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Once this plan is found, viewing its components. If there is no component of fractional numbers, the plan is found optimal plan solution of integer programming. Otherwise, the system of equations is added to the transformed variables, inequality, taken from the last simplex table. These actions repeated until until it finds the optimal plan for the task, or set its insolubility. The solution of mixed integer linear programming problems is sequential decision tasks, each of which is obtained from the preceding by the introduction of additional restrictions. Additional restrictions are called proper pruning, which can be interpreted as a hyperplane, which is just like "Cut off" from the region of feasible solutions noninteger optimal solution.

In the design used the principle of modular programming, which simplifies the debugging of a program and allows you to extend its functionality opportunities. The algorithmic part of the program has a modular-hierarchical structure in which each module is a separate part of the program and interacts with other modules in the manner prescribed developers. Methods for solving linear optimization, implemented in the software and algorithmic complex, based on the construction of the simplex teblits, so the structure of the program, all algorithmic modules related to module that organizes the solution of the linear programming simplex method. The inputs to this module is the target function, indicating the type of extremum (maximum or minimum) and the restrictions imposed on controlled variables. Limits are specified in the form of equations or inequalities. From there, the second module, which formed the initial feasible basic solution.

Second, third and fourth units at each iteration method is implemented by causing the module construction of the simplex table, which they transmit the current result. Communication between modules is organized via the external data structure. For example, to specify a linear optimality criterion, the vector of controlled variables, the constraint vector and the constraint matrix used by one-and two-dimensional static arrays, and the simplex table in computer memory is represented as a two-dimensional a dynamic array that can change its dimensions, removing or adding rows and columns of the simplex table. Consider a feature of the functioning software system. For dialogue with the user used standard graphical user interface Windows, built on the library of visual components VCL (Visual Component Library), ships with Delphi. In developing the program used by MDI-technology (Multiple Document Interface – Multiple Document User Interface) that allows the user to work with several problems of linear programming. The program features an active form of dialogue that allows to choose modes: calculation, viewing and editing information, getting help, etc. The main menu contains the following items: File, Edit, View, calculating, a window reference. All main menu items cause the submenu. At the beginning of the program Some items are prohibited and are permitted only when selecting other menu items (for example, "Edit" menu, "Calculations," etc.). The program provides the ability to configure parameters of the problem: maximization or minimization, the choice of options enables you to view intermediate results of iteration, limiting the number of iterations, setting the dimension of the problem, etc.


I'm surprised that people do not recognize this well-known photographic artifact (false image). I am also struck by the fact that these pictures depicting something that is almost as big and bright as the Sun ('second sun'), distributed with the allegations that are present in some of those same websites that Nibiru – too weak (dim) object to it can be seen or photographed, is that by using larger telescopes. One widely circulated photograph, taken with the telescope, which shows two types of the expanding gas cloud far beyond outside the solar system, which does not move, you can see this on the fact that the stars in each image are the same. An astute reader, who visited this website, found that the photographs depicted gas shell around the star V838 Mon in the constellation Monoceros. Wikipedia (Wikipedia) is an accurate description and photograph of the handsome star, made by the Hubble Space Telescope (Hubble). Another reader, a high school student, was struck at first placed images red clot, which, as stated, is the planet Nibiru (Nibiru). Then, demonstrating the use of Photoshop software (Photoshop), he showed how you can get exactly the same pictures, starting from scratch. In the video laid out on YouTube in the summer of 2008, shows a guy who, while in his kitchen, says that one of the objects detected by telescopes operating in the range of X-rays, NASA – the planet Nibiru. And what are his arguments? That since this pseudocolor image taken in X-rays and submitted by NASA, the blue color, in fact, it should be located close to the planet on which there are sea (oceans). Of course, this could be considered amusing if such videos are not used to intimidate people.

Electronics Manufacturers

Environmentalists blame manufacturers of electronics in disregard for the ecology of the International Greenpeace believes that the world's electronics manufacturers still do not pay enough attention to environmental issues, not letting an alternative eco-friendly products in sufficient quantities to reduce the harmful impact of its use and disposal. Environmentalists point out that over the last year of electronics manufacturing companies carried out a series of promises in the production of environmentally friendly technology. In 2008, 15 leaders in this area submitted for investigation 50 of its products – mobile phones and smart phones, televisions, computer monitors, computers, laptops and game consoles. Greenpeace estimated the goods represented by their content of toxic chemicals, their energy efficiency, the full life cycle (reprocessing capabilities and improvements), as well as a number of other factors, in particular, promote the idea of sustainability and innovation. More and more goods have to fulfill the environmental requirements. However, some companies refused to provide their products to the study by Greenpeace. Incidentally, last week it became known that the production and sale of popular Plasma TV with high energy may be banned in Europe in the spring of this year, as program to combat climate change, European countries will adopt new standards for energy consumption This type of consumer devices. The planned measures will contribute to the disappearance of the sale of inefficient energy in respect of TV and the new labeling system will allow customers to choose TVs the lowest energy consumption. Microorganisms on Earth are capable of producing rain, and automobile exhaust – a lightning A study of precipitation samples from different regions of the world (Finland, Brazil and Sweden), Swedish scientists have concluded that microorganisms are capable of producing rainfall in various parts of our planet.

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