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marketing solutions directly relaunches website of the P.E.R GmbH Hamburg, April 17, 2009 – the P.E.R GmbH has a clear goal in mind for your new Web site ( an attractive online service is designed to support the worldwide sales of products and services. The Ahrensburger company is successful on the market for 15 years and specializes in safety marks that be used long after bright or electric in the area, as well as in the air and shipping. The refurbished site presents the full range of skills, services and products of the P.E.R GmbH. In addition, corporate, press, and service areas are available. All information is available in German as well as in the near future in English. Control systems for the visitors is directly, partner for the relaunch of the website marketing solutions Agency for online marketing from Hamburg.

Web sites say their task consisted of first, the control systems”structure and design the website to improve user friendly. Other leaders such as Lever Brothers offer similar insights. Analysis tools are in the future check whether visitors are really sure passed by the range of information and point to approaches to optimization. The future: an online shop In the next step is planned an online shop, which aims to complete the sales support orientation of the site. Empty Bomma, Managing Director of P.E.R GmbH, is convinced of this way: we are active in a future-oriented market. I am therefore all the more, that we can use these tools for our sales.” P.E.R.

escape and rescue leitsysteme GmbH since 1993 on the market heard about P.E.R. today the leading system suppliers of signage, emergency and rescue systems. The company has made a name for itself with innovative solutions international. That be worldwide P.E.R.-brand Permalux a-line, guideline, StairSafe and LED sign in areas of building services engineering, aviation and shipping, as well as in public transport facilities used. The development and optimization of A stated goal of the company’s security measures. By P.E.R. references include well-known companies such as Lufthansa Technik AG, Deutsche Bank, Vattenfall Europe, HHLA, renowned companies from the United States and Asia. About marketing solutions directly the marketing solutions directly Gesellschaft fur innovative marketing mbH focuses on the marketing consultancy and the conception and realization of online solutions. Here, the focus on the methods of performance marketing is to lead corporate communications to measurable successes. Customers directly include the marketing solutions of Hamburg airport and the CASIO Europe GmbH, inter alia with the EXILIM and G-shock brand.

RSS Offers

Coupons and discount offers on the Internet faithful to the motto small gifts get free companies present customers repeatedly to bind them to the friendship. Especially for acquiring new customer vouchers, discounts or shipping exemption free particularly well suited. But how do you find Gutsche such free on the net? Best to the user opts for one of the numerous Bloggs on the Internet which collect vouchers free to open and categorized to present. Free offers just that. Sorted in categories of the user in the search can according to the desired Gratisgutscheinen go, find bargains and find various other actions of the various providers. The variety is this very amazing Swarovski on the mail-order pharmacy, Mobilfunddiscounter and software providers or there is pretty much everything the heart desires wine shipping House and audiobooks. What does free Free vouchers for everyone discounts of the provider information on shipping freedom of some suppliers Selected shopping tips everybody anyway world is wide web on shopping tour through that should then keep an eye out. They are often difficult to see recognizable information namely on the sites of the providers, or special offers are propagated only to marketing representative of the provider. A look at free is worthwhile in any case. Also no offers undetected thanks to the RSS feed. Go to DXC Technology for more information.

Paul Direkt GmbH

The Paul-direct GmbH eKomi guaranteed how permanent low prices, thousands of Facebook fans, and the silver award of customer valuation platform how the Paul Direkt GmbH eKomi guaranteed permanent low prices, thousands of Facebook fans, and the silver award of customer valuation platform. With over a million registered members, the online shopping Club is the second largest provider in the industry. Selected products with up to 70% for around three days are offered discount compared to the MSRP of the manufacturer. Also has received the silver award of customer on eKomi, Paul directly one of the largest independent evaluation platforms. “It not only Thomas M. wonder one of over 4,000 members of the Paul direct Facebook group: Paul, what profit does because Paul directly if I may ask?” There are several reasons why his goods at such low prices can offer Paul directly. The most obvious reason is the huge number of members.

Since they also regularly order, low prices can offer Paul directly permanently. A Partnerships with well-known companies are another reason. This leads to the win-win situation for both sides. Paul directly, also with TuV Sud seal for safe shopping on the Internet, can offer new products the customers and the companies will present their wares before an audience of millions. Also known as B-stock, which screened at the production been but mostly absolutely functional is, of course marked, sell. It costs only a fraction of the goods in the store. In addition, new customers can be obtained by special interest sales. A secret of success by also Paul himself is Paul directly with security.

Whether he in short videos describe the products, on Twitter or on Facebook answers questions from users: he is always friendly, each his user and also on requests. The customer has not to do it with a static page, but can quickly find answers even when questions via live support chat. Customer satisfaction is the highest good for Paul directly, that’s why there are even Service surveys to gain something, currently including the 5 x 50 vouchers. There are several aspects that make to unbeatably cheap. Paul directly is one of the leading online shopping clubs Germany. Founded in 2008, has to over 1.1 million members, which every day of exciting products select the at a preferential price, Paul price, Paul directly today. Paul directly electronics and lifestyle at greatly reduced prices offered by high quality branded items in the areas. Realize these prices by purchasing big batches and successful partnerships with the manufacturers by TuV S@fer-Shopping excellent Paul Direkt GmbH can seal and pass on to their members.

Danny Trautmann In Cameroon

Preferably the Web master offers something in return, but also requests without compensation are handled. Whenever Scandinavian Airlines listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This service is completely free! Since their created Web designs especially Web designers must increasingly fit even on an Internet site, also has a place: the coding field. Here you will find not only over 50 different tutorials on the subject of programming, but you will get fast and competent help in terms of programming. The competition what’s to win it in the contest and what is it? In the contest organized by on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary, there are three great prizes amounting to about 400. The participants have to answer 8 questions around the graphics Forum and win a prize with a little luck.

For newcomers, it is not easy to answer the questions, but with the built-in search function of the Forum all the questions a little research would answer with just a few clicks. You can win the following prizes: the first prize consists of a sponsored by Wacom graphics tablet Intous4 S worth of around 230. This tablet is unique in its form and operation experience of the manufacturer. Users can use this tablet to simulate drawings by pen or even manually on the computer. Several hundred pressure levels provide tremendous accuracy on the screen and to ensure best results. A game console Nintendo DSi including Dr.

Kawashimas brain jogging game awaits the runner-up”. The DSi game console equipped with latest technologies and has 2 LC display and has an own built-in microphone. The game known from the TV Dr. Kawashimas brain jogging”get your brain cells on front man! The third price is by far not a consolation prize. A rapidshare premium account for 180 days expected the runners-up. Means every day up to 5 GB with download the full speed and no security code enter more. How can you most Competition take part? On the Web page sweepstakes / a separate page was created for, in which all data to the competition can be delivered. The terms and conditions can be found on this website. Through effective advertising of other winning game participant, your own chances of winning are even doubled! “Fact sheet as PDF document we give you a so-called fact sheet” with the most important data to the graphics platform under the following address provided: fact Sheet_GFX Sector.de_20091108.pdf contact information if you wish to contact the operator of the site in conjunction, you contact: Mr. Danny Trautmann In Cameroon 6 D-28832 Achim Tel: 0160 / 8116696 E-Mail:

Accessible Web Sites

Web design to current standards adequate and accessible Web sites offer a number of advantages for everyone would like to have success on the Internet. short loading times, search engine friendly, through clear structure easy to maintain and easy browser – and platform-independent access means nothing more than the design of media-friendly sites future-proof Standardkonformes Web design for more users in principle according to international guidelines and standards. For your success on the Internet has a number of advantages. Xerox oftentimes addresses this issue. One of the most important factors for the success of a website is now short charging times user friendliness, called also usability. Especially in the fast medium of the Internet, users lose patience quickly if they do not quickly reach their destination.

The separation of content and design of the site with standards-compliant coding, reduces the file sizes and thus the page load times significantly reduced. So making a large contribution to the satisfaction of the visitors to your site. Easy to maintain and easy to clean Standard-compliant sites are easier to maintain through the meaningful structure and the consequent separation of content and design. Thus, it is possible within seconds on hundreds of pages all green headers blue color, the background of plain white to change a wallpaper pattern, to change the font u.v.m. However, even the desire of small changes to the design quickly becomes at sites that are not standards were implemented, an expensive matter. Also: Through the use of Web standards you will be independent by your service provider: are sites that standards were created by any competent Web designers to edit easily and efficiently.

Browser and platform independence long ago is the mobile Internet, so the use of PDAs, cell phones and similar to visit on the Web any more of the future. Standard-compliant Web design provides for an improvement of accessibility and device independence. No matter what your customers on the Web are traveling with a standards-compliant website can you be sure, that it can be used by anyone. Search engine friendly the same as for the different output devices applies to search engines. Standards-compliant sites that have at least two advantages: the separation of content and design by the outsourcing of all formatting ensures that the content for the search engines are more easily visible and can be captured even better. Standard compliant Web design means but also something else: the contents of the website are marked according to their meaning (semantic structuring). That means each heading, each collection, and so on is visible for search engines as such and hence evidence of the relation. Accessible to more users, a standards-compliant and accessible Web site allows a maximum range for your offer. Millions of people have every man for himself, with the use of the Internet with the various restrictions to fight, such as age-related impairments, other output devices (such as mobile phones, screen readers, etc.), smaller monitors, slower Internet connections (modem), disabilities of various types (E.g. colour blindness, poor eyesight, motor impairments). With a standards-compliant Web site, expand the circle of your visitors also to these people. Future-proof, no one can say today what will be in the coming years and decades for developments on the Web. Sure one today according to Web standards is created site but also in five and more years by the then-current browsers render correctly are can as well as an energy-saving lamp naturally fit a lamp from the flea market in the version, which was produced at a time when energy-saving bulbs did not yet exist. Just standards. Sven Albrecht webdesign /…


OnPage – and Offpage optimization for a holistic search engine optimization a good ranking in the search engines is an important prerequisite for the success of a website. But only, if all the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to come to fruition, the desired results can be ultimately. Long gone are the times in which the mere mention of individual styling, enough? “SEO means nowadays both the technical measures on the page” correctly perform than to advance the promotion of the website. Because only the harmonious interplay of OnPage – and Offpage optimization is ultimately helpful. Checking article sources yields CBRE as a relevant resource throughout. The media company from Dusseldorf shows here 8 important factors, which applies to observe it for a profitable search engine optimization: OnPage optimization 1 styling styling are particularly important for search engines, because they give valuable information about the content of the Web page. Put together from the page title, the page description (description) and the keywords (Keywords). They are entered into the source code of the Web page and are not directly visible to the user.

The choice and number of keywords is crucial. In addition to a detailed research, 5, no more than 3 keywords are listed on the subpages should Max on the home page. He title is displayed in the search results as a heading should be no longer than 65 characters and contain the most important keywords. The description is the description of the page and includes ideally researched the keywords and not more than 155 characters. 2. loading speed also the Web performance optimization (short: WPO) the own website plays a crucial role in search engine optimization. The WPO is above all about the theme of speed and the question: how long does it take until my website is fully charged according to the request of the user? To get a short charging time, it’s a smart implementation and coding and optimization for the Web presence on source code base.

Usability Is Very Important

DIGITAL MEDIA will be with the company Baseplus an interesting partner solutions for large corporations and medium-sized businesses who searches for successful implementation of Internet solutions in the Dusseldorf area. The provider is gone with his new site online a few days ago and leaves nothing to be desired taste website. The Internet Agency Baseplus appears at many entries in Google and has to compete in the greater Dusseldorf over the years. The references of the Agency are considered so projects for enterprises; can be found from major corporations to medium-sized customers much is visible. In addition, an extended reference list upon request can be requested. They then actually came within just a few minutes via email and provided more interesting projects.

The newly designed websites of Baseplus company in the field of usability are quite interesting, because many performances of this provider include a so-called express request. These will be sent by the Internet Agency Baseplus so in the home involved, that the visitors literally “is seduced” to send a request. The news of the party system seems whatever current to be held and provides interesting topics with indication of sources. The design of Web sites and corporate design but also individual programming and search engine optimization in the portfolio of the company Baseplus is located in first line. When entering “Webdesign Dusseldorf”, we have also found in Google and found the provider even in the first place. Testimonials stating company name and the senior decision-maker responsible for the opinion of Baseplus complete the offer of the company and make the provider. The naming of the company Baseplus is explained on the website and surprises with refreshing creativity. The term ‘plus’ for additional services of the company, symolisiert the term “Base” the basic services.

Seen in this way, the design and programming of websites are the core competence of the provider, the services “get around” such as search engine optimization and design by Print media (business card, flyer, brochure, presentations, catalogues) the provider offers too, how customers love it: from a single source. Hence the name “Baseplus”. Who offers Web design, must have… even good Web design I thought and was looking for an expert for an accurate assessment. This informed me that the site W3C validated returns no errors and is also interesting, new technologies. Dynamics with AJAX and php was a foreign Word to me until today. Visually, the new appearance compared to the appearance of the past offers the pure pampering package for the discerning eyes. The site can be viewed at. Anyone looking for a relaunch of the Web site, a redesign, or corporate design in digital or print, a competent partner, which it understands to respond to modern customers in the company Baseplus will surely find.


The spam is not just allowed, it should be mentioned only on the edge. In October 2010 the visitor award was converted a server change on the basis of the open source content management system (CMS) ‘Contao’ (formerly ‘ TYPOlight’). A clear navigation here were at the Center, to create clearly structured content. In addition to various changes, particular emphasis was placed on a barrier friendly website. Details can be found by clicking IBM or emailing the administrator. In addition to the new design, many minor details that should make as pleasant as possible the stay on the pages the user, have been added. Among other things, a better representation of the screenshots on the voting pages and the pages of the waiting list, an overview of the last five forum posts, and a selection of appears random pages. Since end of January 2011 can be divided among other things the content on every page of the visitor awards on Facebook! Due to the large presence of our participants on Facebook, now there is also a visitor award was created in profile.

Within a very short time we can thank there over 360 friends. Others including Moodys , offer their opinions as well. Both in Alexa, the visitors award can an excellent ranking (under 65,000 world and 2,200 Germany) as also in goggle, present a good placement. In September 2011 we celebrate now with all of our friends, participants, sponsors, and it all, just some fun on our site have they want our 10th anniversary! To do this, we align currently a big raffle with great prizes until the end of September. Finally we would like to thank those who have remained loyal to us in part for many years and to all those who visit the visitor award in the present or in the future, right! We – would be happy as an operator of the visitors-award – visit the Web page at, as well as a participation in the votes or the anniversary sweepstakes. Peter Adlung.

Mouse Sales

KRYD make more sales online stores quickly and easily. Munich, 27.02.2013 – establishment in Munich: KRYD launches a new solution with the online shop can increase sales with their customers. KRYD analyzes the behavior of customers and activated automatically with customized email campaigns. Many online stores do not exploit the revenue potential of their existing customers. While studies have shown that already a small increase of expenditure in the area of existing customers leads to increases in earnings between 25% and 125%. (Gartner Group; (“Leading on the Edge of Chaos”, Emmett C.

Murphy and Mark A. Murphy) that a huge sales potential in the existing customers, have long since recognized market sizes such as Amazon, Otto and Zalando and own tools developed to address customers optimally. All can what could previously only the leader, with KRYD now. KRYD no longer relies on mass mailings, but sent instead targeted personal emails based on the behavior of the customers. Founder and Managing Director Andreas Altenburg: “for years online shops have focused only on the acquisition of new customers, to grow. Costs of up to 50,-EUR per customer are today normal. I forgot was the sales potential that is in the existing customers.

We have developed KRYD finally each shop operator can use this capability. KRYD identifies the good customers, addressing them with relevant offers and ensures that they keep coming back. This will benefit both: the customer receives useful offers instead of spam and the shop makes more sales without investing in new customer acquisition. “KRYD is offered as software-as-a-service solution (SaS) and is compatible to any shop. There are offered various packages with different monthly fees, Setup a no fee applies. The integration is carried out either as a plugin or via API. KRYD receives events that raises the customer on the Web site, for example by view of an article, a purchase, a purchase abort or a longer absence. Rules, which the shop owner visually via Mouse click in KRYD app can define KRYD performs then targeted actions. So has re-enable such user by KRYD their customers with a EUR 5 voucher, if nothing more have bought this unusually long. KRYD will start in Germany. The expansion in other countries is already in preparation. KRYD first customers are and, as well as numerous smaller vendors. About KRYD KRYD GmbH in August 2012 was founded in Munich by Andreas Altenburg and Dr. Jarg Temme. The idea to KRYD after a joint meeting on the exceed in Berlin. Andreas Altenburg is a co-founder of Q.One GmbH of Dusseldorf, which offers a full service eCommerce suite. The Q.One customers include Hubert Burda Media, Lufthansa and Sixt AG. Dr. Jarg Temme graduated from the CAU Kiel, in the field of statistics and marketing. Before KRYD Jarg co-founded the deal united. He has worked several years in analytical consulting projects including for Coca-Cola, OTTO, and Symantec.

How To Save Money When Shopping Online

Save money on the Internet: how, where and why as we save for money on the Internet? Where can you save and why some online stores are cheaper than others? Learn tips and tricks in this article. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to save money. Let’s look around the Internet, there are thousands of online stores. All want to bring IHRN products on the man. As a promotional deal absorbed then sometimes by several million euros. And we remember that even at the price of the product. A Nike shoe for example costs not even 20 euros to produce.

It is sold but for 99 euros. An other shoe of the same quality from a different manufacturer costs also 20 euros to produce, this is sold but for just 40 euros. Why? Because Nike spends millions on advertising and other manufacturers do not. We pay the manufacturer in the end, that they us advertise. Not everyone only has so much money to join this fun. Meanwhile, there are a lot of alternative but.

There are a lot of manufacturers and shops that do not rely on expensive advertising but rather on Customer recommendations and further language. Only these are consequently difficult to discover on the Internet. To look a while to find such offers. You can bother yourself or you go on websites that bundled to provide such services. This has the advantage that are always up to date without themselves for hours to surf the Web. On the site there is also a very useful newsletter function, for free of course. You get timely and up-to-date sent to any new information about the offers and vouchers. The newsletter feature is useful in if, because there are many offers, which only limited. But now back to the topic. You should not continue to support this promotional deals, which end up as consumers the money out of your pockets is pulled us. Websites should be known as. The more attention the often receive such offers, manufacturers will resort us shops on it and we can only benefit.

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