How To Make A Photo Collage Original ?

In the classic sense of a collage – a technique in art, which consists in sticking to the surface of materials that differ from it in color and texture. Collages have appeared in ancient times served as a means of interior decoration. For example, in the ancient Chinese scientists have discovered an interesting composition, consisting of canvas and attached to it of natural materials: stones, dried plants, flowers, etc. Greatest popularity collages purchased in the mid 20 th century and the emergence of photography began to appear the first collage. But as easy to guess, photos pasted on the surface by hand. Now the big popular collages from digital photos. Their main advantage is that the photo does not need to print, cut and paste.

Make a colorful collage of photos can be directly on your PC using a special program to prepare a collage of photos. For example, the editor of Photo Collage from AMS Software – is a modern and high-quality program to create a vibrant collage of photographs of diverse styles and design. Utility is equipped with a handy Russian interface through which you can learn in just a few applications. With Photo Collage editor, you can create original collages itself diverse subjects: weddings, children, greeting and even collages desires. In this case you do not have access to professional designers and photographers. Make a beautiful collage with original design you can independently, without leaving home. The most important thing – it's your imagination and flow of interesting creative ideas.

To make a collage with their own hands, you must perform a few simple steps. 1. Subject collage. Before get to work, you must define a theme for your collage. Often the subject does not need to invent – it defined itself. For example, you had a holiday at the sea and want to draw pretty pictures in the form of an original collage. In one collage can be told a story about the various memorable moments of your life. Any significant event (wedding, anniversary, prom, etc.) may be the subject of collage. 2. Selection of photos – this is no less important stage prepare a collage of photos. Find the best quality and beautiful images that most clearly reflect your chosen theme. If you are preparing a collage greeting an elderly person, you can scan old black and white photographs. This will give the composition of originality and unique style. 3. Clearance. This stage depends entirely on your taste and creative imagination. Photo Collage editor includes all the necessary tools for quality and design of the original collage. The program has an extensive catalog of ready-made templates to design different topics: wedding, baby, Christmas, vintage, etc., and also allows create a collage from scratch and choose your own unique design. You can decorate your photos with a collection of decorative frames or effectively blur the edges of images. The program allows you to add titles and captions, as well as contains a large collection of stylish clip art to design your collage. 4. The final stage involves printing a collage. Editor Photo Collage is equipped with a convenient module printing, so you can quickly and accurately print the final image. If necessary, you can choose the paper size, type of permit and the orientation of the collage on the page. Colorful collage of pictures will be gorgeous interior decoration, and will always be cause positive emotions.

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