Either the first one to consider ideas and solutions and/or is ready to analyze and to apply the same ideas and suggestions when presented for that they are collaborating with you. A time that knows what it must be fact, does not leave that the fact not to know as to make the limit. It reads, consults, most of the time that not to know something, we know somebody that it knows. It does not wait that they say to it what it must be made or as it must be fact, it finds the ways and it makes. Confie in itself exactly and in knowledge that it possesss; – It believes that it is possible to obtain I excite to get it, it knows to manage the fear and it has the calm to all apply the knowledge that it possesss.

To risk and to make a mistake are part and are present in all the ways that lead to the success. Being thus, it trusts what it knows and it makes with perfection. Mantenha the focus in to be reached result; – If it does not leave to deviate, objectifies the result. We lose precious time deviating our attention and our focus. No ignores the processes, therefore they reflect efficiency and result in effectiveness; – She looks for to know the processes used and wall lamp to act it in way that the same ones are taken care of so that efficiency acts that results in effectiveness. Valorize the union and adds efforts; – One remembers that autonomy is not synonymous of individualism. When necessary it is made use if to join and to accept the aid of others in order to maximize the results. brought up to date and intent Mantenha, exactly the lesser variations; – The inserted world and environment where we are this in constant change, processes, ideas, and same strategies move constantly.

Being thus, he is ready and flexible chemical preparation in order to be when necessary to follow and if to adapt the alterations that to appear. Avalia constantly, it looks for to analyze its progress, as well as the advances and possible errors that can occur; – We are evaluated the time all, we cannot escape of this. In such a way, before being evaluated by third, it is evaluated exactly itself, certainly will find advances, as well as points that need to be corrected and to be improved. In such a way it will only reach resulted each time better. Esteja always soon and on-line. – It always learns, it always studies, it is remained in constant training thus he will only be ready and chemical preparation to take care of to the chances well that to appear in its professional trajectory. Its area of performance in way looks for to be always in contact with related information to be always brought up to date, soon and well informed. One remembers, to be led is excellent, but to have the chance to reach independence and the autonomy by means of the study and of the qualification must be seen as a prize to be reached by all the ones that are led.

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