Woodstock Music Festival

Despite name similarity is completely different: Woodstock and WoodStockInvest forest investment on August 15 is the anniversary of the legendary Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 many music icons of the 60s and 70s years occurred. “For 15 years is the direct investment of forest WoodStockInvest” offered. For more clarity and thought, follow up with ???? ???? and gain more knowledge.. WoodStockInvest be reforested in the tropics dentalstudio and pasture land with mixed forest and manage sustainably. Often prospective buyers wondering whether there is a connection between the Woodstock Festival and WoodStockInvest because of the name similarity. WoodStockInvest investment in reforestation and sustainable forest management: despite the similarity in the name WoodStockInvest has originally to do nothing with the Woodstock Festival. A stick of wood”is a wood stock, WoodStockInvest means an investment in a wood stock accordingly”.

Investors who wish to replant 10,000 m2 or more, can earn WoodStockInvest forests from 25,000 euros in lease or 31,000 euro in typical registered real estate. In the price are all the costs of the first 25 Contain years. Investors get a return from the sales of precious wood, CO2 certificates and seeds as well as land acquisition through increases in real estate prices projected 5 to 9 percent annually. Also first over this plan distributions show that WoodStockInvest is economically viable. WoodStockInvest was the world’s first Walddirektinvestangebot in reforestation and sustainable tropical forestry in species-rich forests. Meanwhile the Bonn forestry investment company ForestFinance, which offers several other forest investments in addition to WoodStockInvest, let forest over 3,000 acres. “Woodstock a music festival changed a generation: the Woodstock Music and art festival” was a music festival, which today is regarded as the musical highlight of the American Hippie movement.

Woodstock took place from 15 to 18 August 1969. The venue was a farm in Bethel, in the State of New York. Instead of the expected 60,000 visitors, Festival, which remained despite many thunderstorm came over 400,000 to Woodstock.

Burma Ruby

This strategy seems unusual at first glance at least, if not foolhardy, at second glance, however, and with a small change, it certainly has hand and foot. Normally, investors think of fine, large to large single stones. In December 2008, when the full extent of the crisis slowly revealed, were two investors with the request was allowed no stone to us, a larger amount of cheap stones more than 50.00 cost to buy. They finally decided for several areas with small round amethysts, tourmalines, aquamarines, etc. You countered by pointing out that the stones were not intended for an eventual resale my warning that it was impossible, as an individual, to resell a lot (a lot) of 100Stk round Amethyst 5 mm in diameter. The two gentlemen wanted for the worst-case scenario, namely a massive devaluation by hyper-inflation and thus verbundenene return to the barter, be prepared.

And surely it is easier and better to share a small Amethyst against a bag of potato, the exit strategy is caratigen as a 2 Burma Ruby against a whole wagon of the hooks on the thing. What to do if the disaster does not occur? The two wanted to give away the stones then to friends, family, customers and employees. As the ultimate gift of assets but may be the target, we would suggest to buy but certainly also as green or orange grenade, of 1, 5 mm to 3 mm in diameter instead of 6 mm diameter dear rubies, sapphires and emeralds, amethysts. No jeweler or goldsmith in Austria need Amethyst 100stk and he will not buy so also in stock. Small rubies, constantly used as trim stones or so-called Pavee versions, the chances for profitable resale are much larger. 2. color precious stones which quality criteria when purchasing gemstone make sure is actually there is only one note: you buy quality! Over time of the pink gold rings with huge but low-value color stones.

Legal Department

The free Advisor: How true consumer protection torpedoed is what consumer protection? In Germany, speak many of consumer protection and talk, and talk. Most only criticize and point the finger at others. Consistently, it is not just that gripe anyone can. The the free consultant is not only the question: who does it better and is then also? Since the air is already thin on the consumer-Olympus”, thinks the free consultant. Of the free can report consultants as an eyewitness to what happens if you actively and consistently strong for the rights of consumers, as we sit in the front row when it comes to tackle the hot iron. Now the free Advisor informs good twelve months on the way back to get his money from the institutes. With his service, the free Advisor has grown in just a year to one of the largest providers in this area.

Since the direct way, opposite to us, due to the current case-law for the Institute is installed, embark on a SideShow and desperately trying to boycott our work through other channels. The BHW Bausparkasse apparently was of the opinion that it was unethical for a lawyer if he helps consumers from their contracts and ensures that they get their money back. So the BHW showed one of the cooperating with us lawyers at the competent bar association. The Legal Department of the BHW has subsided while powerful in the stuff and pretty much every point of our concept. But the Bar Association replied the BHW, that our approach and hence that of the lawyer is legally in order. The creative minds of the Stuttgart-based life insurance came up with the same idea as the BHW and also showed our lawyer with the Bar Association. Response of the Chamber: the approach is well known and impeccable. The Bank two plus takes a different path.

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