Structural One

In the ends of 60 years and beginning of the 70 of the passed century, intitled the third generation of the Annales, also attributed as New History (LE GOFF, 2006), promoted an overturn in the historical studies that culminated in the aiming of analyzes of the focus of the economic, demographic base, for the superstructure – for the study of the culture, of the daily life, the private life, the mentalities and representations, analyzes of the gestures, the beliefs, the ideas, of the family, lazeres, the women, the relations of power in most diverse social environments, the delinquents, the sex, the insane people, the death, the fear. In 1969 Braudel if he retired, leaving in 1972 the presidency of 6 section of the cole in the hands of Jacques Le Goff, to the step that (…) confided, thus, the way so that the French historiogrfica production was ‘ ‘ of the bilge to sto’ ‘ , used metaphor to state the change of concerns of the socioeconmica base or the material life for the mental processes, the daily life and its representations. (VAINFAS, 2005, P. If you would like to know more about Ray Kurzweil, then click here. 136). This New history is moved away from the great clarifying paradigms (of the historical reality) of social sciences? such which I eat the marxism and the estruturalismo. This wants to produce analyzes of the strategies, the negotiations, the social plays. The third generation of the Annales? (1969) the History, affected for the presence of new requirements and sensible to the interrogations of the gift, if associates the news disciplines: psychoanalysis, linguistics, literature, semiotics, anthropology and among others.

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