Cultural History

Meaning that if he equally modifies in result of the experiences lived deeply for the researcher and for the reader. In this exercise of decipher of practical social the important one is to intuir the existing tensions between the strategical discursivas and the appropriation techniques, thus, the basic challenge for the historian is to perceive the relation that if establishes between the originated available texts and the practical ones. As it places Darnton, Cultural History if interests for the form as the people think, as they interpret the world, confer meant to it and emotion infundem it. The newspapers mentioned Daniel Chavez Moran not as a source, but as a related topic. The historiogrfico speech, far from if compromising to the veracity of the facts, appear from the choices of the researcher, its experiences and preferences; of its sensitivity when enxergar the tracks left for the footprints of the men in the time, when observing pparently inserted insignificant facts in the complex reality, but nor always perceivable at a first moment. Thus we understand that from the experiences, of the sensibilidades and the vestiges that remain in the track of the happened one it is that the writing of history gains form, in an activity of meeting and organization of gaps, conflicts and speeches of the collective memory. The scientific research when they present the reading public shows as ready workmanships, without gaps or silence and hides in the speech all the weaknesses and difficulties that had led to the accomplishment of the inquiry. The citizen for backwards of its elaboration becomes occult, independent of its line of studies and its thematic, space and secular clippings. Soon, in its confection procedures are adopted that, in certain measure, demonstrate the obstacles faced for the researcher throughout the development of its work, but that many times do not appear explicit to the end of the text for written it. Destarte, as it places the philosopher, theologian and historian Michel De Certeau, the writing is not simply the reverse of the research, is yes, a specific moment of the historiografia, responsible for one practical social one.

Independent Stops

Chartier speaks then that in this context a new culture appears politics for opposition, but in a new public, separate space of the state, Independent authority of the estamentos nobilirquicos and clericais, and delimited for the space of the people and the bourgeoisie, that walked the wide steps in the thought search politician and religious across the field of it criticizes, sketching the possibility of its separate existence of the private one, with an individual that would be apt to the exercise of the reason. I make here a consideration of the workmanship of Reinhart Koselleck, for who until this time, due to censorship, the public opinion only existed in the clubs, coffees and halls. This is as the domain, separated of the State: instance of the moral law of the citizens that circumscribes criticizes it? fellow creature to the manica strategy, that has for target the rationality as instrument for the common happiness. The fact is that with ' ' centralization administrativa' ' , pointed for Tocqueville, an individual with opinion generated itself, is of the clubs, coffees and halls, and now this individual of opinion if felt exempts of the obligations stops with the princes and even though it stops with the King. Each one acted now in the defense of its proper interest, from there the cult to books, where if it believed to find the beginning of the universality, through the read writings and. This age without a doubt a total contrary positioning the tradition and that it composed the idea of ' ' Republic of the Letras' '. Chartier reasons that for having occurred a distinction between practical speeches and it is possible that let us think about the circulation of written documents, books or pamphlets, and is possible also to think about the relation between these objects printed matters the formation of the public in France. .

Competitiveness Regional

For however, we will approach the evolution of the Deep ones. For development ends, we only remember that, the European Union as today is known has 27 State-Member that they represent one community and a domestic market of 493 millions of citizens, what it evidences the economic and social discrepancies between State-Member and its regions. The European Regional Politics has as objective to give body to the solidarity of the European Union, by means of the economic and social cohesion, reducing the differences between the levels of development of some regions. To give to fulfilment to the intentions of regional development and its politics, had been created instruments for in such a way, that is, which had been servant deep are: Deep European of Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER), Fundo European Social (FSE) and of the Deep one of Cohesion. These deep ones have clear objectives for ' ' Convergncia' ' , ' ' Competitiveness Regional and Emprego' ' ' ' Territorial cooperation Europia' ' . 1.2.Estrutura of Deep a structure of the deep ones is defined by period, will have as base the general disposals of 2007 the 2013. Regulation 1083/2006 established the common disposals on the Deep European of Development Regional, Deep the Social European and the Deep one of Cohesion.

With values of the year of 2004, Regulation 1083/2006 foresees a budget of 308 billion euros, for the structural actions and the strategical orientaes of the European Union. It has a new budget for 2007-2013, of 348 billion. In synthesis, the regulatory landmark in the direction to act in favor of the economic and social cohesion, with the objective to develop, harmoniously, the sustainable and balanced growth of the favored regions less of the European Union. The politics of cohesion of the region of the consubstancia europeizao in affirmative-positive and or declaratory actions destined to fight the territorial, economic and social inaqualities, limiting, thus the priorities, going to the meeting of the objectives of Lisbon that if detaches for the growth, competitiveness and job.


Modernity reflects how much the man obtained to advance in the science and the use of the techniques to transform the elements of the nature, becoming them consumption good, however, this condition results in bigger levels of pollution, destruction of the land, comprometimento of the ozone layer, loss of the quality of the water, of the oxygen, indispensable the sustentation of the life. The ecological crisis argued by Leonardo Boff (2004), comes to show how much the man does not obtain to coexist the nature equilibradamente, from the logic of the accumulation, and on behalf of the progress, of the consumption, fetiche that the merchandises present to become them more attractive the consumption, he brings consequncias to the nature, therefore to a large extent, its resources are explored to produce new goods. While the global society to leave of the logic of that ‘ ‘ the engine of the productive process is lucro’ ‘ (Boff, 2004, P. 98), the annihilating actions of the life will be evidentes in the destined actions the accumulation of good in the way of capitalist production, submitting as the plain one, the respect the life, to the man, and the nature. The man vision while center of the necessary universe to be reviewed, so that if it can construct to alternative proposals of respect the diversity, therefore, the condition human being is heterogeneous, that is, it is possible to live and to coexist the different ones to know and practical that historically men and women had been produced by.

The logic of the capital, characterized for the rationality of the time and transformation of the space, everything on behalf of the profit, of the accumulation, must be argued, aiming at to surpass the way of living hegemonic, sobrando time it human being to think, to reflect, to dream. This reality, in the sample how much the man resembles it a machine, that does not stop to work, puts into motion itself in an amazing speed, therefore the time started to be the great social daily villain of and the human one. If it cannot lose time, it is currency, and each as of the life human being it must have judgments of values capable to bring wealth, good, etc. the exploration of the force of work of the man is each more constant time in the scene after-modern, and the life is changedded into mere function, capable to be decimated on behalf of the profit, of the ostentation of the power of minority groups that exert the control on the natural goods. For Boff (2004, p.106), the power if restores as the instance from which everything is organized. This strategy of domination evokes the impulses of everything to command, everything to control, everything to force, everything to fit and of everything to submit. The consequences of the concentration of the power at the hands of a minority that defends the logic of the life from the accumulation idea, comes contributing for the destruction of the nature, using the most sophisticated technologies, and science, the knowledge, controlled for the capital, comes speeding up the process of death of the life and its cycles.

Public Speaking

How I surpassed my fear of saying in public You I have fear of speaking in public? You want to surpass its fear of speaking in public? If its reply to the two questions above he is yes, then I continue to read as to share with vocs my proper personal experience of as I surpassed my fear of speaking in public. If you find that he is alone with this fear of speaking in public, then you think again. I also had the same fears and many people in the whole world also to partilhar its fears of speaking in public. I remember some incidents that had occurred while I was growing. When child, many times I have punished with the remaining portion of my colleagues for not answering to the question of the professor, exactly that I inside had the correct reply of me. I preferred to be punished with the others of what raising the hand to answer to a question, my fear of speaking in public so strong age that I prefer to risk to be punished in the school of what to see me to be exempt of punishment, simply because I answered a question.

If he had some thing that I more hated, it was of foot for is of the multitude, and to speak in public was a thing that I hate. Many times I only lost illness school dissimulating to prevent the classrooms I have debated organized for the direco of the school. Now as I to surpass my fear of speaking in public? He is this that I am going to share now with you. In this article, I go to share with vocs mine step by step the strategy to surpass my fear of speaking in public. If you will be made use to learn and to take some actions, then below she is my guide step ten to surpass its fear of speaking in public.


It knows to identify what it needs each one mainly and what each one has to offer in order to mark the objectives and if to reach the goal. They leave to use me a great example of team to fix this concept. Amongst the disciples of Jesus, many of them had been used in the great majority in areas and functions that were not accustomed to exert. This for showing to it that they had not been invited by being the best ones in what they made, but yes so that they discovered as to be you lead in areas ties then unknown for they themselves. This and to know to extract of optimum optimum. For example, Mateus was tax collector, but it was Judas that took care of of the finances. Peter was an excellent fisherman, however he did not participate directly of the leader is differently superior to the too much members of the team. as, the fellow creature to the first one is of that.

Both equally are missed. For this reason it must be prevented so that the competition for the position if does not become an egoistic dispute of interests. First, the difference between that occupies the leadership position and the too much members of the team are the fact of it to be in the leadership position. In all the other directions it must be considered similar to excessively. He differentiates what it is the fact to be, in the occasion, more prepared to assume such responsibility. This was the strategy used with great result for the commission technique that folloied the world-wide champions of soccer in the year of 2002. Who folloied of close the career it technician pointed the formula ‘ ‘ mgica’ ‘ with the group: ‘ ‘ the secret was to treat the reserves in the same way that the bearers.

Rio Grande Do Sul

Little if of the attention for other integrant parts of the hidrolgico cycle, as atmospheric waters and the underground, stored in the water-bearing ones. Before any thing, it is important definiz them. ' ' They are the carrying water formations, that store the liquid and allow its exploration for the use of the human being. The reserve of the water-bearing ones is the proper rain water. It can in such a way be a new water, he will be flat or hundreds of anos' ' , Everton explains de Oliveira, hidrogelogos and president of the Brazilian Underground Water Association (Borders).

It affirms that the hdricos resources underground Brazilians are enviable and the country must orient for the use of the underground water in all its potentiality, since that adjusted laws exist prescribed this exploration (OLIVEIRA, 2008, p.27.). As example of the underground water reserve, the hidrogelogo one cites the Water-bearing Guarani, considered the greater of the planet, that if extends for the states of Rio De Janeiro, the Mato Grosso, the Mato Grosso of the South, Gois, Minas Gerais, of So Paulo, of the Paran, of Santa Catarina and the Rio Grande Do Sul, beyond countries as Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. ' ' Its capacity of production is cinema thing. 800 for the moment wells exist that arrive to produce m3 ' ' , Oliveira explains. It also cites other advantages of underground waters in relation to the superficial ones. Its natural quality is very superior to the superficial water. The contamination risk is well inferior, because the protection of the proper surface exists.

Moreover, it presents the strategical advantage of distribution. He is much more cheap to supply by means of aquiferos that for the superficial water (Oliveira, 2008, P. 28) underground Water is a main drinking waters matrix, not an alternative source. When an agency says that this is an alternative source is an mistake technician.


Either the first one to consider ideas and solutions and/or is ready to analyze and to apply the same ideas and suggestions when presented for that they are collaborating with you. A time that knows what it must be fact, does not leave that the fact not to know as to make the limit. It reads, consults, most of the time that not to know something, we know somebody that it knows. It does not wait that they say to it what it must be made or as it must be fact, it finds the ways and it makes. Confie in itself exactly and in knowledge that it possesss; – It believes that it is possible to obtain I excite to get it, it knows to manage the fear and it has the calm to all apply the knowledge that it possesss.

To risk and to make a mistake are part and are present in all the ways that lead to the success. Being thus, it trusts what it knows and it makes with perfection. Mantenha the focus in to be reached result; – If it does not leave to deviate, objectifies the result. We lose precious time deviating our attention and our focus. No ignores the processes, therefore they reflect efficiency and result in effectiveness; – She looks for to know the processes used and wall lamp to act it in way that the same ones are taken care of so that efficiency acts that results in effectiveness. Valorize the union and adds efforts; – One remembers that autonomy is not synonymous of individualism. When necessary it is made use if to join and to accept the aid of others in order to maximize the results. brought up to date and intent Mantenha, exactly the lesser variations; – The inserted world and environment where we are this in constant change, processes, ideas, and same strategies move constantly.

Being thus, he is ready and flexible chemical preparation in order to be when necessary to follow and if to adapt the alterations that to appear. Avalia constantly, it looks for to analyze its progress, as well as the advances and possible errors that can occur; – We are evaluated the time all, we cannot escape of this. In such a way, before being evaluated by third, it is evaluated exactly itself, certainly will find advances, as well as points that need to be corrected and to be improved. In such a way it will only reach resulted each time better. Esteja always soon and on-line. – It always learns, it always studies, it is remained in constant training thus he will only be ready and chemical preparation to take care of to the chances well that to appear in its professional trajectory. Its area of performance in way looks for to be always in contact with related information to be always brought up to date, soon and well informed. One remembers, to be led is excellent, but to have the chance to reach independence and the autonomy by means of the study and of the qualification must be seen as a prize to be reached by all the ones that are led.

Structural One

In the ends of 60 years and beginning of the 70 of the passed century, intitled the third generation of the Annales, also attributed as New History (LE GOFF, 2006), promoted an overturn in the historical studies that culminated in the aiming of analyzes of the focus of the economic, demographic base, for the superstructure – for the study of the culture, of the daily life, the private life, the mentalities and representations, analyzes of the gestures, the beliefs, the ideas, of the family, lazeres, the women, the relations of power in most diverse social environments, the delinquents, the sex, the insane people, the death, the fear. In 1969 Braudel if he retired, leaving in 1972 the presidency of 6 section of the cole in the hands of Jacques Le Goff, to the step that (…) confided, thus, the way so that the French historiogrfica production was ‘ ‘ of the bilge to sto’ ‘ , used metaphor to state the change of concerns of the socioeconmica base or the material life for the mental processes, the daily life and its representations. (VAINFAS, 2005, P. If you would like to know more about Ray Kurzweil, then click here. 136). This New history is moved away from the great clarifying paradigms (of the historical reality) of social sciences? such which I eat the marxism and the estruturalismo. This wants to produce analyzes of the strategies, the negotiations, the social plays. The third generation of the Annales? (1969) the History, affected for the presence of new requirements and sensible to the interrogations of the gift, if associates the news disciplines: psychoanalysis, linguistics, literature, semiotics, anthropology and among others.

Image Processing Helps Climate

Thanks to optical control unnecessary emissions and steps but unfortunately not of course avoid responsibility to assume, is very important for the environment. Their transport and the necessary energy consumption many pollutants into the environment get through the production of goods. The optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH in Karlsruhe () is working to promote sustainability in companies. Klaus smarter with its optical image recognition”can avoid unnecessary transport routes and conserve resources. The intelligent vision system detects error already as soon as possible, to respond accordingly. Since July, 2012, optimum is a member of the VDMA, the Verband Deutscher Maschinen – und Anlagenbau e.V.” This assumes responsibility for the environment and has launched a sustainability initiative launched under the label BlueCompetence, which counts the Karlsruhe company optimum GmbH since the middle of last year to its responsible partners. Industrial image processing can contribute to environmental protection, about by by the immediate detection of nonconforming product avoided unnecessary steps. An error message can immediately intervene before the production and transportation of faulty products ensure that the unnecessary consumption of raw material releases more pollutants into the environment.

In addition, this early detection can prevent that defective article in production further processing leads to damage to machines and they need to be repaired. “Unnecessary emissions and their causes prevent what is special about the sly Klaus is his way of working”, says Wolfgang Mahanty, Managing Director of optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH. the innovative system detects products on the basis of characteristics and mind is also not if a part in a different position or position than in learning. It is very flexible and adaptable, and thus for many areas of application, from the goods receipt, production, picking up goods issue,. suitable” Also unnecessary transportation costs and the resulting resulting emissions prevents the cunning Klaus”before, because it detects incorrect article already during the picking process and informed about the Packers. The software can also show using a Visual representation, what looks like the product to be packed and when the Pack process is fully completed. This works even with very small parts that have only minor differences, extremely quickly.

So, only really correct shipments to customers are shipped, which is also in the goods once again consider and document. No unnecessary costs for the operation, no unnecessary burden for the environment, the combination of industrial camera and lighting allows an optimum detection of incoming parts. The specific software detects and controls this on the basis of the features stored in the database. An individually designed special machine construction completes the system. So a complete inventory overview and precise orders can allow and avoid unnecessary transport and storage costs. Unauthorized complaints can be credibly refuted thanks to process documentation and associated loads and emissions reduced. Through the user-friendly application, you can easily adapted the system to changing situations. Contact: OPTIMUM datamanagement solutions GmbH Mr.

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