Roman Catholic Church

For the history of European philosophy and intellect, the philosopher Descartes, further aggravated the vision of the world focused on the man, with his infamous cogito ergo sum, I think, therefore I am. This phrase became a powerful program of action, reducing the spirit to the man’s brain. The rest of the world is inert matter, an animal is not more than a handful of cells that Descartes compared to a mechanism, whose headaches are not more than the screeching of a machine. This contempt for animals finds its continuation in the current Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church, which emphasizes the right to the unrelenting male dominance over the other creatures, and gives free without limitation that the animals be used for food and manufacturing of wardrobe, which allows animal experiments and that only condemns the suffering of animals so this contradicts human dignity. (Catechism, Rd.N2417). Nowhere is any Encyclical against cruel treatment in laboratories, in the cages of breeding farms, in transport or in slaughterhouses. Moreover, ecclesiastical dignitaries enjoy bullfights and defend the cruel games with animals during the festive celebrations of the Church. These goats are thrown from a church, are killed as living oracles pigeons tied with explosives and in Christmas massacre unequalled takes place to celebrate the feast of love conveniently..

Fifty Economy

It is certain, also, that this growth occurs together with the transference of the productive activities for the Third World, from the decade of fifty. In Brazil, for example, from 1956 inside of the program ' ' Fifty years in cinco' ' subject of campaign of Juscelino Kubitschek, the companies multinationals – great part European – start to control strategical sectors of the national economy. A decisive impulse to the delivery of the national economy, was given with the opening of the importations in the government of Fernando Collor and duly sacramentado with the privatizations in the government Fernando Enrique. All fact direitinho, as it orders the manual – of the FMI. I want to be emphatical: if it cannot leave to take in account the description of formation of the economies of the rich countries because until its creation base of and development are today aliceradas in the same: the raw material use the low prices and assured markets of consumption in proper the Third World.

The European Union is formed because it is a set of rich countries. This protectionism by the way is configured certain, because the union of these countries if gave in virtue of the threat of invasion of the North American economy, beyond the communist threat strong exerted by the Soviet Union after the ending of the war. It was strategical e, at the same time, natural; proper of all economy whose formation turned around the protection to local interest. With the creation of the proper currency – the Euro -, the European Union creates a competitive economy fortssima and. This, however, does not have to be confused with market opening, because it is accurately the opposite. Let us remember that there they are gifts highly creative economies of technology, as Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden. The funny total GIP around the US$ 15 trillions, the population is around the 380 million people and the agreements, each time narrower, inside facilitate of the possible o local commerce, at the same time that they jointly restrain the entrance of deriving goods and services of the foreigner.

The Importance

2 Objectives the target of this article is, on the other hand, to understand the incidence of the moral siege in the women, specifically, in the relations of work, which had to some causes surround that it, and between them the sort inaquality. Of another part, to explore the consequences that this practical is capable to provide, in such a way psychologically to the assediada one, how much economically to the organization. Finally, to search a solution for the problem in question, aiming at the combat to the phenomenon of the moral siege in the work environment, leaving of the suggestion of writs of prevention to be applied in the workstations, and accord, detaching the importance of the construction of the sort equality. 3 Methodology the used method corresponds to the one of the exploratria bibliographical research. Where a bibliographical survey became first, congregating therefore material, as articles, dissertaes, periodic, among others, with the purpose to use them as source of information. In one according to moment, with the subject and the problem to solve already predefined, contact with the gotten documentation was overcome, in order to organize it and in accordance with to select it as the object of study in question adequate, from a scientific informative reading, that possesss the objective to evidence the information, to relate these information with the problem in focus, and finally to analyze the degree of veracity contained in these documents.

For in such a way, this technique is made through stages that if complement, and thus, is made in this order, readings of: recognition, exploration, election, reflection, and finally a interpretativa reading in accordance with the interest to the delimited study. Thus, following this method, a reasoning concerning the considered subject was constructed where the results and quarrels meet to follow it. 4 Results of the Research the results of the research understand the raised data, the organization of the concepts and beddings, and the contextualizao of the study, necessary to understanding and delimitation of the research object.

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