Toy Stores

Going to the toy store, each of us remembers the days when all we could buy his parents to children – toys that multiseries production, and all families had a standard set of toys that do not differ particularly complex to manufacture and did not have the developmental characteristics. The peak of technical ideas in the production of toys, electronic games become primitive. Remember the game "Electronics" or "The Wolf and the egg"? Later toy market was inundated low-quality goods made in China, which was scattered through the day after use. Now specialized toy stores selection is so broad that at times you get up in deadlock. And your purchases can be limited only by the size of your wallet and imagination, and perhaps your child desires.

Today's children, as we are, immersed in a world of electronics and appliances and then simple machines, wooden modelka and kites will not do. It requires a heavy artillery – RC model cars, radio-controlled model helicopters and similar toys, created by last technology. After all those times when the machine moved only a rope, a long time have sunk into oblivion. Perhaps if our childhood was like toys, and it would be interesting and fun. Often, many parents that in his childhood of these toys have never heard, just do not know which toy the child will be suitable. How happy the child a new toy and make it so that its interest in acquiring in the near future has not died out: This will help you our advice.

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