Wolfgang Bergmann

Wrapped up against each other they Europeans then obstinately in their trenches. In Germany a servant of Tschankies, has berated once a close associate of the Tschankies at the Federal Bank – the Muslims, like other german cultures and with great sympathy of the people anxiety and fear spread that maybe even the invasion of the Moors in Europe is reviewed. How can one reject the world financial market Tschankies in their place? Quote: “nothing is so protected that it can not be conquered with money.” (Cicero). We thats really true and experienced in our lives again. We must learn that this Tschankies with their strike weapon, with money and it’s like this. We must create so much money that we exceed the amount of money of the monster. Thus, we have the money that it has neutralized the monopoly of the monster and relativized. Gain insight and clarity with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

It would be wrong to do the obvious and his money take away meaning distribution from top to bottom, the monster, which does not work because a poor monster, that can not help to correct his financial transgressions would be a danger to us all at least expressed and market seen, and here there are connections our all feeding in the form of food and other necessities of life, where an orderly transition must take place. It should be No something be taken. We must open a money source, bringing new fresh money in circulation with all control mechanisms, such as price controls, rigid control of the Bank, inflation and deflation, what brings such a money source with it. Economically this is doable, if you are designing this financial concept not by economists, which today is the course of events, and the concept not the set can be done, but going on democratically. All work in a new, true democracy. We create a monthly basic care for all people – worldwide and positioned at a height that you can live without work. We use a new world reserve, which we integrate into a world supply company, which transported the money in the currency of the Nations, from below, online to the people. The same happens in the form of a basic supply of Nations for stressed households, which are totally relieved and debt relief in a short time, because money is enough.

15 percent of the total amount of the people in the affected nation get going again in addition to the budgets of the States. Everything else remains as it is. We change anything fundamental, but supplement with what is needed and is missing everywhere. Money and additional annual income of around 85 billion dollars, which is the sustainable recovery of the world. There will be no more economic crises or financial crises, you get not even without the help of banks in handle. Such a design concept already exists and can be read in the download discussed and improved:…0Download.html so you can create a world in which everything seems impossible today and no alternative is possible. Wolfgang Bergmann

Federal Statistical Office

Are we systematically poisoning? -Renewable means of payment in Sweden a whole flock of birds fell dead from the sky. The cause is equally unclear as to an incident in the U.S. State of Arkansas with 5000 dead animals. (Source time online 2011) Whole whale herds may be disoriented stranded on the coasts of the continents. Fish kills to thousands in rivers, lakes and seas. What is happening here? There is this mysterious contexts or has everything a scientifically explicable origins.

To us humans. 2005 in Germany people who died of cancer were estimated at 222,000 cancer deaths by professionals. The experts came from a creeping increase in this number. In 2010, 821.627 people died of cancer. (Source Federal Statistical Office) The concerns of experts and medical professionals have been fulfilled.

These numbers increase from year to year in a shrinkage of the population in the Federal Republic of Germany. What is happening here? There is this mysterious contexts or has everything a scientifically explicable reason. Certainly it has nothing do, that people are living longer – with the demographic factor. Actually, the demographic factor is contrary to the realities, but so you can not see that because of the demographic factor does not include mortality, but refers to surviving people and benefit only on the age, people perhaps healthier living and good, go for the smallest suspicion to their general practitioner and the progress of medicine. This could be an explanation if you know we race, than in the past to the doctor more often, and instantly cure every thing can be. This described provides also the reason that relatively few people to cancer and cardiovascular disease death, than it would be without these frequent visits to the doctor. But why fall ill and die, despite this already excellent medical care – more and more people from these diseases.


We remember: about the same time the first world exhibition instead and in the Boer War South Africa was in Paris… Due to its history, the Chinese fight to date against any interference in their internal affairs! The economic international values, rules and middle Western knowledge, English language, Latin script, Arabic numerals, decimal measurement systems and technology (Internet) and legislation (standards (DIN EN ISO 9001), patent and trademarks (, , Nobel prizes) are West (digital think, sense: causal thinking in causes) founded and had to also by the Asians (analog think purpose: Zielfuhrend think) will be accepted.) Historical course of differentiation between West and East: the historical development of mankind (of the speech to the font) It can be shown to the two guiding principles of the Old Testament: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. (Blood revenge, guilt) Remember me so I you. Will help you even help you God. These are the principles of people in indigenous beliefs and clan societies, such as in Asian societies today.

“” The Jew of Jesus made it be: love your neighbor as yourself! “and someone on the left cheek, hits you so even the right stall him!” (Pacifism) “The ten commandments of the Christians were published: you’re not supposed to!” From the English Bill of rights (1689), they overcame the prevailing until then thought of the school and replaced it with the principle of parliamentary sovereignty. Thus was initiated the way political enforcement of human rights. The Declaration of independence of the United States (1776). Declaration of human and civic rights (1789). Only in the West. It developed the individual companies (Zivillisation of the first world): the freedom of Single bordered by the freedom of the others. Today, the monopoly of power and the individual supply lies with the State (separation of powers). In Asia: help friends even helps you God or your karma.

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