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“Niels-Stensen-care centre Ankum introduces computerised transfer this House I’m good!” when this saying residents of at a nursing home, the expectations of employees and the establishment are then met. To achieve a high level of satisfaction of the residents and their relatives, the organizational processes are extremely important in addition to the quality of nursing, medical and pastoral. With the project black and white”the care team at the Niels-Stensen-care centre Ankum committed to exactly this goal: through the consistent application of a computerised nursing documentation, providing knowledge in the team should be significantly improved. The knowledge transfer of the teams was previously at the respective passing between the layers”, discusses nursing Director Axel Spieker. Since passing time was spent in three layer switch, which was no longer available for the residents.

In the use of computer-based DM nursing documentation, we had the idea that much time saved can be, essentially computer supported performing the fact delivery”, says San Jose. This idea was implemented and actually brought the desired results. Together with the company DM EDP, which fully supported us in the process, we could reshape passing completely, so that even our service times have changed”, explains Axel Spieker not without pride. We create what has claimed before a quarter of an hour, today in a five minute blitz pass mind you without loss of information.” Now, the nurses have time to inform, to then directly to devote himself to the residents in the documentation in the first five minutes of their service. This was initially sure something unusual. We could but with a wrong pass ‘ train. The upcoming service was passing and the outgoing service added only if something was missing. So we have simulated already times quite realistic the new conditions”, so San Jose.

Today he can His work with the inhabitants of ten minutes earlier start early professional service, because the Flash pass from night to morning service in five minutes is completed. At this time, only organizational things and highlights are discussed. Analog pass late night service takes place ten minutes later. The positive consequence: The departing early service is remaining works from this morning; Early or late services develop and evaluate care plans, students can be taught in non-residents related tasks. San Jose next: once a week an hour case review in the entire care team held with us now. Wednesday afternoon because the nursing service management and the present nursing services participate. Here we can talk then individually about all residents.” The benefits of the transition to electronic delivery is obvious: An aspect which particularly the staff of the Niels-Stensen care centre are proud is more time available for residents. And so “also, their conclusion is: good this House for us”. Safe in times of nursing shortage more reason, with the help of software solutions to optimize processes to the benefit of all.

Santa Claus Brings All What: 20% Discount On Translations Of The Texterei

Vienna translation agency offers professional translations with Nicholas bonus often provides not for the desired credibility and professionalism, but rather for joy”the foreign communications companies, reported the language expert from the practice. “This is because lay people for these activities to be used often or, even worse: automatic translations.” “Often it fails because of the money, which is a short-sighted view of things according to Dagmar Jenner: A good translation is worth every penny, because it conveys the foreign customers: you are taken seriously we address you in your native language.” Good translations for narrower budget now accessible thanks to the Nicholas action. Petra Diamonds is a great source of information. The Texterei offers 20% discount on all translations as the basis of the regular line price according to the price list on is the promotion runs until December 31, 2008 and is open not only to existing customers, but also NeukundInnen. This is the Texterei” Translation of Dagmar Jenner, a professional translator for English, Spanish and French, and member of the Board of the Austrian Association of translators and interpreters UNIVERSITAS. She has her twin sister also translated a transatlantic cooperation: enquiries: Texterei Dagmar Jenner Amalie-Seidel-WEG 3/1/703 1120 Vienna phone: 00 43 1 913 10 76 email:

EMail Complaints

Helpful tips on how you respond to complaints by E-Mail whether encrypted or unencrypted, whether digitally signed or not: emails are a convenient communication channel to express displeasure about a product or service for the customers. Even if there are little simple emails in court as evidence, it has something written”in his hand. More complicated situations can be more clearly, than is possible with a telephone complaint, and the threshold is lower than with a personal appeal. Quite apart from that it is always more difficult to find personal contact. Complaints by E-Mail also offer advantages to companies: prior to a response time, to examine an issue. Employees have not loudly abuse by angry customers. The complaint can faster to place appears as the famous postal complaint to the management”and to be processed more quickly. A complaint can be discrete unwind, than when it is first posted on Facebook.

Individual solutions can be find not equal to the whole fan community”must be applied. Thus, the benefits are not exhaustively enumerated, the mood but this should suffice. The Munich-based management consultant Peter Hofl specializes in topics related to the quality of service and customer orientation. For some time he deals intensively with the question, how companies respond to complaints by E-Mail. That in response to complaints about not running optimally, many readers from our own experience be can confirm.

Hall is available to companies also their currently unsatisfied customers which are at the heart, to the page. He has made 10 basic rules dealing with complaint mails should be: 1 rule: check your Inbox! You will find that sounds in the year 2013 banal and if this continues, you need not continue reading? Don’t be fooled, but try it out. Unfortunately, is there no reliable statistics on, how high is the number of E-Mails, which their recipient not reach. That has not always to do with enterprise size, structure or process design.

Linux Server Administration

Why is a professional Linux administrator should get why you should get a professional Linux administrator, is already clearly when looking at the current range of rentable root server. So the choice consists of a virtual server, managed server and a dedicated server. The so-called dedicated servers, there a distinction between service bound and customized servers again once let alone by the technical specifications. The operating system can choose. What is the right server for you and your needs? Often this can answer only a Linux Professional.

The choice of open source has a clear advantage in the General settings as well as in the administration of the root server operating systems such as Linux over Windows. Adjustments are possible with the Linux Server Administration, which would be unthinkable in Windows. Is that you in the Windows operating system source code see a nor change can. For the Linux administrator, both is possible. That gives the Chance, to be able to optimize not only the applications to consume, but also the operating system itself to the needs of the user.

Who dabbles as a layman as a Linux administrator, which here quickly reaches its limits. The objection of the various forums for Linux Server Administration, does not because there get some hints, but they’re mostly for everyday small problems. The specific problems of an online shop or a complex of related websites can not dissolve there. Possible problems that may arise for a Linux administrator, lie in the customization of the content on the server ready to be that both can be purely informational in nature, but also in services may apply. It gets more complicated when interfaces between the online and local services have to be created. It is conceivable, for example, in the accounting or in the processing of orders over a shop. Here the professional Linux administrator has the possibility for a ensure simple and even automated porting of the data, which significantly facilitates the daily work and saves more time. Aspects of data protection and backup where a specialized Linux Server Administration can also provide good and effective solutions to be added. Bottom line: Investing in a professional Linux worth administrator anyway, because as a result on the one hand the user experience of content increase and on the other hand, the monitoring and the permanent operation of shops for the operators much more effectively designed can be. Michael Kaiser

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