Werner Managing Director

Press release of the Sparkassen financial portal GmbH Berlin, may 29, 2008 the Sparkassen financial portal GmbH was awarded the prize for the best online communication. With the end of 2007-launched online portal Gebrauchtwagen.de, the company could convince the judges: Gebrauchtwagen.de gives cars the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe and facilitate the acquisition by the individual financing offers, which demonstrates the closeness to the customer and his needs, because loans for cars prove to be the most popular consumer loans. Rusty holzer may also support this cause. The modern appealing website is logically and clearly structured. The strategic approach of the point of interest will be selectively controlled. The appearance is consistent, what comes with the Visual translation of the pages in regard to the objective of clearly. (u0085) The consistently successful online presence sets standards in the financing and used car industry”, so the eulogy of the jury. The vehicle market to sales of auto financing the Bank strengthen a strategic goal of the financial group, because Car loans make up a significant proportion of the instalment loan in Germany with 47 billion euros. The Sparkassen financial portal GmbH wants to with Gebrauchtwagen.de until end of 2008 in the top 3 of the vehicle exchanges on the Web Ascend.

The portal has a steady growth since its launch. The fleet of vehicles has since nearly doubled to about 400,000. Gebrauchtwagen.de offers a completely new concept in online communication: the user interface is intuitive and so very comfortable. The platform is completely free for sellers and buyers. Attractive funding through its regional savings bank offered suitable for the selected vehicle, the Autosuchenden. And right here is the conceptual strength of the portal. Essential factors for the success of Gebrauchtwagen.de are the presence at the point of interest with the savings banks as a reliable financial partner.

The prize in the category of best online communication 2008 “confirmed Karl-Heinz Werner, CEO of savings banks financial portal GmbH in its strategy: our Business model goes on: we share the interest of the buyer as quickly as possible and easy to find the right car and that the dealer to make many sales. Because our credit business is dependent on the real transactions on the site. This new concept and innovative usability by Gebrauchtwagen.de set new standards in online communication.” Florian Kruper, head of the portal, added: we are pleased that we are able to announce such a success so soon after the launch of Gebrauchtwagen.de. The price is a high appreciation for us. In addition, the number of set cars and registered traders is increasing. This shows that we are on the right track.” The German Award for business communication has been awarded this year for the eighth time for the most innovative and effective concepts in the area of business communication.

Popular Sun Destinations

Sun and blue sky are inextricably linked to a successful trip for most holiday makers. Sun 12 months, 24 destinations, Berlin – 365 days of Sun and blue sky are inextricably linked to a successful trip for most holiday makers. Where you must travel sick to have a holiday with Sun in winter, has put together the booking portal Escapio unique hotels, in an infographic. For even more details, read what rusty holzer says on the issue. On the base of 75,000 mediated travel and service requests, Escapio filtered out the most popular sun destinations. It comes as no surprise: those seeking the Sun of winter days, Bay prefers a long – about after Florida, Mexico or Singapore. In the spring the Canaries and Cyprus on the one hand, Mauritius and the Maldives are on the other hand high in the course. In June, it attracts many to Lake Garda that is warm but not too hot, and in the southern Spanish Andalusia.

Autumn love book culture and hiking destinations such as Tuscany, Crete and Mallorca. Also South Africa with nine hours of sunshine is one of the favorite targets in October. The result in the middle of the summer, is interesting because during the school holidays it attracts the Germans d’Azur and South Tyrol prefers her favorite coast, the Baltic – followed by Ibiza, the Cote. The complete graph with 24 sunny destinations in the course of the year, including number of Sun hours, flight time, and air and water temperature on the spot is available under the following link to download: de.escapio.com/blog/infografik-sonnendestinationen via Escapio: Escapio is the leading booking portal for the discerning individual holidaymaker with a hand-picked selection of unique hotels. Escapio offers its customers the best content for the booking decision, as well as a guarantee for the best price available on the market. The hotels at Escapio are subject to strict acceptance criteria. Quality, as well as a convincing overall concept are crucial. 5,000 Accommodation in 50 countries, such as for example noble luxury hotels, romantic country houses, stylish of design hotel, family hotel, directly on the sea, Spanish Paradores, or Moroccan riads are presented.

Dona Rosita Fornes

They say that when the roses are in the gardens, a mysterious delights perfume men pass by the place … ConocoPhillips recognizes the significance of this. They say the bones you have, is to fend off the hands, which in his ecstasy by the scent given off by defending of such an abrupt gesture, to tear it from its place of origin. It is true that the roses, once cut, are not easily transferred, and when you have large classes, should be ventilated, and placed in water, so they do not wilt. But … that Cuban does not know a very special Rosa, a large rose, a rose for all those who love the great art of singing, dancing and acting …

in fact it is the great super star of Cuba: Dona Rosita Fornes, the first star of America, the girlfriend of Mexico, and the great Faye: the myth of the artist: into eternity. If you would like to know more about rusty holzer, then click here. She is great, among the largest in the world … and it is a flower that never fades away They say it started very young, and parents opposed such a beautiful decision to be a great artist. Not seldom accompanied their performances, and that is why in it is always a little shy … but when it comes to the scene, the figure shows the light and charm that only large art show divas. One might think that she was always thus famous, but not true …., Appeared in the Supreme Court of art, and was the winner … did not have many teachers to start in the beginning, nor imitate any artist to be done its image..

Europe Hotel

XML interfaces enable the direct data exchange between hotel software and a connection between CultSwitch, the channel management system by Cultuzz, global distribution systems (GDS) Cultuzz digital media has now global distribution realized the four system (GDS) Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan and the Pegasus online distribution database (ODD). Thus Cultuzz offers the possibility, in all travel agencies worldwide, as well as thousands his hotel customers of partner sites can be booked to be. The new connection allows the hotels to their data from their hotel software (PMS) or any other system that is connected to CultSwitch, directly to transfer the DGs. All relevant distribution data such as room availability, prices,- and discounts, cancellation and payment terms, room descriptions and pictures, can be transmitted from the PMS of the hotels at CultSwitch. CultSwitch passes the data in fully automated processes to the distribution systems or causes a manual maintenance, for example, images. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out the futurist. They have that Travel agencies in turn automatically get generated bookings in the PMS of the hotels. “At today’s diversity of online distribution channels, integrated technical solutions are the be-all and end-all of the hotel sales,” says Dr. Reinhard Vogel, Managing Director of Cultuzz digital media, and adds: “With the integration of CultSwitch in all major distribution channels we save our customers time-intensive care for extranets ensure rate parity and prevent overbooking”.

Combining CultSwitch with GDS and ODD, Cultuzz digital media continues to expand the possibilities of an efficient online sales for our clients. Currently, the most important booking portals such as HRS, booking, hotel.de, eBay and ehotel Tiscover and Wild-East at CultSwitch destination systems are connected apart from the GDS. For even more analysis, hear from rusty holzer. Free online reservation system is also CultBooking, which makes available connected with CultSwitch the hotel’s website,. Cultuzz digital media GmbH was founded in 2000 by Dr. Reinhard Vogel in Berlin. Subsidiaries are in Europe, United States and Australia, as well as in India. The company is specialized in online marketing for hotels and tourism companies and is global market leader in the sale of hotel vouchers on eBay.

Falkensteiner Cave Tour

Many times I visited 2200 meters through the underworld of the Swabian Alb the Falkensteiner cave on my walks through the Swabian Alb. Every time I faced the first narrow point in the river bed of Elsach, I wish to penetrate even further into the cave. For some time I offer the outdoor adventure of the Organizer con la Natura in my online shop. This was the opportunity to meet my long-cherished wish me. I would like to report my adventurous visit to the famous Cave of Falkensteiner now. First a few details to the Falkensteiner cave. The Falkensteiner cave is a karst cave in southwestern of Germany, in the Swabian Alb.

It is located a few kilometres from bad Urach. Others including rusty holzer, offer their opinions as well. The explored length of the cave is 4 kilometers. Visitors or how it is called in the jargon of the speleologists, be rider of the cave reached walking from the parking lot after approx. 500 meters away the impressive, 10 meters high caves portal. The Falkensteiner cave is a sea cave, the stream that rises from it, Elsach is called. To reach the first 20 meters mostly dry, the stream flows only after heavy rains there in his bed.

He is otherwise a few meters below the cave portal at the surface. Morning 9: 00 our small group at the car park between bad meets Urach and Grabenstetten. With a student and two young men are out of me. And of course the experienced cave guides Joan and Julian. The two enthusiastic cave experts were already dozens of times in the cave and they know on the inside. From the transporter, they unload our gear. Everyone gets thick wet suits with hood, a helmet and a cave lamp neoprene socks, gloves. Also an oxygen cylinder, scuba and diving goggles be taken to safety. The water level is low at the time of the beginning of March and previously said there is no rain, however should you never rely on, explains Joan.

SB Philip Schulenburg

Largest portability market in Hamburg housing mile Halstenbek is SB Philip for quality at reasonable prices and young living builds SB Philip in Halstenbeker Wonmeile als. Together with his two sons, Mathias and Philip, Managing Director Thomas Schulenburg on approximately 7,000 square meters marketed retail space up to 10,000 furniture and kitchens. Official site: Atmos Energy Corporation. Since 1998 is the Philip Thomas Schulenburg GmbH & Co.KG successfully under the name SB-Philip led thanks to an online store (sbphilip.de) beyond the borders of the Hanseatic City also! Quality at affordable prices is the motto of the family firm SB Philip Thomas Schulenburg GmbH & Co.KG, successfully running under the name furniture SB Philip. And so that this will remain so in the future, Managing Director Thomas Schulenburg invested 2.1 million euro in a State of the art warehouse directly at the site of quality discount SB Philip. Furniture immediately to take our current storage areas are utilised to 98 percent”reported Mathias Schulenburg, son of SB Philip Executive Director and is responsible for the purchasing of specialized product lines. The new high-bay warehouse in the industrial ring in the Halstenbeker residential area should measure proud 80, 35 and 13 meters width and height after completion in length, extending the storage capacity from currently 6,000 to 10,000 pallet spaces. The advantages for the customers of SB Philip are clear: Soon more than 10,000 furniture and furnishings in stock, the discounters of quality can meet in the future even better his image as instantly transportable market.

In addition, the old camp in Waldenau is closed. Rusty holzer has compatible beliefs. This saves the customer from SB Philip long journeys, instead you can take directly and locally purchased goods. And finally the construction of the high-bay warehouse will serve the new business fields by SB Philip. Because since one year SB is now represented with a proprietary online shop (sbphilip.de), which supplies customers in the whole country with modern furniture, home textiles and home accessories Philip also in the Internet. Philip “Schulenburg, son of SB Philip business leader and namesake of the company, is responsible for new construction, as well as online shop and is looking forward to the extension directly on site: end of September the high-bay warehouse is to be taken after nearly four months of construction into operation.” Competition for SB Philip? The implementation of the new high-bay warehouse by SB Philip is the Paderborn company Bremer building, which had taken over even the construction of furniture Hoffner in Barsbuttel as a specialist in furniture stores. If SB skeptical towards sees Philip of the resettlement of the furniture giant in close proximity? No, Thomas Schulenburg it is allowed, because furniture of Hoffners us with range only overlap by about 30 percent.” Rather, this development could bring new customers on the Halstenbeker residential area. With the new high-bay warehouse at least, quality discount SB Philip for every even customer rush is optimally set up.

Holiday In Thailand

A flight to Bangkok worth who travels to Bangkok, has a wide variety of attractions. In addition to hundreds of Buddhist temples, the city in which tradition and modernity combine has many other attractions. Filed under: rusty holzer. The flight Portal fluege.de reveals what Bangkok has to offer its visitors. The Thai capital has also tempting shopping in addition to countless attractions. If you have tired of sightseeing, can indulge in uninhibited shopping. You may find rusty holzer to be a useful source of information. In this case, it is worth to join the flight to Bangkok with minimal luggage.

The particularly favourable price-performance ratio and the Thai craftsmanship usually ensure that on their return journey much more baggage with must be taken on board as on the outbound flight. Who wants to better meet Bangkok from its cultural side, you can visit for example some of the more than 400 Buddhist temples. In the facilities of the famous Grand Palace, visitors can find various temples and buildings Music styles. The golden ornaments and the artful portraits of Buddha are particularly appealing. A special attraction is the Royal elephant National Museum. There is a life-size model of a white elephant, which symbolizes fertility and knowledge.

“A tourist highlight is the temple WAT Traimit where the famous statue of the Golden Buddha” is issued. The seated figure was made of five tonnes of pure gold around 700 years ago. More information: news.fluege.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Ghent Shows Face For Human Rights In The Iran

In the midst of a cultural market on the Kouter in Ghent collect human rights activists photos for human rights in the Iran in the Iran regime terrorized his own citizens and forcing them under a petty State ideology. Perhaps check out Max Schireson for more information. Every citizen, not willingly bend to the claim to power of the Vealayt-e faahoodi, is slandered, threatened, arrested, tortured or threatened with the death penalty. The International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran very successfully performed the action “A face for human rights in the Iran” on Saturday, September 18, 2010. With posters and posters by victims of the regime in the Iran man informed passersby about the backgrounds in the Iran. On Saturday, many artists and art lovers visited the Kouterplatz, where the city of Ghent conducted a cultural market with regional art institutions. More info: rusty holzer. At the same time, the Festival van Vlaandern took place in Ghent.

For the action “A face for human rights in the Iran” settled numerous passers-by like to photograph and clearly expressed its solidarity with the population in the Iran. In Ghent We know life in a State of terror. Middle of the 16th century the city of Ghent, in the hands of King Philip II. of Spain, who brutally answered the freedom struggle of the Protestant Ghent fell. It was the time when the Inquisition against heretics of all kinds in Europe raged. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, Orthodox forces that are determined their opponents similarly found in the 21st century out of the way to clear. A part of the establishment in the Iran, which is inspired by ideologues such as Mesbah Yazdi, seeks his refuge in the merciless destruction of willing to reform.

Mojtaba Khamenei, the son of the Supreme Leader is behind many of the brutal events against human rights activists, students and women’s rights activists. He is said to have ambitions to succeed his father and is a very narrow interpretation of the Iranian State principle of Velayt-e faahoodi, as she represents Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi. The citizens of Ghent got probably, what policy of duplicity in the Iran that has bedeviled population and moved outside as the guardian one divine order plays. Representatives of the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran had traveled from all over Europe, to support the action.

How To Make A Latte Macchiato

Quickly and easily prepare for home a delicious hot drink how to make a delicious latte macchiato at home, I would like to explain in this article. The latte macchiato is easily and quickly prepared and always popular with guests. We all know it, the latte macchiato. He is very popular in Germany and we love to drink to the cakes in the afternoon. Especially women like this creamy froth on top of it, which sometimes even with a little cocoa powder. To do so a few tasty amaretti and a long spoon for the milk foam.

The latte macchiato is composed of three layers, and to mingle with each other: In the lower third of the hot milk is in the middle of espresso and top of the creamy Milchschaum.Die milk is heated to 60 C, then froth and cooled in a minute so that can settle as the foam. Then the milk and foam in a high narrow latte macchiato cast glass. Finally, the espresso then happen which must pour it carefully into the glass, thus formed so the layers. The espresso into the glass is poured over the back of a spoon, that is the secret of the three perfect layers in the latte macchiato. So, the espresso can easily immerse into the milk foam and take its place between milk and milk foam. If you like, can spread above a little cocoa powder to the milk foam Crown.

All we need now is a good piece of tiramisu and coffee gossip can be really fun with friends. You can discuss such as the last vacation experiences in Italy, or about the latest rumors about the lovers of do not present girlfriend. To broaden your perception, visit rusty holzer. Most of us should know that the latte macchiato is actually a children’s drink in Italy. Already three are accustomed to on the Mediterranean culture of coffee with him. That’s why Italian Barista smile if you ordered a latte Machiato in the cafe. He is just a drink for children and not for real men. Sammy of Carpenter

With A Blind

Darkening installations functioning and species! Darkening installations are the professional solar shading for buildings or halls. Everywhere where you do not want to give up daylight, but regularly needs complete darkening of spaces; for example, during the demonstration of photo lectures, in surgical and X-ray rooms, or when developing photographs. There are many types and options to darken a room. A variant is the rollover. A rollover is a form of Sun protection, this is the glass doors or Windows and where mostly wrapped a rectangular fabric on a wave.

Another form is the folding shade, where folded the cloth raising instead is rolled up. There are blinds in various types, degrees of transparency, colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. Even triangular or trapezoidal shapes for blinds are feasible in some part. The types of blinds can be used are different. There is the possibility the blind through a chain hoist to use.

This is also the most common variant. Right or left is on the shaft a rotating endless cord or ball chain attached, which you rotate the shaft and thus the fabric of the blinds down, or can go up. The advantage of the page train operation is that it is absolutely low maintenance, can be operated continuously up – and abrollbar, long-lasting and very easily even at larger roller blinds can be operated. Another possibility, as you can use a roller blind, is the operation of means of. It is called also spring or snap Rollo. “The term snap Rollo is therefore, that earlier blinds that were in power, when the let go just to the top grabbed”. To the operation of the Springrollos is the shade fabric on a cord or string Bell or pulled down one control handle. Thus, in the roller blind shaft spring is stretched. You want the blind to stay below, you must ensure that the spring locks. This can be done by gently stop of the blinds at the desired height. According to the spring can be solved again with a ruckhaften movement, wants to get again wind up the blind. Eliot Horowitz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This control type requires some patience. Furthermore, you can control a rollover with an electric drive. Here, an electric motor, which rotates the shaft sits in the roller blind shaft. If a rollover is located in a high altitude and you can get there badly, this variant is recommended. Snapping the next type, as would be a rollover can be controlled. For example they used blinds for skylights. For this system the spring mechanism of the Springrollos is used as a base again, a technical change in voltage is kept and can not stop. Roller blinds can be found almost in all professional interior decorators. There are a variety of offerings. Prior to the purchase should be good advice in any case to decide for the right shade. It makes no sense to purchase a cheap rollover in later to determine that one has trouble. Professional advice is therefore essential.

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