Low Threshold

Flunkern on the net is no rarity is the email from today’s correspondence, private as well professionally, not more. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Accenture. It writes faster, mistakes can be easily corrected and the recipient receives the message normally with only a short delay and without decoding of illegible handwriting to deal with. The news portal news.de discussed from a psychological standpoint, why this practical medium is also a seducer to the Flunkern. The above benefits are not the only properties of the E-Mail letter. Of course, there are also disadvantages: it is usually not exactly taken with spelling and sentence structure and abbreviations or language mixes within an e-mail message, are the order of the day.

Linguists criticizing this fact, he leads yet, the German language society gradually lost. But even the moral failures come to the orthographic. Researchers have found out in an experiment, that consumers in email traffic increasingly tend to gloss over circumstances or to write falsehoods, which is not the case with the correspondence. Here tended to lie only about two-thirds in the test, in the E-Mailern, there were nine out of ten participants. Experts see the psychological reason that E-Mails are considered less personally. Therefore people not too much would feel obligated, morally correct to act, what in psychology as a moral detachment”is known. As long as no concrete rules of conduct laid down, as is the case in email traffic, violations of general standards easier. More information: ../per-e-mail-luegt-sichs-leichter/1/ Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Dirk Bach

“Indira (whispers in the ear): you need friends to worry.” Jay (whispers back): I’ll tell you why. The impact or influence of a review has already a great importance in my opinion and I believe that tomorrow is peer.” Indira (quieter): No, you’re forgetting a very important point. And, indeed, that the fan communities, already 13 days ago sworn have and if 13 days say, Oh, I don’t know, indi and Jay are our dream couple, then… “.” “Jay: you mean, the fronts are already?” Indira: Yes, our fronts are already provided. The peer is not nearly as cool as you.

Peer is a dork. Peer is no longer in the media, peer does not look good, peer is weird, and even if he should be King of the jungle, it will bring nothing to him, you know?” “” “Jay: all right, we should go swimming later.”-quote end – source: RTL (programme v. 26.01.2010) In the seemingly artificial pool directed Jay then a perfect kiss scene with Indira, a soft-sex-Schmonzette “, as moderator Sonja Zietlow the Act from a thousand and one nights” to classify white. “Co-host Dirk Bach titled” Jay Khan as our Til Schweiger, as screenwriter, actor and Director in personal Union “, is also not tired to look during the kissing at least three times straight at the camera, call specialists “what looks”. Probably Khan wanted to prove, that he is not gay, this was previously assumed by Sarah Knappik. Also it probably aim was to make the love story between Jay Khan and Indira Weis really look, but the opposite is the case and the question now arises, who has fault? It was an idea of the scriptwriters, to stage the love story or Jay Khan himself alone and even made it, may be more in the focus of the media to move to play in the foreground? His response to Sarah Knappik BBs unveiling at least was clear: you will be leaving the city…

Multi-billion Dollar Television Advertising Was Based On Balderdash

Age demarcation was Dusseldorf – the so-called commercial core target group a RTL marketing ploy\”of 14 to 49 year olds is a marketing myth of the private broadcaster RTL. The unveiled the former RTL Vermartungschef ULI Bellieno to the NDR broadcast Zapp already in the last year. \”That didn’t have major impact so far: one looks at the relevant journals, is still the age distinction in the foreground at the publication of TV quotas\”, criticized Hans-Joachim Strauch, Managing Director of the ZDF-Werbefernsehens, at the German trade advertising Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany. The whole thing was a marketing ploy by Helmut Thoma. \”The former RTL Chief have succeeded with his eloquence anchor this target group in the market, Zapp reported: the Kukidents I like to leave the ZDF\”, so the legendary saying of Austria. This was a completely arbitrary definition without scientific basis. Nevertheless, the advertising target group\”the key currency for the Advertising industry.

Since the mid-1980s, billions of euros for television advertising are been squandering annually on completely arbitrary boundaries of a TV chef. Thoma is now feel like the sorcerer’s apprentice, who no longer know what he has reignited. Highly paid media planners, Chief Communications Officer, and advertising experts in public television in agencies and the economy fell out. Even ARD and ZDF ran behind this chimera. Thoma our reasoning had at first enormous gaps\”, admitted in an interview with the mirror.

\”He got the advertising industry suggests: you on the boys have to answer, the first user\”; Therefore you need also not old viewers, because you are brand loyal. But 29 you really don’t need any more of first-time users\”to speak. Also: Who got the money today? The 50 to 65. According to the personnel expert Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm of Harvey, Nash has been first and foremost a very lazy cuckoo’s egg in the nest laying consumer goods industry leave: the cult of youth in advertising was a chimera of Tutti Frutti transmitter and nobody has questioned it on the corporate side.

Jens Herrmann

So speaks someone who would like to get. I find this interesting. When I consult my gut feeling, I have to not so great say how it feels in my role as employee. I would expect something unwillingly. It relies on external favor. Performance is measured values, which I only very limited Have influence.

The point: we are but provider as solo self-employed and entrepreneurs! Our customers should receive something from us but first and foremost. If we have to give something, we should talk but actually also like someone who is. How would that look if you show your employer or your employer in your digital communication? Social media is a digital Abziehbildchen of our ordinary everyday communication with other people. Starting point for improving digital communication should always be the purest available source. It is located in the offline world, we learn through our five senses.

Social media is a mill at the foot of a mountain stream. What pure is flushed into the mill wheel, should be rousing, otherwise nothing moves. Ultimately, you communicate a business but an idea how you a piece can make beautiful the world. It’s really inspiring and it is worthwhile to take time. In a triangle of power, pleasure and learning, the focus in our society on performance. Even in our networked world, flatten hierarchies can work, the action and the results of the individual are more and more transparent. That can create pressure. It is required for reasons of efficiency to be available within a very short time on all communication channels. Stress is created when one comes out of balance and sets no priorities. At least we often now even think that we us not may disengage. We try to meet expectations that are not clearly defined. It is a challenge in the daily work to find joy and preserve. For me, performance comes from joy in doing and learning. If you are using social networks for your marketing, you’re in a conversation. Your opponent is a man. Treat these people with kindness and respect. Jens Herrmann

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