes, as well as the Russian market, where in 2005, produced by this method is only 0.1% of the castings. LGM-groups (Kiev), improving the technology as "proprietary" specialization and one of the areas science and technology, and supplies for the foundry model kits of 500 … 20 000 tons of castings per year. Calculations show that by casting equipment systems for casting on gasified models only in the factories of the Ministry of Ukraine Prompolitiki allow for mounting them on a foundries reconstructed to create production facilities with a total production of castings of over 150 thousand tons / year, in particular, castings for cars – tractors, machinery for agriculture, oil and gas industry, valves, pump engineering and military equipment. The equipment showed stable performance during operation in the shops and near abroad.

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