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When the high executives spend more time and energy counterattacking of what cooperating, the effect on organization is corrosive. The degradation of teams is a species of organizacional disease. It has 2,500 years more than, Homero in counted the disagreements to them between the king of the Greeks (Agamenon) and optimum of its warriors (Aquiles), for occasion of the conquest of Troy. The war if dragged with the Greeks wanting to come back toward its sobretaxadas houses, its provisionses and the costs if accumulating of alarming form. Agamenon? what little wise person as to keep the behavior and the support of its warriors? she looked for to prove to be better that Aquiles, instead of motivating it to use its energy in the taking of the city.

Taking ' ' prmio' ' of Aquiles, Agamenon provoked the negative reaction of this, as if it are an employee any. E, completely unsatisfied, Aquiles if refused to fight and left with its battalions. Of this form, the King tried to attract it in return signaling with bigger prizes. But, the emendation was worse that soneto. No classic dramatiza better the destructive power of shunting lines of attention of what Odyssey, of Homero, which tells as Ulisses if it concentrated to return to its house. It was not an easy day, therefore it lost all consequently its ships and all its friends. Exactly Possidon? the Greek god of the sea? it was against it e, the trip, assediada for innumerable delays, some errors, whims of deuses, bad weather, seduction for women and stubbornness of the sailors, delayed 10 years. when it finally arrived at the house, had the ackward problem to face a mob of candidates of Penlope, its wife.

Ulisses got success because, having disciplined its resources, rare it lost its objective of sight. It ' ' it managed for objetivos' ' , making this technique to function. It was blinded by the idea to arrive at the house and he supported it to this per the 10 following years. To find a Ulisses modern is not an easy challenge. In 1958 Kenneth Olsen it established the DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), producing microcomputers. They had been times we durssimos, therefore to compete with IBM was overwhelming. But, Kenneth announced that ' ' the systems are futuro' ' , having vises (already at that time) of the e-mail (email), of the instantaneous access to the printers central offices, of records of memory, the programs and the data bases. Being well to the front of the market, Kenneth foresaw an explosive growth of the integrated automation of offices (today known as Networking) e, as was demonstrated, was only following a strategy to which he had compromised its company for more than 10 years? to bind the computers through nets. He was perfectly natural that it kept the direction of its organization pointing with respect to front, putting all to work hard, while the prophets of the ruin foresaw its disappearance. Therefore, characteristics as FOCUS in the objectives, MOTIVATION of collaborators and always DISCIPLINE had been characteristic inherent to the Leaders, since the primrdios of the time.

Public Speaking

How I surpassed my fear of saying in public You I have fear of speaking in public? You want to surpass its fear of speaking in public? If its reply to the two questions above he is yes, then I continue to read as to share with vocs my proper personal experience of as I surpassed my fear of speaking in public. If you find that he is alone with this fear of speaking in public, then you think again. I also had the same fears and many people in the whole world also to partilhar its fears of speaking in public. I remember some incidents that had occurred while I was growing. When child, many times I have punished with the remaining portion of my colleagues for not answering to the question of the professor, exactly that I inside had the correct reply of me. I preferred to be punished with the others of what raising the hand to answer to a question, my fear of speaking in public so strong age that I prefer to risk to be punished in the school of what to see me to be exempt of punishment, simply because I answered a question.

If he had some thing that I more hated, it was of foot for is of the multitude, and to speak in public was a thing that I hate. Many times I only lost illness school dissimulating to prevent the classrooms I have debated organized for the direco of the school. Now as I to surpass my fear of speaking in public? He is this that I am going to share now with you. In this article, I go to share with vocs mine step by step the strategy to surpass my fear of speaking in public. If you will be made use to learn and to take some actions, then below she is my guide step ten to surpass its fear of speaking in public.


It knows to identify what it needs each one mainly and what each one has to offer in order to mark the objectives and if to reach the goal. They leave to use me a great example of team to fix this concept. Amongst the disciples of Jesus, many of them had been used in the great majority in areas and functions that were not accustomed to exert. This for showing to it that they had not been invited by being the best ones in what they made, but yes so that they discovered as to be you lead in areas ties then unknown for they themselves. This and to know to extract of optimum optimum. For example, Mateus was tax collector, but it was Judas that took care of of the finances. Peter was an excellent fisherman, however he did not participate directly of the leader is differently superior to the too much members of the team. as, the fellow creature to the first one is of that.

Both equally are missed. For this reason it must be prevented so that the competition for the position if does not become an egoistic dispute of interests. First, the difference between that occupies the leadership position and the too much members of the team are the fact of it to be in the leadership position. In all the other directions it must be considered similar to excessively. He differentiates what it is the fact to be, in the occasion, more prepared to assume such responsibility. This was the strategy used with great result for the commission technique that folloied the world-wide champions of soccer in the year of 2002. Who folloied of close the career it technician pointed the formula ‘ ‘ mgica’ ‘ with the group: ‘ ‘ the secret was to treat the reserves in the same way that the bearers.


Either the first one to consider ideas and solutions and/or is ready to analyze and to apply the same ideas and suggestions when presented for that they are collaborating with you. A time that knows what it must be fact, does not leave that the fact not to know as to make the limit. It reads, consults, most of the time that not to know something, we know somebody that it knows. It does not wait that they say to it what it must be made or as it must be fact, it finds the ways and it makes. Confie in itself exactly and in knowledge that it possesss; – It believes that it is possible to obtain I excite to get it, it knows to manage the fear and it has the calm to all apply the knowledge that it possesss.

To risk and to make a mistake are part and are present in all the ways that lead to the success. Being thus, it trusts what it knows and it makes with perfection. Mantenha the focus in to be reached result; – If it does not leave to deviate, objectifies the result. We lose precious time deviating our attention and our focus. No ignores the processes, therefore they reflect efficiency and result in effectiveness; – She looks for to know the processes used and wall lamp to act it in way that the same ones are taken care of so that efficiency acts that results in effectiveness. Valorize the union and adds efforts; – One remembers that autonomy is not synonymous of individualism. When necessary it is made use if to join and to accept the aid of others in order to maximize the results. brought up to date and intent Mantenha, exactly the lesser variations; – The inserted world and environment where we are this in constant change, processes, ideas, and same strategies move constantly.

Being thus, he is ready and flexible chemical preparation in order to be when necessary to follow and if to adapt the alterations that to appear. Avalia constantly, it looks for to analyze its progress, as well as the advances and possible errors that can occur; – We are evaluated the time all, we cannot escape of this. In such a way, before being evaluated by third, it is evaluated exactly itself, certainly will find advances, as well as points that need to be corrected and to be improved. In such a way it will only reach resulted each time better. Esteja always soon and on-line. – It always learns, it always studies, it is remained in constant training thus he will only be ready and chemical preparation to take care of to the chances well that to appear in its professional trajectory. Its area of performance in way looks for to be always in contact with related information to be always brought up to date, soon and well informed. One remembers, to be led is excellent, but to have the chance to reach independence and the autonomy by means of the study and of the qualification must be seen as a prize to be reached by all the ones that are led.

Universal Intelligence

We are children of the Celestial Father and have on us its Divine Mercy that supports in them. Chance of corrigenda, we have all second, therefore an error committed now can be fixed daqui to other as. The Human being learns with the Social Mathematics. God placed in all its Universal Intelligence that only becomes enlarged each time more. If she does not hide of its Divine Face, therefore it will remain with you in any place. Opposite! New face and had said to mounts and the rochedos: I fell on us, escondeiz us of the Face of that if it seats in the throne and of the anger of the Lamb of God. Apocalypse of Jesus according to Joo, CAP.

6:16. The fast sky if rolled to be able had fallen, Them for land, the time of the man passed, its power if esfacela. The sun if hid, the moon did not give the faces, the world to estelar if it became gloomy, Nothing was to the clear ones. As figueira that if it shakes, For a very strong wind, Everything in the space if is silent, the dumb world of transport. As green figs without force, the young does not have vigor, the old one if it strengthens, to support pain.

The dumb world its face, Islands mounts if move, the sky use a disguise, the powerful ones if they twist. They abandon its houses, If they move away from the pompous table, All power passes, In front of the forces of the Nature. They look then to the caves and cliffs of mounts, Ashamed of mazelas, Written in its frontes. Who can be suster, Ahead of such shock, and the man goes to hide itself, Of its Divine Face?

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