This research presents given consolidated referring handbooks and registers permanent brought up to date by the Service of Atendimento Especializado (SAE) Sinop, System of Information of Agravos de Notificao (SINAN), System of Logistic Control of Medicamentos (SICLOM) System of Information of Exames Laboratoriais (SISCEL) CD4 and Viral Load. The analysis of the HIV/AIDS data had been elaborated from registered the cases and notifying in the SINOP city to apartir of 1995 until the year of 2007. Justification the speed of transmission of virus HIV in a society depends on the rhythm where measured to diminish the transmission they can be adopted and in the effectivenesses of these measures. To look for to work the vulnerability of the population sub-groups the infection for the HIV is understood as: That the biggest representation epidemiologist must be prioritized. Such changes imply in reorganization and organization of the public institutions, a time that new knowledge and qualification can be demanded in this new scene (context epidemiologist), compelling to permear strategies more efficient politics and that it comes to the meeting with the new pointed reality. In virtue of the change of the organizacional activity of this new profile epidemiologist, observed in the SINOP city, one searched in how much researcher, to point with this work the data raised with bigger emphasis and description, a time that is the first scientific work of this matrix carried through in Sinop.

Material and Method Are about a survey of explanatory and discritivo matrix about carriers resident HIV/AIDS in the city Sinop, in the period of May of 1995 the 30 of December of 2007. The data had been collected of 129 handbooks, for the history of adhesion of the HIV/Aids carrier in the SAE for treatment and accompaniment. The relation looked for to evaluate itself enters the adhesion of the carriers searching the following factors: quarters, ages, sexos, state civil, socioeconmico, carrying symptomatic, carrying assintomtico, transmission, sexual, gestante option, using of injectable drugs or not.

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