Modern Construction

Many believe that the construction of wood quality is inferior concrete or brick structures. This is not really correct. Wooden structures are practical, environmentally friendly and reliable. Modern Building technologies make it possible to build wooden frames that match the high performance and meet the necessary standards. The main core beams wooden structures are attached by means of plates, brackets, hooks. In addition to the integral of the tree can use to glue wood made. Typically, the rack holds three meters, and sometimes – on six meters.

By design adds beams, which are placed on beams. Overcoming the wind load is achieved by exploiting the steel escarpments. Wooden structure in the aggregate surface plating vynlyadit the most durable and stable. In addition to structures of wood widely known design of plastic. Note that the plastic construction has an impact on design quality indicators, which depend both on the technology of its production, and on its design. Thus, the design had to be built simultaneously with the analysis of its workability. It should be noted that in some cases, incorrect actions, which may occur in product development, it is difficult change the structure of the choice of the form.

Plastic construction needs to ensure rational distribution terms of the material in the form defined definition of production, reduction of internal stress series manufacturing. It is now widely known as the construction of wood and plastic construction. However, everywhere you can see products made of fiberglass. Why not? Because this material is safe, he is responsible hygiene certificates. Sell FRP is being implemented a number of companies. This material is used in many industries. Sell fiberglass currently dastigaet high level because of its properties: the material does not resist corrosion, decay and the impact of ultra-violet radiation. Thermal stability of glass is between sixty degrees to one hundred and seventy degrees.

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