Tell Me Of That Freedom Boast

If there is something in man which greatly distinguishes it from any other animal, that is freedom: freedom of action, freedom of expression and freedom of thought. If these three pillars are safeguarded, man is able to build himself as person and autonomous individual against nature and any of their peers. And before God? Before God, liberty acquires its highest sense, because it is anthropologically defined as the most precious gift that the creator has granted to man when he formed his own image. Without however, although all claim with nails and teeth the exercise of these human attributes, at the same time become the virtues most annoying and criticized by others. We do not support their opinion of us, we don’t like to tell us what we need to do, we don’t accept any limitations that we impose on the exercise of any expression of our genuine freedom. On the other hand, everyone thinks that the freedom of the individual begins there where ends the own and personal freedom than We are all entitled to exercise without ties. But how hard is to put that linde.

In fact most of society’s problems begin in that subtle and delicate border of respect for oneself and others. Where put the separation and who has the authority to put it? Surely, the question is, first of all, in the interior of the individual to understand freedom as a being in society. Before asking us for the right to be free, all we should begin by looking inside of ourselves and perceiving what is what prevents us from being fully free to develop ourselves as people, and if we can bear it reflecting mirror from the bowels of us, then we will be able to enable the flame of growth which we will then launch to life shared with others. I know many people who do more than assert for itself the plot of their freedoms as individuals and are paradoxically more slaves of their own principles and things that have been built with exaggerated artificiality throughout his life.

New Technologies

We know that new technologies are changing our habits in all areas, and also so on so seemingly traditional terrain like the weddings. They remain events more and better organized, but not in the same way as before. Guests lists, invitations, and other usual preparations have passed into the realm of cyberspace, and are today made a mouse, independent of what city are the spouses or guests. Maria Mestraitua, Director of portal, knows first-hand how organized today Basque couples your wedding. Together with other partners, created in the year 2003 the first local portal where Vizcaya couples could organize your wedding, intuiting the great advantages that Internet could offer to those who prepared your link. The project followed the footsteps of the first national and international portals, and throughout his career has come to have registered 25% of couples who married in Vizcaya. At present, its continuous experience in, a new bilingual portal that aims to give a more complete service to couples in the Basque country and is the first of its kind in Basque. He intends to take advantage of the full potential of Internet communication, which materialized in the Web 2.0.

With this premise, has met in this new portal everything you may need a couple to plan your wedding in the 21st century: information and local services, software tools for planning, and above all, applications to interact with their environment, comment, share experiences, and get new ideas. Throughout these years, thousands have been couples who have organized their wedding through the portal and at present more than 600 are registered, trying to close the details of a link that average begins to prepare a year and a half before. The Director of Futurmedia, Maria Mestraitua puts the user profile in specific coordinates: Intuit that they are women in 80% of cases, and that is between 25 and 40 years.

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